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Mesa 21.1 Articles & Reviews

Radeon Vulkan Variable Rate Shading Benchmarks For Boosting RDNA2 Performance   Display Drivers   2021-04-12

Mesa 21.1 Linux & Open-Source News

Microsoft's Mesa D3D12 Driver Now Allows OpenGL 4.2   Mesa   2022-02-04
Recapping Intel's Open-Source/Linux Achievements For 2021   Intel   2021-12-30
Getting Experimental Vulkan Within QEMU VMs Using Linux 5.16+ Paired With Mesa's Venus   Virtualization   2021-11-26
Mesa 21.2-rc3 Offered For Testing, Mesa 21.1.6 Reaches Stable   Mesa   2021-07-28
The Most Popular Intel Linux/Open-Source News From H1'2021   Intel   2021-07-08
Mesa's Exciting Milestones So Far In 2021 From Zink To Great Intel/AMD Open-Source Work   Mesa   2021-06-27
Mesa 21.1.2 Released - RadeonSI Now Disables DFSM For Vega To Fix Performance Drop   Mesa   2021-06-02
OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 RC Released With LLVM 12 Toolchain, Linux 5.12 Kernel   Operating Systems   2021-05-24
Mesa 21.1.1 Released With More Open-Source AMD / Intel Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2021-05-19
Mesa 21.1 Released With RADV Variable Rate Shading, More Intel Vulkan Improvements   Mesa   2021-05-05
Hypocrite Commits, Rocket Lake Benchmarks, Arch's New Installer Rallied April   Phoronix   2021-05-01
Mesa 21.0.3 + Mesa 21.1-rc2 Released   Mesa   2021-04-21
Mesa 21.2 Begins Seeing Intel Xe-HP Graphics Driver Changes   Intel   2021-04-16
Metro Exodus Launches For Linux But Off To Bumpy Start   Linux Gaming   2021-04-14
Mesa 21.1-rc1 Released With RADV Optimizations, Faster Zink, Many Other New Features   Mesa   2021-04-14
Mesa 21.1 Squeezes In Improvements For Direct3D 9 (Gallium Nine)   Mesa   2021-04-14
Mesa's Virgl Straps On A Simple Disk Cache   Mesa   2021-04-14
Radeon Vulkan Driver Adds Option Of Rendering Less For ~30% Greater Performance   Radeon   2021-04-10
Google's VirtIO-GPU "Venus" Vulkan Driver Merged Into Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-04-08
Mesa 21.1's Lavapipe Now Teases Vulkan 1.1 On CPUs   Mesa   2021-04-07
Mesa 21.1 RADV Adds Another Performance Knob For RDNA2 Testing   Mesa   2021-04-05
Zink Lands Threaded Context Support For A Big Speed Boost With OpenGL Over Vulkan   Mesa   2021-04-02
Intel's Vulkan Driver Adds Conservative Rasterization - Helps DXVK/VKD3D For Linux Gaming   Intel   2021-04-01
The Most Exciting Open-Source Graphics Driver News From Q1'2021   Mesa   2021-03-29
Mesa Considers Raising CPU Support Baseline   Mesa   2021-03-28
Another Intel Gen12 Performance Optimization Coming For Mesa's Vulkan Driver   Intel   2021-03-26
Mesa's Intel Vulkan Driver Introduces A Null Hardware Layer   Mesa   2021-03-26
Mesa 21.1 Wires Up Lima Shader Disk Cache   Mesa   2021-03-25
Mesa 21.0.1 Released, 20.3.5 Issued To Close Out The Older Series   Mesa   2021-03-24
Mesa 21.1 Will Aim To Be Out By Mid-May   Mesa   2021-03-23
Proposal Raised For Dropping Mesa's Classic OpenGL Drivers From Mainline This Year   Mesa   2021-03-22
Radeon RX 6700 XT "Navy Flounder" Microcode Lands In Linux-Firmware.Git   Radeon   2021-03-22
Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan Still Has ~200 Patches To Land, More Performance Work   Mesa   2021-03-19
RADV Lands Another Navi Optimization In Mesa 21.1 To Help With MSAA Performance   Radeon   2021-03-17
Steam Adds Support For The Single-File Mesa Shader Cache   Valve   2021-03-17
Gallium Nine Lands Big Optimization Around Dynamic System Memory Buffers   Mesa   2021-03-14
Mesa 21.0 Released With Numerous RADV Improvements, New Vulkan Extensions, Many Fixes   Mesa   2021-03-11
AMD Radeon "Aldebaran" Support Merged Into Mesa 21.1   Radeon   2021-03-10
Mesa 21.1 Addresses Issue Of Gallium Nine Often Hitting Memory Issues With 32-bit Games   Mesa   2021-03-07
Intel Tiger Lake Xe Graphics On Linux 5.12 Git, Mesa 21.1-devel   Intel   2021-03-05
Even In 2021, Intel Squeezes Some Very Nice Performance Gains Out Of Their OpenGL Driver   Intel   2021-03-04
Radeon R600 Gallium3D Flips On OpenGL 4.5 For NIR Backend   Radeon   2021-03-03
Gallium Nine Still Seeing Improvements In 2021 For Direct3D 9 Within Mesa   Mesa   2021-03-03
RADV Vulkan Driver Adds Option To Force Smart Access Memory Behavior   Radeon   2021-03-02
There's Finally An Easy Way To Track Mesa's OpenCL Support   Mesa   2021-03-01
Mesa Flips On OpenGL Threading For Valheim To Deliver Better Performance   Mesa   2021-02-27
Lavapipe CPU-Based Vulkan Ported To Windows   Mesa   2021-02-25
Radeon RADV Driver Enables Displayable DCC For Some Performance Benefit   Radeon   2021-02-23
Mesa Lands New Single File Cache To Help Steam's Pre-Compiled Shaders, Space Savings   Mesa   2021-02-21
With OpenGL 4.6 Achieved, Zink Working CTS Fixes, Substantial Performance Gains   Mesa   2021-02-19
Zink With Mesa 21.1 Now Advertises OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2021-02-16
Zink Now Supports OpenGL 4.5 Over Vulkan With Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-02-11
Zink On Mesa 21.1-devel Now Achieves OpenGL 4.3 Over Vulkan   Mesa   2021-02-10
Panfrost Gallium3D Lands Its New Bifrost Scheduler In Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-02-08
RADV Preference On Spilling Buffers To Help Discrete GPUs For Some Games   Radeon   2021-02-07
Zink Can Now Run On Lavapipe But You Really Want To Avoid It   Mesa   2021-02-05
Broadcom V3D Will See Slightly Higher Performance With Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-02-04
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Now Works Atop NVIDIA's Linux Driver   Mesa   2021-02-03
Mesa Vulkan Drivers Get A Common Dispatch Framework For Better Code Sharing   Mesa   2021-02-02
Zink OpenGL On Vulkan Now Supports OpenGL 4.2 With Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-01-21
More OpenGL Threading Improvements Land For Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-01-21
Mesa's R600 Driver Nears Feature Complete NIR Support For Radeon HD 5000/6000 Series   Radeon   2021-01-20
Mesa's Lima Driver Finally Implements OpenGL Shader Cache Support   Mesa   2021-01-17
Mesa 21.0-rc1 Released To Get The Quarterly Release Process Underway   Mesa   2021-01-13