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Linux 5.14 Articles & Reviews

Running Linux 5.15-rc1 Causing A New Slowdown... Here's A Look   Software   2021-09-16
Mesa RADV vs. AMDVLK Radeon Vulkan Performance For July 2021   Display Drivers   2021-07-23
Linux 5.14 Features From Secret Memory Areas To New Hardware, Core Scheduling, Legacy IDE Dropped   Software   2021-07-12

Linux 5.14 Linux & Open-Source News

openSUSE Leap 15.5 Released With KDE Plasma 5.27, Updated Mesa & More   SUSE   2023-06-07
openSUSE Leap 15.5 Beta Released For Testing   SUSE   2023-02-21
CentOS Hyperscale SIG Caps Off A Busy 2022   Red Hat   2023-01-10
Oracle Linux 9 Reaches GA With Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R7   Oracle   2022-07-06
RHEL9-Derived Oracle Linux 9 Developer Preview Released With 5.15-Based UEK Kernel   Oracle   2022-06-14
Genode OS 22.05 Adds WireGuard VPN Support, Linux Device Driver Updates   Operating Systems   2022-06-01
AlmaLinux 9.0 Released As Community, Free Alternative To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0   Operating Systems   2022-05-26
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 GA Now Officially Available   Red Hat   2022-05-18
Sculpt OS 22.04 Brings New Drivers, Service-Level Sandboxing   Operating Systems   2022-05-01
AlmaLinux 9 Beta Released For Testing As No-Cost RHEL9 Alternative   Operating Systems   2022-04-19
Some Older AMD GPUs + Intel Alder Lake Is Causing ASPM Problems For Linux Users   Radeon   2022-04-09
Linux 5.17-rc4 Released As The "Superb Owl"   Linux Kernel   2022-02-13
LLVM Enjoyed Record Growth In 2021, Many Exciting Compiler Advancements   LLVM   2022-01-02
This Year Microsoft Embraced eBPF, Debuted CBL-Mariner, Continued With WSL Features   Microsoft   2021-12-31
Fedora Linux 35 Released As Another Exciting, Feature-Packed Update   Fedora   2021-11-02
Ubuntu 21.10 Released With GNOME 40 Desktop, Many Underlying Improvements   Ubuntu   2021-10-14
Linux 5.16 To Add Intel Encrypted PXP, Alder Lake S Declared Stable & Ready   Intel   2021-10-08
Linux 5.16 Preps More Display Code For Alder Lake P & DG2/Alchemist   Intel   2021-10-05
Linux 5.15, AMD / Radeon Advancements, Intel SDSi Dominated Discussions This Month   Phoronix   2021-10-01
Linux 5.15 Lands Memcg Performance Regression Fix   Linux Kernel   2021-09-24
OpenZFS 2.1.1 Arrives As A Big Point Release   Linux Storage   2021-09-16
AMD Publishes Initial Firmware For Yellow Carp APUs   Radeon   2021-09-15
Alder Lake Support Added To Intel's TCC Driver In Linux 5.15   Intel   2021-09-11
Debian 11, Valve Happenings, Linux 5.14 & More Excitement From August   Phoronix   2021-09-01
GNU Linux-libre Was Mistakenly Including Non-Free Code, So Releases Now Re-Spun + 5.14   GNU   2021-08-31
Con Kolivas Contemplates Ending Kernel Development, Retiring MuQSS & -ck Patches   Linux Kernel   2021-08-31
In-Kernel SMB3 File Server Looks To Land In Linux 5.15   Linux Storage   2021-08-30
Linux 5.14 Released With New Hardware Support, Core Scheduling, MEMFD_SECRET   Linux Kernel   2021-08-29
Linux 5.15 To Fix Regression In Its Floppy Disk Driver   Linux Kernel   2021-08-29
Some Of The Features Expected For Linux 5.15: DG2/Alchemist, BPF Timers, DAMON + More   Linux Kernel   2021-08-29
Linux 5.14 SSD Benchmarks With Btrfs vs. EXT4 vs. F2FS vs. XFS   Linux Storage   2021-08-27
Red Hat Patch Proposal To Split FBDEV Core Support   Linux Kernel   2021-08-27
Linux 5.14 Features Aplenty With New AMD GPUs, SmartShift, More Alder Lake, Core Scheduling   Linux Kernel   2021-08-25
Reiser4/Reiser5 File-System Driver Updated For Linux 5.13   Linux Storage   2021-08-23
