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Linux Plumbers Conference Linux & Open-Source News

Linux RSEQ Patches Updated For Allowing Faster getcpu() In C Libraries   Linux Kernel   2022-09-23
Linux 6.0-rc6 Released After Kernel Developers Spent The Week In Dublin   Linux Kernel   2022-09-18
Google Engineers Argue For Linux "ASI" To Better Deal With Speculative Execution Attacks   Linux Security   2022-09-17
Linux's Load Balancer Still Needs To Be Better Adapted For Intel Hybrid CPUs   Linux Kernel   2022-09-17
Linux's Display Brightness/Backlight Interface Is Finally Being Overhauled   Desktop   2022-09-17
Renewed Talk Of User-Space Consoles, Accelerators In The DRM Subsystem   Linux Kernel   2022-09-16
NUMA Interface For FUTEX2 Still Being Tackled For Linux   Linux Kernel   2022-09-16
AMD Engineers Held Several Interesting Talks At This Week's Linux Conferences   AMD   2022-09-15
"Nest" Is An Interesting New Take On Linux Kernel Scheduling For Better CPU Performance   Linux Kernel   2022-09-15
CUPS 3.0 Continues Being Crafted To Overhaul Linux Printing   Free Software   2022-09-15
Intel Working On Energy Aware Scheduling For x86 Hybrid CPUs   Intel   2022-09-15
systemd's mkosi-initrd Talked Up As Better Alternative To Current Initrd Handling   systemd   2022-09-14
Linux Kernel Live Patching Working Fairly Well For Millions Of Meta Servers   Linux Kernel   2022-09-14
MGLRU Looks Like One Of The Best Linux Kernel Innovations Of The Year   Linux Kernel   2022-09-13
Open-Source NVIDIA Outlook Brighter Due To GSP Firmware, But Major Challenges Remain   Nouveau   2022-09-13
IO_uring Continues To Prove Very Exciting: Promising io_uring_spawn Announced   Linux Kernel   2022-09-13
TrenchBoot To Pursue AMD & Arm Secure Launch Support   Free Software   2022-09-13
LPC 2022: Rust Linux Drivers Capable Of Achieving Performance Comparable To C Code   Programming   2022-09-12
Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 Livestream   Linux Events   2022-09-12
AMD Aims To Squeeze More EPYC Performance Out Of Linux With User-Space Hinting For Tasks   AMD   2022-09-10
Facebook Has Been Working On BOLT'ing The Linux Kernel For Greater Performance   Linux Kernel   2021-09-25
Intel's User Interrupts With Sapphire Rapids Looking Quite Great For Faster IPC   Intel   2021-09-25
IBM Engineer Has Been Exploring Possible Rust Modules For GRUB   GNU   2021-09-24
BPF-Based Linux Firewall "bpfilter" Shows Impressive Performance Potential   Linux Networking   2021-09-23
Updated "FUTEX2" futex_waitv Patches Posted To Address Latest Feedback   Linux Kernel   2021-09-23
systemd OOMD Maturing Nicely, Adds Support For User Services   systemd   2021-09-23
Google Finally Shifting To "Upstream First" Linux Kernel Approach For Android Features   Google   2021-09-22
Aya Makes It Easy To Write Rust-Based eBPF Programs For The Linux Kernel   Linux Networking   2021-09-22
Oracle's Next-Generation GNU Profiler "gprofng" Is Looking Great For Developers   GNU   2021-09-21
AMD Extending DWARF To Better Handle GPU Debugging, Continues Collaborating With GCC & LLVM   Radeon   2021-09-21
CUPS 2.4 Coming Next Month, CUPS 2.5 + CUPS 3.0 Already In Planning   Free Software   2021-09-20
Google Working On Open-Sourcing Their Fibers User-Space Scheduling Framework   Google   2021-06-09
Linux is Turning 30 Years Old & Printk Is Still Being Refined   Linux Kernel   2021-04-28
11 Features That Didn't Make It In 2020 For Linux 5.11   Linux Kernel   2021-01-02
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   2021-01-01
