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Marek Articles & Reviews

Benchmarking The New RadeonSI/Gallium3D Threaded Support   Display Drivers   2017-05-11
Radeon HyperZ R300g Performance   Display Drivers   2012-12-04
AMD R600g Performance Patches Yield Mixed Results   Display Drivers   2012-11-02

Marek Linux & Open-Source News

AMDGPU Linux 6.3 Addition To Help With Optimized Buffer Placement   Radeon   2023-01-21
Mesa Open-Source 3D Drivers Experienced Record Growth In 2022   Mesa   2022-12-29
22 Patches From AMD Further Along Mesa's Workstation Performance   Mesa   2022-12-16
Mesa 22.3 Lands Open-Source Radeon Driver CPU Overhead Optimizations   Radeon   2022-09-27
AMD Radeon Linux OpenGL Driver Makes More Optimizations, Eyes GL Threading By Default   Radeon   2022-08-28
AMD Lands A Number Of RadeonSI RDNA NGG Fixes Ahead Of RDNA3 Enabling   Radeon   2022-06-12
Mesa 22.2 RadeonSI Adds Option To Disable AMD Infinity Cache Usage, Other Changes   Radeon   2022-05-17
GCC 12's Shiny New C++ Features - More Of C++23 Implemented   GNU   2022-05-01
LibreOffice Sees New Activity For Compiling To WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2022-01-19
It's 2022 But AMD's Open-Source OpenGL Driver Isn't Done Being Optimized   Mesa   2022-01-05
Radeon Linux Driver Adds Option To Limit Number Of Enabled CUs   Radeon   2022-01-05
The Most Exciting AMD Linux / Open-Source News Of 2021   AMD   2021-12-29
Mesa Open-Source GPU Drivers Enjoyed Near-Record Growth In 2021, Valve Dev Top Contributor   Mesa   2021-12-26
Intel's Lead Developer Of Their Linux Vulkan Driver Has Left The Company   Intel   2021-12-19
RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Wires Up Wave32 Improvements For RDNA GPUs   Radeon   2021-12-13
Minecraft Now 30% Faster With Open-Source AMD Radeon Driver On Linux   Radeon   2021-11-26
More RadeonSI Optimizations Land In Mesa 22.0   Mesa   2021-11-20
GCC & LLVM Patches Pending To Fend Off Trojan Source Attacks   Linux Security   2021-11-01
RadeonSI Lands Yet Another Round Of Optimizations That Further Reduce CPU Overhead   Mesa   2021-10-29
RadeonSI Enables NGG Shader Culling For Navi 1x Consumer GPUs   Radeon   2021-10-19
Radeon Gallium3D Picks Up A Nice Performance Optimization For iGPU/dGPU PRIME Setups   Radeon   2021-10-07
RadeonSI Lands Another Big Overhead Optimization - "Substantially" Helps In Some Cases   Mesa   2021-10-04
RadeonSI Lands Big Batch Of Improvements To Lower CPU Overhead   Radeon   2021-09-14
Another Batch Of RadeonSI Optimizations Land In Mesa 21.3   Radeon   2021-09-11
AMD Just Squeezed More Workstation Performance Out Of Its RadeonSI Driver   Radeon   2021-09-10
RadeonSI Enables DCC Stores For RDNA2 APUs To Squeeze Out More Performance   Radeon   2021-09-01
AMD's Open-Source Mesa Driver Continues To Be Ruthlessly Optimized For Workstation Performance   Radeon   2021-08-24
AMD's Linux Strides In H1'21 From FreeSync HDMI To PyTorch ROCm   AMD   2021-07-04
Mesa's Exciting Milestones So Far In 2021 From Zink To Great Intel/AMD Open-Source Work   Mesa   2021-06-27
Mesa Lands Work Around Async glFlush - Should Help Workstation Performance   Mesa   2021-06-20
Mesa 21.1.2 Released - RadeonSI Now Disables DFSM For Vega To Fix Performance Drop   Mesa   2021-06-02
Qualcomm Adreno 660 Support Published For Open-Source MSM DRM Driver   Hardware   2021-05-13
Mesa Fixes Up The Recent L3 Cache Pinning Rework   Mesa   2021-05-04