Linux 5.14 Stable Likely Coming Next Weekend, 5.14-rc7 Released Today   Linux Kernel   2021-08-22
Linux 5.14-rc6 Released After Another Good Week   Linux Kernel   2021-08-15
Alder Lake P Support Added To Intel's IGC Graphics Compiler   Intel   2021-08-10
Linux 5.14-rc5 Released - "Looking Perfectly Normal"   Linux Kernel   2021-08-08
AMD PTDMA Driver Revised Ahead Of Its Possible Inclusion For Linux 5.15   AMD   2021-08-04
Linux 5.14-rc4 Released With Change Following Some Broken Android Apps, Other Fixes   Linux Kernel   2021-08-01
LE9, Canonical's Profits, Steam Deck, & Loongson 3A5000 Made For An Exciting July   Phoronix   2021-08-01
Linux Changes Pipe Behavior After Breaking Problematic Android Apps On Recent Kernels   Linux Kernel   2021-07-31
Linux 5.14 Drops Old DEC Alpha-Specific Binary Loader Used For x86 Binary Emulation   Hardware   2021-07-31
More RT Code Out For Review, RT Patches Updated Against Linux 5.14   Linux Kernel   2021-07-31
AMD PMC Updates, Intel Alder Lake HID, Gigabyte-WMI Patches Land In Linux 5.14   Free Software   2021-07-29
Linux 5.14-rc3 Released - It's In Good Shape   Linux Kernel   2021-07-25
Trying Out The "Folios" Patches On An AMD Linux Server   Linux Kernel   2021-07-23
Linux 5.14-rc2 Released & It's Much Bigger Than Usual   Linux Kernel   2021-07-18
Squeezing More Performance Out Of Intel Tiger Lake Xe Graphics By Using Mesa Git   Intel   2021-07-18
Linus Torvalds Calls On Paragon To Send In The New NTFS Driver   Linux Storage   2021-07-17
Graphics Driver Changes Begin Queuing For Linux 5.15   Linux Kernel   2021-07-16
Amazon's DAMON Might Finally Be Ready For Upstreaming Into The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2021-07-16
Apple Magic Mouse To Support High Resolution Scrolling With Linux 5.15   Apple   2021-07-15
AMD's Modern Graphics Driver In Linux 5.14 Exceeds 3.3 Million Lines Of Code   Radeon   2021-07-15
Memory Folios Updated A 14th Time For Improving Linux Memory Management   Linux Kernel   2021-07-15
AMD Zen 3 APU Temperature Monitoring Narrowly Misses Linux 5.14   AMD   2021-07-14
Intel Still Hasn't Gotten To Landing Per-Client Engine Busyness Reporting For Linux   Intel   2021-07-14
VirtualBox Shared Folder With Linux 5.14 Will Open New Files Faster, Fixes "git clone"   Virtualization   2021-07-13
More AMD IOMMU Optimization Work Is On The Way For Linux   AMD   2021-07-13
Linux 5.14-rc1 Released - Big GPU Drivers Update, Secret Memory Option + Core Scheduling   Linux Kernel   2021-07-11
Linux 5.14 Can Create Secret Memory Areas With memfd_secret   Linux Kernel   2021-07-11
VirtIO-IOMMU Comes To x86 With Linux 5.14   Virtualization   2021-07-11
USB Low Latency Audio Support Re-Submitted For Linux 5.14   Multimedia   2021-07-10
New Arm Hardware Support In Linux 5.14 From Raspberry Pi 400 To Qualcomm Auto Bits   Arm   2021-07-10
Linux 5.14 Supports Some Exciting Features With RISC-V   RISC-V   2021-07-09
Linux 5.14 Lands Updates For Its "Various Driver Subsystems Mushed Together" Tree   Linux Kernel   2021-07-09
ACPI CPPC CPUFreq Will Try Frequency Invariance Again For Linux 5.14   Arm   2021-07-08
F2FS Brings Compression Improvements To Linux 5.14   Linux Storage   2021-07-07
Linux 5.14 Now Handles The Microsoft Xbox One Select/Share Button On Its Controllers   Hardware   2021-07-07
Linux 5.14 Bringing A Major Cleanup To The x86 FPU Code   Linux Kernel   2021-07-07
Linux 5.14 Staging Drops A Set Of Drivers For The Second Time, Intel QEP Added   Linux Kernel   2021-07-06
More OpenRISC LiteX Drivers Expected To Be Upstreamed In Linux   Linux Kernel   2021-07-06
