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LLVM 6.0 Articles & Reviews

LLVM Clang 6.0 vs. 5.0 Compiler Performance On Intel/AMD Linux   Software   2018-03-14
LLVM Clang 6.0 Benchmarks On AMD's EPYC Yield Some Performance Benefits   Software   2018-01-02
Radeon RX Vega Performance With Mesa 17.3-dev + LLVM 6 + drm-next-4.15-dc   Display Drivers   2017-09-29

LLVM 6.0 Linux & Open-Source News

LLVM Began Its Dominance Of The Compiler Landscape This Decade   LLVM   2019-12-25
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of This Decade   Phoronix   2019-12-11
2018 Marked Another Interesting Year For The LLVM Project   LLVM   2018-12-31
FreeBSD 12.0 Officially Released   BSD   2018-12-12
Portable Computing Language 1.2 Released For OpenCL On CPUs & More   Free Software   2018-09-25
Intel's Beignet OpenCL Driver Updated To Work With LLVM 6/7   Intel   2018-08-20
Flatpak Gets New FreeDesktop SDK 18.08 Runtime   GNOME   2018-08-11
LLVM 6.0.1 Released   LLVM   2018-07-06
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of The Past 14 Years   Phoronix   2018-06-05
LLVM 5.0.2 Released With Spectre Variant Two Mitigation   LLVM   2018-05-16
Linux 4.16, Ubuntu 18.04 & Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Have Been Definitely Exciting   Phoronix   2018-03-31
Rust 1.25 Released, Upgrades To LLVM 6.0   LLVM   2018-03-29
LLVM 5.0.2-RC1 Released With Spectre Patches   LLVM   2018-03-28
LLVM 5.0.2 Planned For Release At The End Of March With Spectre Mitigation   LLVM   2018-03-14
LLVM 6.0 Released With C++14 Default, Intel/AMD Scheduling Improvements   LLVM   2018-03-08
RADV Achieves Same-Day Conformance For Vulkan 1.1   Vulkan   2018-03-07
LLVM 6.0 Release Candidate 3 Arrives As The Official Release Nears   LLVM   2018-02-26
LLVM / Clang 6.0 Should Be Released Soon With Its Many New Features   LLVM   2018-02-25
Ryzen 3 2200G + Ryzen 5 2400G Linux Benchmarks Coming Tomorrow   AMD   2018-02-12
Raven Ridge Desktop APUs Come Out Tomorrow, The Likely Linux Requirements   AMD   2018-02-11
LLVM 6.0 RC2 Released, Retpoline Support Still Settling   LLVM   2018-02-07
Initial Retpoline Support Added To LLVM For Spectre v2 Mitigation   Linux Security   2018-01-22
LLVM 6.0-RC1 Makes Its Belated Debut   LLVM   2018-01-17
The Current CPU Driver Usage Difference Between RADV/RadeonSI & NVIDIA   Hardware   2018-01-11
Marek Working On 32-bit GPU Pointers For RadeonSI   Mesa   2018-01-06
LLVM 7.0 / Clang 7.0 Is Now Under Development   LLVM   2018-01-03
Mesa 17.2.2 vs. 17.3.1 vs. 17.4-dev RadeonSI Benchmarks   Radeon   2017-12-31
Features To Look Forward To With LLVM / Clang 6.0   LLVM   2017-12-31
LLVM Clang Gets Support For Configuration Files   LLVM   2017-12-30
LLVM 6.0 Is Being Branched In One Week, LLVM 7.0 Development To Begin   LLVM   2017-12-27
LLVM Continued In Its Quest For Innovative Compiler Dominance In 2017   LLVM   2017-12-26
LLVM 5.0.1 Released   LLVM   2017-12-21
Skylake Server Scheduler Model Updated In LLVM 6.0 Along With Other Intel CPU Updates   LLVM   2017-12-10
LLVM 5.0.1 Expected For Release Next Week   LLVM   2017-12-08
LLVM 6.0 Release Planning, Stable Debut Slated For March   LLVM   2017-12-07
AMD Raven Ridge APU Firmware Added To Linux-Firmware.Git   AMD   2017-12-04
LLVM Picks Up 3DNow! Improvements In 2017   AMD   2017-11-26
Marek Has Been Taking To AMDGPU LLVM Optimizations   Radeon   2017-11-13
LLVM 5.0.1 Is Coming In The Next Few Weeks   LLVM   2017-11-04
Testing Primitive Binning With Vega 10 On RadeonSI   Radeon   2017-10-08
More AMDGPU DC + RadeonSI/RADV vs. NVIDIA Linux OpenGL+Vulkan Benchmarks   Hardware   2017-10-05
Support For Myriad ma2x8x CPUs Added To LLVM   LLVM   2017-10-03
An Ubuntu Kernel Spin Of AMDGPU DC "drm-next-4.15-dc"   Radeon   2017-09-28
LLVM 5.0 Released With C++17 Support, Ryzen Scheduler, AMDGPU Vega & Much More   LLVM   2017-09-07
Updated AMD Zen Scheduler Model Lands For LLVM 6.0   AMD   2017-08-31
LLVMpipe & OpenSWR OpenGL Riding Off Threadripper   AMD   2017-08-30
ARC Backend Merged In LLVM   LLVM   2017-08-24
Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 Now Supported By LLVM   LLVM   2017-08-21
VK_AMD_shader_ballot Support For RADV, Lets DOOM Use AMD-Optimized Code Path   Radeon   2017-08-08
It's Coming Down To The Wire For New AMD Zen Scheduler Model In LLVM 5.0   LLVM   2017-07-18
LLVM 4.0 Planned For Release At End Of February, Will Move To New Versioning Scheme   LLVM   2016-12-05