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LLVM 14.0 Linux & Open-Source News

FreeBSD 13.2 Beta 1 Released With WireGuard, Bhyve Improvements, ASLR By Default   BSD   2023-02-14
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 Released, AlmaLinux 9.1 Out Too   Red Hat   2022-11-16
LLVM 14.0.2 Released With The Compiler Moving To Bi-Weekly Releases   LLVM   2022-04-27
LLVM 14.0.1 Released To Provide Many Bug Fixes   LLVM   2022-04-13
LLVM / Clang 14.0 Prepared For Release With With Armv9, BOLT, More C++20 & C23   LLVM   2022-03-23
Radeon AOMP 14.0-2 Compiler Released For OpenMP GPU Offloading   Radeon   2022-02-12
LLVM 13.0.1 Compiler Released With Fixes   LLVM   2022-02-03
LLVM/Clang 14 Ends Feature Development With Better C++20 Support, Armv9 Added   LLVM   2022-02-02
x86 Straight Line Speculation CPU Mitigation Appears For Linux 5.17   Linux Security   2022-01-12
LLVM Clang Lands Initial SPIR-V Toolchain Support   LLVM   2021-12-23
LLVM's HIPSPV Coming Together For AMD HIP To SPIR-V For OpenCL Execution   LLVM   2021-12-20
Intel, Arm & Khronos Feel Ready to Land SPIR-V Backend Within LLVM   LLVM   2021-12-08
LLVM Now Has "Official" Support For Targeting NEC's Vector Engine (VE)   LLVM   2021-12-07
LLVM Clang 14 Begins Landing Intel AVX-512 FP16 Support   LLVM   2021-08-16
LLVM 13 Feature Development Is Over, LLVM 14 Enters Development   LLVM   2021-08-03