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MLIR Linux & Open-Source News

Meta Developing A New IR For LLVM's Clang C/C++ Compiler With Better Speed, Security   LLVM   2022-06-21
NVIDIA To Focus On LLVM Upstream For Further Fortran/Flang Development   NVIDIA   2022-04-21
Tensor LLVM Extensions Proposed For Targeting AI Accelerators, Emerging Hardware   LLVM   2021-11-14
Intel Looking To Upstream A Proper SPIR-V Compute Back-End For LLVM   Intel   2021-03-02
LLVM Adds A SPIR-V CPU Runner For Handling GPU Kernels On The CPU   LLVM   2020-10-26
F18/FLANG Merged Into LLVM 11 Codebase As Modern Fortran Compiler   LLVM   2020-04-09
LLVM/Clang 10.0 Now Available With Better C++20 Support, New CPU Coverage   LLVM   2020-03-24
LLVM Lands Build System Changes To Make It Easier For Out-Of-Tree Projects To Use MLIR   LLVM   2020-03-19
The New Compiler Features Of LLVM 10.0 / Clang 10.0   LLVM   2020-03-08
LLVM's MLIR Will Allow More Multi-Threading Within Compilers   LLVM   2020-03-04
LLVM Adds MLIR-Vulkan-Runner To Run MLIR On Vulkan-Enabled GPUs   LLVM   2020-02-19
LLVM 10.0's Release Is Very Close With RC2 Available   LLVM   2020-02-18
The Modern Flang "f18" Compiler Is The Most Exciting Fortran Compiler Of Recent Times   LLVM   2020-02-04
LLVM 10.0 RC1 Is Available For Testing   LLVM   2020-02-02
LLVM Founder Chris Lattner Joins SiFive To Lead Platform Engineering   Hardware   2020-01-27
The MLIR-Targeting "FC" LLVM Fortran Compiler Is Now Open-Source   LLVM   2020-01-14
FC Is Yet Another LLVM Fortran Compiler, Now Targeting The New MLIR IR   LLVM   2020-01-11
MLIR Lands In LLVM - Boosting LLVM For Heterogeneous Hardware, Machine Learning   LLVM   2019-12-30
Google's IREE To Demonstrate Machine Learning Via Vulkan With MLIR   LLVM   2019-12-26
Google Moves Ahead With Contributing The MLIR Machine Learning IR To LLVM   Google   2019-09-10
MLIR Is A New IR For Machine Learning That Might Become Part Of LLVM   LLVM   2019-04-23