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Linux 6.6 Articles & Reviews

Linux 6.6 Looks To Be Very Lucrative For AMD Server Performance   Software   2023-09-19
Linux 6.6 Delivers Some Impressive Gains For AMD EPYC 9754 "Bergamo" Server Performance   Software   2023-09-14
Linux 6.6 Features Include The EEVDF Scheduler, Shadow Stack, Intel IVSC, AMD DBC & More   Software   2023-09-12
Initial Benchmarks Of The "NVK" Open-Source NVIDIA Vulkan Driver   Display Drivers   2023-08-11

Linux 6.6 Linux & Open-Source News

Linux Patches To Begin Removing ReiserFS From Default Kernel Builds   Linux Storage   2023-09-18
Linux 6.7 Set To Drop Support For Itanium IA-64   Intel   2023-09-18
Linux 6.6-rc2 Released - 32 Years Since Linux 0.01 Released   Linux Kernel   2023-09-17
AMD Linux Gaming Performance Largely Unchanged With Linux 6.6 Git   Linux Gaming   2023-09-16
Linux 6.5 Now Powering Ubuntu 23.10   Ubuntu   2023-09-16
Real-Time "RT" Patches Updated Against Linux 6.6 Git   Linux Kernel   2023-09-13
Following Criticism By Linus Torvalds, GenPD Subsystem Renamed To "pmdomain"   Linux Kernel   2023-09-13
Linux 6.6-rc2 Picking Up Quirk For ASUS ROG Flow X16 Tablet Mode Handling   Hardware   2023-09-12
Bcachefs Merged Into Linux-Next   Linux Storage   2023-09-12
Intel's DRM Scheduler Patches Updated That Are A Prerequisite For Merging The Xe Driver   Intel   2023-09-12
Linux 6.6 Enables Tracking Per-CPU Cgroup CPU Usage Stats   Linux Kernel   2023-09-11
Linux 6.6-rc1 Released With EEVDF, AMD DBC & Intel Shadow Stack But No Bcachefs   Linux Kernel   2023-09-10
Linux 6.6 WQ Change May Help Out AMD CPUs & Other Systems With Multiple L3 Caches   Linux Kernel   2023-09-10
DRM CI Merged Into Linux 6.6 - Linus Torvalds: "Let's See Where It Goes"   Linux Kernel   2023-09-10
Linux 6.6 SMB Client To Allow Adjusting Cache Time For Directory Contents   Linux Storage   2023-09-10
Linux 6.6 Allowing Per-Policy CPUFreq Performance Boost Control   Linux Kernel   2023-09-10
RISC-V With Linux 6.6 Offers Better Kernel Security With KASLR   RISC-V   2023-09-10
AmpereOne Core PMU Perf Events Added For Linux 6.6   Linux Kernel   2023-09-10
LoongArch With Linux 6.6 Adds KGDB/KDB, KFence, KASAN, LBT Binary Translation   Hardware   2023-09-09
KSMBD Declared Stable - No Longer "Experimental" - In Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-09-09
Linux Driver Preparing Support For ASUS Screenpad On High-End Laptops   Hardware   2023-09-08
Expanded Platform Support For AMD Dynamic Boost Control Being Worked On For Linux   AMD   2023-09-08
Bcachefs Looks Like It Won't Make It For Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-09-08
Linux 6.6 KVM Brings Intel & AMD Fixes, SEV-ES DebugSwap, New RISC-V Extensions   Virtualization   2023-09-08
Linux 6.6 Lands Support For The Cirrus Logic CS42L43 Audio Codec   Multimedia   2023-09-07
New ASUS Laptop Features & HP BIOS Settings Driver For Linux 6.6   Hardware   2023-09-07
XPad Driver Extends Gaming Controller Support With Linux 6.6   Hardware   2023-09-07
Linus Torvalds Comments On Bcachefs Prospects For Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-09-06
CephFS Completes Multi-Year Effort Adding FSCRYPT Support   Linux Storage   2023-09-06
FUSE Adds Initial Support For Statx, File Birth Times For File-Systems In User-Space   Linux Storage   2023-09-06
