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LLVM 3.1 Articles & Reviews

Mesa 9.1-devel LLVMpipe With LLVM 3.1/3.2   Display Drivers   2012-11-30
Benchmarking LLVM/Clang 3.2, GCC 4.8, DragonEgg Compilers   Software   2012-11-09
LLVM/Clang 3.2 SVN On Intel Core i7   Software   2012-11-05
AMD's FX-8150 Bulldozer Benefits From New Compilers, Tuning   Software   2012-04-18
Apple's LLVM 3.1 Clanging On Intel Sandy Bridge   Software   2012-04-02

LLVM 3.1 Linux & Open-Source News

LLVM 3.9 Has Been Branched, LLVM 4.0 Will Be Up Next   LLVM   2016-07-18
LLVM/Clang Makes Progress On Building LibreOffice   LibreOffice   2013-04-09
LLVM 3.3 Picks Up More Support For Intel AVX2   LLVM   2013-03-29
Gallium3D LLVMpipe Driver Shows Progress   Mesa   2013-02-28
Gallium3D LLVMpipe Isn't Yet Fit For ARM   Mesa   2012-12-05
Using AddressSanitizer & ThreadSanitizer In GCC 4.8   Programming   2012-11-30
LLVM's Polly Keeps Optimizing, Plays With Pluto   LLVM   2012-10-10
Crack Becomes Compelling For General Purpose Coding   Free Software   2012-09-10
Tilera TILE64 Back-End For LLVM Published   LLVM   2012-09-06
Clang'ed FreeBSD: Builds Quicker, Uses Way Less RAM   BSD   2012-09-05
LLVM-Based LLBMC 2012.2 Has New Features   LLVM   2012-08-31
The C Back-End To LLVM Is Back To Being Revived   LLVM   2012-08-27
Pymothoa: JIT'ing Python Over LLVM   Free Software   2012-06-30
AMD R600g LLVM Back-End Is Working A Bit Better   AMD   2012-06-11
Lightspark Now Handles Desktop AIR Applications   Proprietary Software   2012-06-11
Compute Code For AMD Cayman Lands In Mesa   AMD   2012-06-07
Auto-Vectorizing LLVMpipe For Performance Gains   Mesa   2012-06-03
AMD Evergreen Compute Support Lands Mainline   AMD   2012-06-01
What's New In DragonEgg 3.1 For Optimizing GCC   GNU   2012-05-30
LLVM 3.1 Officially Released   LLVM   2012-05-23
LLVM 3.1 Has Been Quietly Postponed   LLVM   2012-05-22
FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC   BSD   2012-05-12
LLVM's Clang 3.1 Compiler Betters C11, C++11   LLVM   2012-05-06
Upcoming Linux Hardware Tests, Benchmarks   Linux Gaming   2012-05-02
R600 Gallium3D LLVM Shader Compiler Hooked Up   Mesa   2012-04-23
LLVM 3.1 Branched For May Feature Release   LLVM   2012-04-17
ErLLVM: High-Performance Erlang For LLVM   LLVM   2012-04-15
Gallium3D LLVMpipe Driver On LLVM 3.1   Mesa   2012-04-09
AMD R600 LLVM Back-End Called For Inclusion   AMD   2012-03-26
LLVM 3.1 Will Be Released In May   LLVM   2012-03-22
OpenMP May Finally Come To LLVM/Clang   Free Software   2012-01-16
LLVM 3.1 Will Enhance AVX & Bring AVX2 Support   LLVM   2011-12-26