Hypocrite Commits, Rocket Lake Benchmarks, Arch's New Installer Rallied April   Phoronix   2021-05-01
AMD Proposing Redesign For How Linux GPU Drivers Work - Explicit Fences Everywhere   Mesa   2021-04-20
The Most Exciting Open-Source Graphics Driver News From Q1'2021   Mesa   2021-03-29
AMD Is Trying To Optimize Their Gallium3D Driver Even Further With Lower Overhead   Radeon   2021-03-24
Developers Continue New Push With LibreOffice In The Web Browser Via WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2021-02-10
Mesa Continues With More Optimizations For Workstation OpenGL Performance   Mesa   2021-01-31
More OpenGL Threading Improvements Land For Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-01-21
Radeon Linux Drivers Now Only Officially Support Smart Access Memory On Zen 3 + RDNA2   Mesa   2021-01-05
Mesa Enjoyed A Record-Setting Year With Intel G3D Default, RADV ACO, Faster Performance   Mesa   2021-01-01
Mesa 21.0 Begins Landing Optimizations For AMD Smart Access Memory   AMD   2020-12-09
RadeonSI Finally Sees Experimental ACO Patches As Alternative To LLVM Shader Compiler   Radeon   2020-12-07
Mesa Now 2~5x Faster For SPECViewPerf Following OpenGL Optimizations   Mesa   2020-12-01
RadeonSI Lands Optimization For Uber Shaders   Mesa   2020-10-30
Mesa 20.3 Lands Rewritten AMD Zen L3 Cache Optimization   Mesa   2020-10-30
Mesa's Vulkan Software Implementation Now Known as Lavapipe   Vulkan   2020-10-01
RadeonSI Resorts To Disabling SDMA For GFX9/Vega Due To APU Issues   Radeon   2020-08-05
RadeonSI Lands Bits In Mesa 20.2 For Better Dealing With GPU Virtualization   Mesa   2020-07-22
RadeonSI Switches To Make Greater Wave64 Use On Navi   Radeon   2020-07-01
GCC 11 Proposal Would Default To C++17 Level Features   GNU   2020-05-17
AMD's Marek Olšák Lands Even More OpenGL Threading Improvements Into Mesa 20.1   Mesa   2020-04-06
Mesa OpenGL Threading Enabled For More Games Yielding Sizable Performance Jumps   Mesa   2020-04-02
RadeonSI Experimenting With Compute-Based Culling For Navi/GFX10   Radeon   2020-03-28
Radeon OpenGL Driver Lands Experimental Option To Boost Performance For CAD Software   Radeon   2020-03-26
OpenGL Threading "GLTHREAD" Seeing Improvements For Mesa 20.1   Mesa   2020-03-21
Mesa 20.1 Lands OpenGL Threading Improvements   Mesa   2020-03-06
RadeonSI Introduces A Live Shader Cache With Mesa 20.0   Mesa   2020-01-25
RADV's Next-Gen Geometry Code Continues To Be Revised For Navi GPUs   Radeon   2020-01-13
Mesa Development Activity Was Up By ~20% In 2019, Just Under 3 Million Lines Of Code   Mesa   2020-01-03
The Biggest Open-Source / Linux Radeon News Of The 2010s   Radeon   2019-12-18
RadeonSI Driver Switches To NIR, Thereby Enabling OpenGL 4.6 By Default For AMD GPUs   Mesa   2019-12-10
The Open-Source Qualcomm "TURNIP" Vulkan Driver Adds Important Performance Feature   Mesa   2019-12-10
Mesa Developers Weigh Renaming Gallium "State Tracker" To "API"   Mesa   2019-12-05
Mesa Devs Discuss Potentially Dropping Non-Gallium Drivers Or Forking Code For Gallium   Mesa   2019-12-04
7 Days To Die Is Another Game Seeing A Big Bump From Mesa OpenGL Threading   Mesa   2019-11-19
Mesa 19.3 Adds Support For New AMDGPU Reset Interface   Mesa   2019-10-29
Gallium3D's Mesa State Tracker Sees "Mega Cleanup" For NIR In Mesa 19.3   Mesa   2019-10-18