USB MIDI 2.0 Gadget Function Driver Merged For Linux 6.6, Lunar Lake USB Work   Linux Kernel   2023-09-06
Linux 6.6 char/misc Brings Intel PECI Updates, Sapphire Rapids Support   Intel   2023-09-06
Intel Ready To Declare Meteor Lake Linux Graphics Driver Support Stable   Intel   2023-09-05
Linux 6.6 Bringing Qt6 Port To "make xconfig" Interface   Linux Kernel   2023-09-05
Linux 6.6 Adds New Sound Support For AMD Van Gogh, Valve Galileo   Hardware   2023-09-05
Some AMD CPUs To Benefit From New Micro-Optimization In Linux 6.6   AMD   2023-09-05
Linux Fix Incoming For Intel Fallout After The Kernel Disabled Buggy AMD fTPM RNG   Intel   2023-09-04
Microsoft Adds AMD SEV-SNP & Intel TDX Guest Support To Hyper-V With Linux 6.6   Virtualization   2023-09-04
AMD P-State Fixes & Other Power Management Changes For Linux 6.6   Hardware   2023-09-04
Printk Cleanups Ready For Linux 6.6 - Stepping Towards Threaded/Atomic Console Printing   Linux Kernel   2023-09-04
Partial SMT Enablement Support Lands For Linux 6.6   Linux Kernel   2023-09-04
EXT4 Lands A Nice Performance Improvement For Appending To Delalloc Files   Linux Storage   2023-09-03
Stadia Controller Rumbles & New Gaming Peripherals Supported By Linux 6.6   Linux Gaming   2023-09-03
Linux 6.6 Unconditionally Enables x86 CPU Microcode Loading Support   Linux Kernel   2023-09-03
Bcachefs File-System Re-Submitted For Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-09-03
EROFS Lands DEFLATE Compression, F2FS Improves Zoned Devices In Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-09-02
Linux 6.6 Perf Events Prepare For Intel's Crestmont In Grand Ridge & Sierra Forest   Intel   2023-09-02
Tmpfs Gains New Features With Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-09-02
New RISC-V Kernel Features Ready For Linux 6.6   RISC-V   2023-09-01
AMD Patches To Generate DeviceTree Nodes For PCI Devices Merged In Linux 6.6   Hardware   2023-09-01
Intel Visual Sensing Controller "IVSC" Driver Support Coming With Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-09-01
Inception & Downfall, Linux 6.6 Development Kicking Off & Other August Highlights   Phoronix   2023-09-01
Linux 6.6 NFS Enables NFSv4.2 READ_PLUS Option By Default   Linux Storage   2023-09-01
Intel Shadow Stack Finally Merged For Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-08-31
NFSD With Linux 6.6 Brings A Thrilling New Feature   Linux Storage   2023-08-31
AMD Open-Source GPU Kernel Driver Above 5 Million Lines, Entire Linux Kernel At 34.8 Million   Radeon   2023-08-31
ReiserFS Officially Declared "Obsolete"   Linux Storage   2023-08-31
Linux 6.6 Graphics Drivers: NVK uAPI, New AMD GPUs, More Meteor Lake, CI Support   Linux Kernel   2023-08-31
GenPD Subsystem Posted For Linux 6.6 - Torvalds Wonders What The Heck Is "GenPD"   Linux Kernel   2023-08-31
Linux 6.6 Gets More Voltage & Temperature Sensors Working On Some Desktop Motherboards   Hardware   2023-08-31
XFS Begins Landing Online Repair, New Release Manager Takes Over   Linux Storage   2023-08-30
Linux 6.6 Adds Support For Intel Agilex 5 FPGAs, Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 2   Arm   2023-08-30
Linux Sysctl Cleaning To Eventually Erase ~64 Bytes Of Bloat Per Array   Linux Kernel   2023-08-30