Real-Time Patches Updated For Linux 5.9/5.10 With The Code Not Yet Mainlined   Linux Kernel   2020-10-28
Linux 5.10 Begins Landing The Long Overdue Revamp Of printk()   Linux Kernel   2020-10-14
Intel mOS, Torvalds Commentary, Intel Gen12 Graphics, Zen 2 "XT" CPUs Topped Q3   Phoronix   2020-09-29
X.Org Developers Conference 2020 Starts With Many Interesting Talks   X.Org   2020-09-16
GCC Is Currently Faster Than LLVM's Clang At Compiling The Linux Kernel   GNU   2020-09-02
Intel mOS, Cachy, Mozilla Layoffs Were The Open-Source Buzz Of August   Phoronix   2020-09-01
Canonical + SUSE Engineers Call For More Extensible Linux System Calls Moving Forward   Linux Kernel   2020-08-31
A Kernel Maintainer's Prediction On The CPU Architecture Landscape For 2030   Hardware   2020-08-31
Is It Time To Overhaul The GNU Dynamic Linker?   GNU   2020-08-30
Google Is Still Striving To Upstream Incremental FS In Linux   Linux Storage   2020-08-29
Android AOSP Can Boot Off Mainline Linux 5.9 With Just One Patch   Google   2020-08-29
Google Engineer Calls For Greater Collaboration On Speculative Execution Mitigations   Linux Security   2020-08-28
Google Using AutoFDO On Linux Meant Up To 12% Less Cycles Spent Within The Kernel   Google   2020-08-28
Linux Developers Continue Evaluating The Path To Adding Rust Code To The Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-08-27
AMD Radeon GPU Offloading For GCC Still Maturing In 2020   Radeon   2020-08-27
Microsoft Is Exploring LTO+PGO For A Faster Linux Kernel   Microsoft   2020-08-27
Linux Per Thread Queues Aim For Traffic Isolation, Higher Performance Networking   Linux Networking   2020-08-27
Kernel ASI Still Being Worked On For Protecting Against Hyper Threading Data Leaks   Linux Security   2020-08-26
Linux Might Better Plan Its Code/Hardware Obsolescence From The Kernel   Hardware   2020-08-26
Real-Time / PREEMPT_RT Support Should Finally Be Mainlined Soon In The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-08-26
MIR JIT Aiming For First Release Later This Year By Red Hat Developer   Programming   2020-08-25
DigitalOcean & Others Still Working On Core Scheduling To Make Hyper Threading Safer   Linux Kernel   2020-08-24
FUTEX2 Still Being Worked On For Benefiting Linux Gaming & Much More   Linux Gaming   2020-08-24
GCC 11 Compiler Might Finally Enable DWARF 5 Debugging By Default   GNU   2020-08-24
Rust Maybe Coming To The Linux Kernel, Other Open-Source Milestones For July   Phoronix   2020-08-02
Google Finally Begins Their Open-Source Dance Around Linux User-Space Threading   Google   2020-07-23
Linus Torvalds' Initial Comment On Rust Code Prospects Within The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-07-11
Linux Developers May Discuss Allowing Rust Code Within The Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-07-09
Clear Linux Saw New Features, New Desktop Installer + Increased Adoption In 2019   Clear Linux   2020-01-01
Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years   Clear Linux   2019-12-29
AMD Dominated Q3 In Wooing Over Linux / Open-Source Fans   Phoronix   2019-10-03
Steam, Open-Source Intel & Ryzen 3000 / EPYC's Continued Domination Rocked September   Phoronix   2019-10-01
How Google's Android Maintains A Stable Linux Kernel ABI   Linux Kernel   2019-09-15
Intel Continues Investing In Execute-Only Memory Support For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2019-09-15
Kernel Address Space Isolation Still Baking To Limit Data Leaks From Foreshadow & Co   Linux Security   2019-09-14