Libdrm 2.4.100 Released With Bits For Intel Elkhart Lake, Tiger Lake Graphics   Mesa   2019-10-17
TURNIP Vulkan Driver Gets MSAA Working   Mesa   2019-10-16
Mesa's DRM Library Looking To Change Its Versioning Scheme   Mesa   2019-10-11
TURNIP Vulkan Driver Is Back To Seeing Activity   Mesa   2019-09-27
AMD To Land Support For Navi 14 Into The Upcoming Mesa 19.2 Driver Stack   Radeon   2019-08-27
TGSI To NIR Improvements Hit Mesa 19.2 For RadeonSI   Mesa   2019-08-12
Etnaviv Gallium3D Picks Up A NIR Compiler   Mesa   2019-08-07
RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Adds Navi Wave32 Support   Radeon   2019-07-20
More RadeonSI Navi Improvements Are Pending   Mesa   2019-07-06
Libdrm 2.4.99 Released With Navi Support, AMDGPU Changes   Mesa   2019-07-03
Radeon Navi Support Pending For RadeonSI OpenGL Driver With 47k Line Worth Of Changes   Radeon   2019-06-26
RadeonSI Gets Some Tidying Ahead Of Navi/GFX10 Support (Radeon RX 5700 Series)   Radeon   2019-06-20
ATI R300 Gallium3D Driver Seeing A Big Performance Fix After Being Regressed For Years   Radeon   2019-06-05
RadeonSI Primitive Culling Lands In Mesa 19.2   Mesa   2019-05-20
Mesa Is About To Crack 2.7 Million Lines   Mesa   2019-04-29
AMD's Marek Has A Patch Helping To Reduce Gallium3D Input Lag   Mesa   2019-04-27
Mesa 19.1 To Expose EXT_gpu_shader4 Support   Mesa   2019-04-25
AMD Lands Displayable DCC Support For Raven APUs In Mesa 19.1's RadeonSI   Mesa   2019-04-04
RadeonSI Gallium3D In Mesa 19.1 Enables Parallel Shader Compile Support   Radeon   2019-04-01
RadeonSI Driver Adding Displayable DCC For Raven Ridge   Radeon   2019-03-01
RadeonSI Gets Patches To Finally Tap The Parallel Shader Compile Extensions   Radeon   2019-02-25
RadeonSI Gets NIR Improvements, Enabled By Default For Civilization VI   Radeon   2019-02-19
RadeonSI Primitive Culling Yields Mixed Benchmark Results   Radeon   2019-02-14
RadeonSI Picks Up Primitive Culling With Async Compute For Performance Wins   Mesa   2019-02-13
AMD_DEBUG Can Now Be Used In Place Of R600_DEBUG For RadeonSI Options   Radeon   2019-02-13
Starcraft 2 In Wine & Select Games Could See Nice Performance Win With RadeonSI Patches   Radeon   2019-02-07
Libdrm 2.4.97 Released With AMDGPU Updates, Other Minor Work   Mesa   2019-01-22
Mesa Made Massive Progress In 2018 On Open-Source Vulkan / OpenGL Drivers   Mesa   2018-12-26
AMD Wires In A Few More Extensions For Their Open-Source OpenGL Driver   Mesa   2018-11-29
Marek Takes To Possible AMDGPU Winsys Memory Optimizations   Mesa   2018-11-24
Mesa Gets Testing Patches For New Zen Optimization Around Thread Pinning   Mesa   2018-11-13
Mesa Drops Support For AMD Zen L3 Thread Pinning, Will Develop New Approach   Mesa   2018-11-12
More AMD Zen Microarchitecture Tuning For Mesa Is Likely Ahead   Mesa   2018-11-08
AMD Raven 2 Support Might Land In Time For Mesa 18.3   Mesa   2018-10-30
GCC's Test Suite To Begin Testing C++17 By Default   GNU   2018-10-17
RadeonSI Fast Color Clears Should Now Be Even Faster   Mesa   2018-10-07
Thanks Google: Linux Kernel Finally Nearing Support For The Apple Magic Trackpad 2   Apple   2018-09-30
AMD's Marek Olšák Is Dominating Mesa Open-Source GPU Driver Development This Year   Mesa   2018-09-12
The RadeonSI Performance Tuning For AMD Zen CPUs Has Landed In Mesa   AMD   2018-09-09
RadeonSI Gets Patches For OpenGL 4.5 Compat, Workaround For No Man's Sky On Steam Play   Radeon   2018-08-24