SELinux In Linux 6.6 Removes References To Its Origins At The US NSA   Linux Security   2023-08-29
Linux 6.6 To Better Protect Against The Illicit Behavior Of NVIDIA's Proprietary Driver   NVIDIA   2023-08-29
Intel Gale Peak, New BPF Features & Other Networking Changes For Linux 6.6   Linux Networking   2023-08-29
Linux 6.6 Adding Randomized Kmalloc Caches For Further System Hardening   Linux Security   2023-08-29
EEVDF Scheduler Merged For Linux 6.6, Intel Hybrid Cluster Scheduling Re-Introduced   Linux Kernel   2023-08-29
Linux 6.6 Lands "Pretty Juicy" IOmap Improvements, Lower Latency With IO_uring   Linux Storage   2023-08-29
Btrfs For Linux 6.6 Brings Fixes, Partially Recovers From Scrub Performance Regression   Linux Storage   2023-08-29
AMD Zen 5 / Family 1Ah Temperature Support & EDAC Submitted For Linux 6.6   AMD   2023-08-28
AMD Dynamic Boost Control Submitted For Linux 6.6   AMD   2023-08-28
Linux 6.6 Will Avoid Unnecessary Kernel Panics On AMD Zen Systems   AMD   2023-08-28
Multi-Grained Timestamps Submitted For Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-08-28
Linux 6.5 Released With AMD P-State EPP Default, USB4 v2, MIDI 2.0 & More Hardware Bits   Linux Kernel   2023-08-27
fchmodat2 System Call Submitted For Linux 6.6   Linux Kernel   2023-08-27
Many Features Ahead With Linux 6.6: EEVDF Scheduler, New AMD CPU Features, NVK uAPI   Linux Kernel   2023-08-27
Further Cleaned-Up AMD Inception/SRSO Mitigation Code Ready Ahead Of Linux 6.6   AMD   2023-08-25
Linux 6.6 To Bring Another Rust Toolchain Upgrade   Linux Kernel   2023-08-25
Linux 6.6 MSM DRM Driver Preps For New Hardware, Overhead Optimizations   Linux Kernel   2023-08-23
Linux Microcode Loading For x86 32-bit CPUs Being Cleaned Up & Corrected   Linux Kernel   2023-08-22
Several HID Driver Improvements Ready For Linux 6.6   Hardware   2023-08-21
Linux 6.6 AMDGPU Driver To Expose Current & Average Power For Capable GPUs   Radeon   2023-08-21
Linux 6.5-rc7 Released: Stable Linux 6.5 Expected Next Week   Linux Kernel   2023-08-20
Linux 6.6 To Support Rumble / Force Feedback On Google Stadia Controllers   Google   2023-08-18
Linux 6.6 Etnaviv Driver Working On More NXP i.MX8MP Hardware   Linux Kernel   2023-08-17
Intel Sapphire Rapids PECI Support Coming With Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-08-15
Intel Making Improvements For CPU Microcode Updating Under Linux   Intel   2023-08-14
IO_uring Adding Support For Vectored FUTEX Waits In Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-08-14
Linux 6.6 Bringing Initial Support For Intel Lunar Lake's VPU4   Intel   2023-08-14
AMD FreeSync Panel Replay Ready For Linux 6.6, Next-Gen GPU Enablement Started   Radeon   2023-08-12
Linux 6.6 To Finish Gutting Wireless USB & UWB   Hardware   2023-08-11
Intel Meteor Lake Graphics Still Experimental "Force Probe" With Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-08-11
DRM Scheduler Patches Updated That Clear The Path For Merging Intel's Xe Driver   Intel   2023-08-11
AMD Zen 5 EDAC & Temperature Monitoring Slated For Linux 6.6   AMD   2023-08-10
Nouveau Kernel Driver Changes For Supporting NVK Vulkan Submitted To DRM-Next   Nouveau   2023-08-10
Linus Torvalds Reviews The Bcachefs File-System Code   Linux Storage   2023-08-09