Linux 5.14 Continues Work On USB4 Support Bring-Up   Linux Kernel   2021-07-06
New Linux 5.14 Tracer To Help With Measuring Operating System Noise   Linux Kernel   2021-07-05
Linux 5.14's Perf Tooling Makes Preparations For Intel Alder Lake   Linux Kernel   2021-07-05
Linux 5.14 Works Around Compatibility With Some Digital Camera exFAT File-Systems   Linux Storage   2021-07-05
Linux 5.14 Picks Up Support For New Sound Hardware, Including Alder Lake M   Multimedia   2021-07-04
Linux Gets New Thermal Driver Code Ahead of Alder Lake   Intel   2021-07-04
Linux Will Keep Core Scheduling Disabled By Default   Linux Kernel   2021-07-04
Linux 5.14 Improving Its Distributed Lock Manager To Allow Message Re-Transmission   Linux Storage   2021-07-04
Linux 5.14 With EXT4 Adds Interface To Help Prevent Information Leakage From The Journal   Linux Storage   2021-07-03
CXL Bring-Up Continues - More Infrastructure For Linux 5.14, "More Meat" For Linux 5.15   Hardware   2021-07-03
XFS Sees A Lot Of Cleanups For Linux 5.14   Linux Storage   2021-07-03
Linux 5.14 POWERs Up The Microwatt Soft CPU Core   Hardware   2021-07-03
Linux 5.14 Bringing SD Cache Ctrl Support, Other SD Card Support Improvements   Linux Storage   2021-07-02
Intel Overhauls & Replaces Its RDMA Linux Driver   Intel   2021-07-02
Linux 5.14 ARM64 Preps For When Not All The CPU Cores Support 32-bit Execution   Arm   2021-07-02
Linux 5.14 Picks Up Support For A Tiny & Inexpensive MIPS IoT Single Board Computer   Hardware   2021-07-01
Linux 5.14 Lands Changes For On-Package HBM Xeons, More Intel CPUs With In-Band ECC   Linux Kernel   2021-07-01
Clang PGO Shot Down For Now From The Linux Kernel   LLVM   2021-07-01
Linux 5.14 GPU Driver Updates Come In Heavy With ~300k New Lines Of Code   Linux Kernel   2021-07-01
Intel Crocus, Linux 5.13, Other Vendor Happenings Made For An Exciting June   Phoronix   2021-06-30
Linux Prepares For AMD Servers With Aldebaran GPU Nodes Sporting HBM2   AMD   2021-06-30
Linux 5.14 Ready With Light Sensor + Human Presence Detection For Newer AMD Laptops   Hardware   2021-06-30
The Big Set Of Networking Changes For Linux 5.14   Linux Networking   2021-06-30
Intel P-State Driver Ready To Take On Alder Lake Hybrid Processors   Hardware   2021-06-30
Laptop Improvements With Linux 5.14 Benefit Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft Surface Devices   Linux Kernel   2021-06-29
Intel Confirms Q2'22 Ramp For Xeon Sapphire Rapids As Good News For Their Linux Bring-Up   Intel   2021-06-29
Linux 5.14 Drops Its Legacy IDE Code   Linux Storage   2021-06-29
Btrfs With Linux 5.14 Has More Performance Tuning, Other Improvements   Linux Storage   2021-06-29
Clang Profile Guided Optimizations Support Sent In For Linux 5.14   LLVM   2021-06-29
Intel To Disable TSX By Default On More CPUs With New Microcode   Intel   2021-06-28
Core-Scheduling For Linux 5.14 To Reduce SMT/HT Information Leak Risks, Side Channels   Linux Kernel   2021-06-28
Hantro VPU Driver With Linux 5.14 Adds G2 Decoder Support With HEVC   Multimedia   2021-06-28
KVM With Linux 5.14 Brings ARM MTE, Hyper-V Optimizations   Virtualization   2021-06-28
Linux 5.13 Released With Apple M1 Bringup, Landlock, FreeSync HDMI + Much More   Linux Kernel   2021-06-27
Linux 5.14 HID Input Driver To Handle Programmable Buttons   Linux Kernel   2021-06-27
Linux 5.14 Set To See Many New Features, New GPU Support, Other Exciting Changes   Linux Kernel   2021-06-26
AMD SFH Linux Driver Updated For "Next Gen" Ryzen Laptops   AMD   2021-06-25
Linux 5.14 To Support XMM Fast Hypercalls For Hyper-V On KVM   Virtualization   2021-06-24
AMD PSF Control Support Still Awaiting The Mainline Linux Kernel   AMD   2021-06-23
