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Kirigami Linux & Open-Source News

KDE Plasma 6 Development Progressing Well, Plasma 6 Beta Possible In A Few Months   KDE   2023-08-04
Plasma 6.0 Development Continues, More Plasma Wayland Fixes Land   KDE   2023-06-17
KDE Developers In Germany Planning For Plasma 6.0   KDE   2023-05-06
KDE Frameworks 5.101 Released - Development Now Focuses On KDE Frameworks 6   KDE   2022-12-10
KDE Ends Out October With More Plasma 6.0 Planning, Plasma Wayland Fixes   KDE   2022-10-29
KDE's Kaidan Messaging App Adding Encrypted Audio/Video Calls   KDE   2022-09-04
KDE Begins Shifting Focus To Fixing Bugs For Plasma 5.25   KDE   2022-05-07
KDE Had An Exciting Week With Plasma Available On The Steam Deck, Many Fixes   KDE   2022-02-26
A Call For KDE To Fully Embrace Simplicity By Default, Appeal To More Novice Users   KDE   2021-11-30
KDE Gets Expandable Tooltips, Larger Clipboard, More Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-06-19
KDE Will Reflow Text In Konsole On Window Resizing, Kirigami Icons Now Use Less RAM   KDE   2021-01-16
KDE Seeing More Bug Fixes Following Plasma 5.20   KDE   2020-10-24
KDE Frameworks 5.74 Released With Faster KTextEditor, Many Improvements   KDE   2020-09-12
QML Online Now Hosted By The KDE Project For Qt/QML On The Web   KDE   2020-06-16
Kaidan 0.5 Released As The KDE-Focused Jabber/XMPP Chat Client   KDE   2020-04-06
KDE Frameworks 5.68 Release Brought Many Fixes   KDE   2020-03-15
KDE Frameworks 5.65 Released With KQuickCharts For Accelerated Charts   KDE   2019-12-14
KDE Applications 19.12 Released With Big Improvements To Kdenlive + Other KDE Programs   KDE   2019-12-12
KDE Plasma 5.17.1 To Fix Wallpaper Slideshow From Crashing Your Lock Screen   KDE   2019-10-27
KDE Continues Seeing A Lot Of Bug Fixes, Continued Tweaks Around System Settings   KDE   2019-10-20
KDE Plasma Mobile Is Beginning To Look Surprisingly Good   KDE   2019-10-11
KDE Frameworks 5.61 Fixes The Directory/Desktop File Security Vulnerability   KDE   2019-08-11
KDE Frameworks 5.60 Released With Many Changes & Fixes   KDE   2019-07-13
KDE Frameworks 5.59 Brings More Fixes   KDE   2019-06-08
Kaidan Joins KDE As A Jabber/XMPP Chat Client   KDE   2019-05-10
KDE Frameworks 5.56 Brings Another Month Worth Of Improvements   KDE   2019-03-09
KDE Had A Darn Exciting Year With Better Wayland Support, Improved Kdenlive, Krita 4.0   KDE   2018-12-30
KDE Frameworks 5.53 Released With Important KIO Performance Fix, KWayland Updates   KDE   2018-12-09
KDE Applications 18.12 Release Candidate Available For Testing   KDE   2018-11-30
KDE Frameworks 5.51 Released   KDE   2018-10-15
Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Is Being Prepped With New Browser, Qt Auto Scaling   Ubuntu   2018-10-12
KDE Frameworks 5.50 Brings Big Updates For KTextEditor, Improvements To KWayland   KDE   2018-09-09
KDE Frameworks 5.49 Released With Many Changes   KDE   2018-08-11
Ring-KDE 3.0 Released To Use The GNU's Distributed Communication Platform   GNU   2018-08-09
KDE Frameworks 5.48 Brings KWayland Fixes & Many Other Improvements   KDE   2018-07-14
KDE Frameworks 5.47 Released With Various Improvements   KDE   2018-06-09
KDE Frameworks 5.46 As The Latest Add-Ons Update   KDE   2018-05-12
KDE Frameworks 5.45 Released With Remote Access Interface For KWayland   KDE   2018-04-14
KDE's Elisa Music Player Preparing For Its v0.1 Released   KDE   2018-03-17
KDE Frameworks 5.43 Released With KHolidays Module, glTF/Coillada Highlighting   KDE   2018-02-12
KDE's Calligra 3.1 Officially Released, Gemini Ported To KDE Frameworks 5   KDE   2018-02-01
KDE Frameworks 5.42 Brings Wayland Improvements, Plasma & KIO Activity   KDE   2018-01-13
KDE Frameworks 5.41 Released Ahead Of KDE Applications 17.12   KDE   2017-12-10
KDE Frameworks 5.40 Brings Kirigami Improvements, Wayland Foreign Protocol   KDE   2017-11-12
KDE Frameworks 5.39 Brings KWayland, Kirigami Updates   KDE   2017-10-16
Progress On KDE Plasma Mobile From Randa 2017   KDE   2017-09-19
The State Of KDE Plasma For Summer 2017   KDE   2017-08-02
KDE's Akademy 2017 Schedule Published   KDE   2017-05-16
KDE Kirigami 2.1 Released To Help Build Convergent Linux Apps   KDE   2017-04-29
KDE Kirigami UI 2.0 Released   KDE   2017-01-12
KDE Kirigami UI 2.0 Beta Released: Better Android Integration, QQC2 Focus   KDE   2017-01-02
KDE Plasma 5.9 Being Released In One Month With Many New Features   KDE   2016-12-31
GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016   Desktop   2016-12-28
KDE Plasma Looking At Global Menu, Wayland & Mobile For 2017   KDE   2016-10-18
KDE Kirigami 1.1 UI Framework Released   KDE   2016-09-27
KDE Kirigami UI Framework Makes First Debut   KDE   2016-08-10
Unity 8, Mir, Snappy & Other Focuses For Next Week's Ubuntu UOS-1605   Ubuntu   2016-04-29
KDE Announces Kirigami UI   KDE   2016-03-30