Intel Speed Select Linux Tool Updated To Handle 32 Socket Servers   Intel   2023-08-09
Mesa TURNIP Vulkan Driver Adds VirtIO GPU Support   Mesa   2023-08-08
Linux 6.6 Will Be Able To Handle Temperature Reporting When Having More Than 32 DIMMs   Hardware   2023-08-07
LoongArch Implementing More Kernel Features For Linux 6.6   Linux Kernel   2023-08-06
Open-Source NVIDIA Vulkan Driver "NVK" Merged Into Mesa 23.3   Mesa   2023-08-04
Intel Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake Sound Support Ongoing With Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-08-04
Intel Graphics With Linux 6.6 Adds Tuning Knobs That Can Yield 10~15% Better Performance   Intel   2023-08-04
With Linux 6.6, Intel Restoring Panel Self Refresh For Aging Haswell/Broadwell Laptops   Intel   2023-08-03
Linux 6.6 DRM-Misc-Next Carries VirtIO Sync Objects, Other Improvements   Linux Kernel   2023-08-03
Linux 6.6 To Make It Easier To Enable Partial SMT For POWER   Hardware   2023-08-02
XFS File-System Maintainer Stepping Down   Linux Storage   2023-08-02
Linux 6.6's cpupower Utility Enables New AMD P-State Features   AMD   2023-08-01
AMD Linux CPU Benchmarks Dominated July From The Z1 Extreme To EPYC Genoa-X & Bergamo   Phoronix   2023-08-01
Linux Kernel Prepares Rust Toolchain Upgrade To v1.71   Linux Kernel   2023-07-30
AMD Readies "New Stuff" For Linux 6.6 Graphics Driver, AMDGPU DC For RISC-V   Radeon   2023-07-28
NVK Merge Request Opened For Landing Open-Source NVIDIA Vulkan Driver In Mesa   Nouveau   2023-07-26
Loongson Binary Translation Slated For Linux 6.6 - Helping MIPS / x86 / ARM On LoongArch   Hardware   2023-07-25
EEVDF Scheduler May Be Ready For Landing With Linux 6.6   Linux Kernel   2023-07-23
GPU VA Manager To Land In Linux 6.6   Hardware   2023-07-21
AMD EDAC Linux Driver Gets Ready For The Instinct MI300 APUs   AMD   2023-07-21
Linux 6.6 To Deal With Unresponsive Intel QAT Devices   Intel   2023-07-20
AMD Dynamic Boost Control Feature Set For Introduction In Linux 6.6   AMD   2023-07-16
HP BIOS Management/Configuration Driver Coming For Linux 6.6   Hardware   2023-07-16
Linux 6.6 To Add New Input Driver Used By Wearable Fitness Devices   Hardware   2023-07-16
Cluster Scheduling For Intel Hybrid CPUs Looks Like It Will Be Ready For Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-07-15
Btrfs Deprecating Its Integrity Checker Tool   Linux Storage   2023-07-15
Linux 6.6 Will Make It Easy To Disable IO_uring System-Wide   Linux Storage   2023-07-14
Open-Source Graphics Driver Updates Begin Queuing For Linux 6.6   Linux Kernel   2023-07-13
AMD Updates FreeSync Panel Replay Support For Linux   Radeon   2023-07-12
Bcachefs File-System Plans To Try Again To Land In Linux 6.6   Linux Storage   2023-07-12
Ubuntu 23.10 Planning To Ship With The Linux 6.5 Kernel   Ubuntu   2023-07-11
Phoronix Test Suite 5.4 Delayed To Next Week   Phoronix Test Suite   2014-12-01
Scientific Linux 6.6 vs. Scientific Linux 7.0 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2014-11-21
Scientific Linux 6.6 Released As RHEL 6.6 Spin   Operating Systems   2014-11-13
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Released With Several Enhancements   Red Hat   2014-10-14
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Now In Beta   Red Hat   2014-08-12