RadeonSI Gets Another Handful Of OpenGL Extensions, Mirroring The PRO Driver's Behavior   Mesa   2018-08-24
More OpenGL Extensions For RadeonSI Are The Latest In A Flurry Of Interesting Activity   Radeon   2018-08-09
Marek Tackles EXT_gpu_shader4 Support In Gallium3D For Old Games/Apps   Mesa   2018-08-08
RadeonSI Gets Patches For AMD_framebuffer_multisample_advanced (EQAA)   Mesa   2018-08-05
All Gallium3D Drivers Getting ASTC Compression Support, RadeonSI Hits OpenGL ES 3.2   Mesa   2018-07-29
AMD Proposes New OpenGL Advanced Frame-Buffer Multi-Sample Extension   Radeon   2018-07-24
Marek Squeezes More Performance Out Of RadeonSI In CPU-Bound Scenarios   Radeon   2018-07-14
Vega 20 Support Added To RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver   Radeon   2018-07-12
RadeonSI Compute Shaders Now Supported By The Mesa Shader Cache   Radeon   2018-06-30
RadeonSI Lands OpenGL 3.3 Compatibility Profile Support   Mesa   2018-06-18
Mesa RadeonSI Lands Possible Vega/Raven Performance Improvement   Mesa   2018-06-14
Vega Up For Another Performance Boost On RadeonSI, More Fixes For RADV From Feral   Mesa   2018-06-01
OpenGL Compatibility Profile Updates Land In Mesa 18.2-dev   Mesa   2018-05-30
Geometry & Tessellation Shaders For Mesa's OpenGL Compatibility Context   Mesa   2018-05-24
RADV Gets Support For 32-bit GPU Pointers For User SGPRs, Benefiting Performance   Mesa   2018-05-19
AMD Kaveri Gets A Big Performance Boost With Mesa 18.2 & AMDGPU DRM   Mesa   2018-05-11
RadeonSI Ups Its Compiler Threads To Let Shader-DB Run Faster On Modern Systems   Radeon   2018-04-28
Mesa's Gallium HUD Gets A Simple Option   Mesa   2018-04-14
RadeonSI Now Supports KHR_blend_equation_advanced, Needed For OpenGL ES 3.2   Mesa   2018-04-03
RadeonSI Gets A "Mega Cleanup" To Kick Off Spring   Mesa   2018-04-02
AMD Vega 12 GPU Support Lands In Mesa 18.1-devel   Mesa   2018-03-28
Mesa 18.1 Receives OpenGL 3.1 With ARB_compatibility For Gallium3D Drivers   Mesa   2018-02-23
Marek Working Towards Even Lower SGPR Register Usage   Radeon   2018-02-18
Libdrm 2.4.90 Released With Meson Build System, AMDGPU & Intel Improvements   Mesa   2018-02-18
Mesa Git Lands RadeonSI 32-bit Pointers Support   Mesa   2018-02-17
Marek Updates OpenGL 3.1 ARB_compatibility Support For Mesa   Mesa   2018-02-15
Marek Working On 32-bit GPU Pointers For RadeonSI   Mesa   2018-01-06
Mesa Grew By Nearly 250,000 Lines Of Code In 2017 Across 10k Commits   Mesa   2018-01-02
RADV Driver Lands Support For Binning With Vega   Radeon   2017-12-31
Marek Boosts Glxgears Performance By 20% For Christmas   Mesa   2017-12-25
Mesa Glthread Gets Adds Another Game, AMDGPU Winsys Gets Performance Workaround   Mesa   2017-12-12
The Top Mesa News Of 2017   Mesa   2017-12-03
Marek Baking A "Huge Cleanup" For RadeonSI Gallium3D   AMD   2017-11-28
Marek & Mario Prep 10-bit Color Visual Support For Mesa/Gallium3D   Mesa   2017-11-25
Marek Posts Gallium3D HUD Multi-Context Support   Mesa   2017-11-21
Marek Has Been Taking To AMDGPU LLVM Optimizations   Radeon   2017-11-13
Mesa 17.3 By The Numbers   Mesa   2017-10-24
Marek Begins Working On Possible OpenGL Compatibility Profile For Mesa   Mesa   2017-10-24
Mesa Is Up To About 8,000 Commits This Year, 2.2 Million Lines   Mesa   2017-10-10
Testing Primitive Binning With Vega 10 On RadeonSI   Radeon   2017-10-08
R600 Gallium3D To End Code Sharing With RadeonSI Driver   Radeon   2017-09-14