DigitalOcean Continues Working On Linux Core Scheduling To Make HT/SMT Safer   Linux Kernel   2019-09-13
How Intel's Clear Linux Team Cut The Kernel Boot Time From 3 Seconds To 300 ms   Clear Linux   2019-09-11
Linux 5.3-rc8 Released To Let The Kernel Bake An Extra Week   Linux Kernel   2019-09-08
Using LLVM Clang To Compile The Linux Kernel Is Heating Up Again Thanks To Google   LLVM   2019-02-04
Linux Plumbers Conference 2018 Videos Now Online   Linux Events   2018-12-05
David Airlie's LPC2018 Presentation On An "Open-Source CUDA"   Linux Events   2018-12-03
Elivepatch Progressing For Live Kernel Patching On Gentoo, Rolling To Other Distros   Operating Systems   2018-11-22
Intel Developer's New Proposal For Shipping Optimized Glibc Subset (libcpu-rt-c)   Intel   2018-11-22
Oracle Exploring DTrace With eBPF   Oracle   2018-11-21
Building The Linux Kernel With Clang Is Becoming Popular Again   Linux Kernel   2018-11-21
Linux File-Systems Keeps Getting Better, But More Improvements Are Sought   Linux Storage   2018-11-20
The State Of Heterogeneous Memory Management At The End Of 2018   Linux Kernel   2018-11-19
Linux 4.20-rc3 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2018-11-18
Google's Pixel 3 Is Using The MSM DRM Driver, More Android Phones Moving To DRM/KMS Code   Google   2018-11-17
Red Hat Developers Working Towards A Vendor-Neutral Compute Stack To Take On NVIDIA's CUDA   Red Hat   2018-11-17
Another Change Proposed For Linux's Code of Conduct   Linux Kernel   2018-10-15
Audio Recordings Posted For Linux Plumbers Conference 2017   Linux Events   2017-11-25
Linux 4.14 Dropping In-Tree Firmware   Linux Kernel   2017-09-16
BUS1 Didn't Land This Year, But It's Making Progress   Linux Kernel   2016-12-26
It's Been A Quiet Year-End For BUS1, The Proposed In-Kernel IPC For Linux   Linux Kernel   2016-12-09
GNOME's New US-Based Conference Is One Month Away   GNOME   2016-08-21
Finding Slowdowns In Linux's Suspend/Resume Process   Intel   2015-08-29
KDBUS Is Taking A Lot Of Heat, Might Be Delayed From Mainline Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2015-04-15
Linux Still Needs Better OpenGL Debugging Support   Mesa   2013-09-18
"Atomic Display Framework" Shown For Linux   Google   2013-08-29
Linux Support For HDMI CEC Still In Development   Hardware   2012-10-08
ACPI 5.0 Support In Linux: There's A Lot Left To Do   Linux Kernel   2012-09-17
Linux 3.6-rc6 Released, Final Is Coming "Soonish"   Linux Kernel   2012-09-17
Linux 3.6-rc4 Kernel: It's Just Fairly Random   Linux Kernel   2012-09-01
A Call For Deprecating The Linux Frame-Buffer FBDEV   Linux Kernel   2012-08-30
One Week To GStreamer Conf, LinuxCon San Diego   Free Software   2012-08-21
Thunderbolt On Linux Not Yet Primed For Success   Intel   2012-05-05
x32 Support For Linux Kernel Called In For Review   Intel   2012-02-20
Interesting Talks For Linux Plumbers Conference 2011   Linux Kernel   2011-08-23
Intel Thunderbolt Support Under Linux   Linux Kernel   2011-08-21
Linux.Conf.Au 2012 Call For Papers   Free Software   2011-07-17
X.Org Developers Conference In Chicago   X.Org   2011-05-01
PerfKit: A Nicer Way To Look At Valgrind, FTrace, Etc   GNOME   2010-11-03
Linux 2.6.37-rc1 Kernel Is Here; Can Build Without BKL   Linux Kernel   2010-11-01
The Linux 2.6.36 Kernel Is Now Out There   Linux Kernel   2010-10-20
Kristian Talks About The Wayland Display Server   Wayland   2009-11-14
Linux 2.6.32-rc1 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2009-09-27
Linux 2.6.27-rc7 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2008-09-22