Linux 5.14 To Support The OpenPOWER Microwatt Soft CPU Core   Linux Kernel   2021-06-23
Habana Labs Driver Drops Default Memory Scrubbing For Better Performance, Other Changes   Intel   2021-06-23
Linux 5.14 To Add Driver For A $10 Open-Source Joystick For DIY Electronics Projects   Hardware   2021-06-21
Adreno 660 GPU Support Landing For Linux 5.14   Hardware   2021-06-18
AMDGPU For Linux 5.14 To Report Throttler Status, Many Fixes Sent Out   Radeon   2021-06-17
Lenovo To Support Configuring ThinkPad BIOS From Within Linux   Hardware   2021-06-17
Intel M.2 Modem Driver "IOSM" Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.14   Intel   2021-06-14
ACPI Platform Runtime Mechanism Support Is Getting Underway For Linux   Hardware   2021-06-14
Linux 5.14 Mainline Should Work With The Raspberry Pi 400   Raspberry Pi   2021-06-14
Linux 5.14 To Begin Enabling The Intel Graphics TTM Memory Management Bits for dGPUs   Intel   2021-06-13
XFS To Enjoy Big Scalability Boost With Linux 5.14   Linux Storage   2021-06-12
Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) Likely Coming To Linux 5.14 For Clang   Linux Kernel   2021-06-12
F2FS Picking Up "compress_cache" Feature With Linux 5.14   Linux Storage   2021-06-12
Transparent Hugepages Are Coming To RISC-V On Linux   RISC-V   2021-06-12
Intel Alder Lake Thunderbolt/USB4 Support For Linux 5.14   Intel   2021-06-11
Linux Kernel Prepares For Intel Xeon CPUs With On-Package HBM Memory   Intel   2021-06-11
Old Motorola 68000 Systems Can Finally Move Away From Linux's Deprecated IDE Code   Hardware   2021-06-11
AMD Has Yellow Carp Ready For Linux 5.14, More Smart Shift Updates + Display Fixes   Radeon   2021-06-10
Intel Finishes Linux 5.14 Graphics Driver Feature Work With More Alder Lake P Code   Intel   2021-06-09
Microsoft's Hyper-V DRM Display Driver Will Land For Linux 5.14   Microsoft   2021-06-09
Linux 5.14 To Allow EXT4 Journal Checkpoints From User-Space For Extra Privacy   Linux Storage   2021-06-07
Linux 5.14 Set To Retire The Long-Deprecated RAW Driver For Direct I/O Access   Linux Storage   2021-06-07
NVMeTCP Offload Bits Coming For Linux 5.14 To Lower CPU Utilization, Better Latency   Linux Networking   2021-06-05
Linux's USB Audio Driver Aims For Latency Reduction   Multimedia   2021-06-04
AMD Queues More Beige Goby Bring-Up, 16bpc Format For Vulkan, Smart Shift For Linux 5.14   Radeon   2021-06-03
AMD Sends Out Linux Support Patches For "Yellow Carp" GPU   Radeon   2021-06-02
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
Linux 5.14 To Have Additional Bring-Up For Intel Alder Lake M   Intel   2021-05-31
Linux Adding New Thermal Code To Deal With Hot Tegra Devices   NVIDIA   2021-05-31
Linux 5.14 To Feature Enhanced Support For MikroTik 10G/25G NIC   Linux Networking   2021-05-29
Dell Hardware Privacy Support Slated For Linux 5.14   Hardware   2021-05-28
Linux 5.14 To Bring Reworked User-Space API For Intel Discrete Graphics   Intel   2021-05-28
AMD Preparing More Linux Code For The Frontier Supercomputer   AMD   2021-05-27
Linux 5.14 To Allow Hot Unplug Of AMD Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2021-05-25
Linux 5.14 To Support F2FS Read-Only Feature   Linux Storage   2021-05-25
Linux 5.14 To Bring Intel IGC Driver Support For AF_XDP Zero-Copy   Intel   2021-05-24
Intel P-State Driver Begins Preparing For Hybrid Processors (Alder Lake)   Intel   2021-05-24
Red Hat Scores A Huge DM Optimization For Linux 5.14   Linux Storage   2021-05-24
Intel AMX Support Continues Being Prepped For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2021-05-24