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Indiana Articles & Reviews

Trying Out The BSDs & OpenIndiana On AMD EPYC + Tyan 2U Server   Operating Systems   2017-10-10
OpenIndiana 2015.10 "Hipster" Released To Continue On The OpenSolaris Dream   Operating Systems   2015-10-04
A Tour Of The New Phoronix Office   Events   2014-09-21
DragonFlyBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2012-12-11
A Weekend Drive With OpenIndiana 151a   Operating Systems   2011-10-16
Linux 2.6.38 Kernel Multi-Core Scaling   Software   2011-03-06
Multi-Core, Multi-OS Scaling Performance   Operating Systems   2011-02-21
New Benchmarks Of OpenSolaris, BSD & Linux   Operating Systems   2010-11-22
OpenSolaris 2008.05 vs. OpenSolaris 2008.11 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2008-12-05
One Year With OpenSolaris Binary Releases   Operating Systems   2008-10-31
OpenSolaris 2008.05 Gives A New Face To Solaris   Operating Systems   2008-04-24
BeleniX 0.7 OpenSolaris Desktop   Operating Systems   2008-04-16
OpenSolaris Ships RadeonHD Driver   Display Drivers   2008-02-09
Solaris Express Developer Edition 1/08   Operating Systems   2008-02-06
A Tour Of Sun's Project Indiana Preview 2   Software   2008-02-02
OpenSolaris Project Indiana   Operating Systems   2007-11-01
New Project Indiana Details Emerge   Operating Systems   2007-09-19
Solaris Express SXCE Build 69   Operating Systems   2007-07-28
OpenSolaris "Indiana" Information   Operating Systems   2007-07-13
The Solaris Installation Experience   Operating Systems   2007-06-26
NVIDIA Graphics: Linux vs. Solaris   Display Drivers   2007-06-24

Indiana Linux & Open-Source News

OpenSolaris/Illumos-Derived OpenIndiana 2021.10 Released With Better Hardware Support   Operating Systems   2021-12-06
Fosshost Enters Into Long-Term Partnership With Freenode   Free Software   2021-06-02
OpenIndiana Hipster 2021.04 Released For This Solaris/Illumos-Based OS   Operating Systems   2021-05-01
OpenSolaris-Derived OmniOS CE Updated With A Ton Of Changes   Operating Systems   2020-11-04
OpenIndiana 2020.10 Released For Continuing Where OpenSolaris Left Off   Operating Systems   2020-11-01
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept Open-Source Fans Entertained In May   Phoronix   2020-06-02
OpenIndiana Hipster 2020.04 Released To Phase Out Python 2, GCC7 As Base Compiler   Operating Systems   2020-05-05
Debian's Excitement In The 2010s From Big Releases To Systemd Usage To Powering SteamOS   Operating Systems   2019-12-27
OpenIndiana Hipster 2019.10 Released For Advancing Open-Source Solaris   Operating Systems   2019-11-07
OpenIndiana Hipster 2019.04 Brings MATE 1.22, More Python 3 Porting   Operating Systems   2019-05-12
OpenIndiana 2018.10 Released With MATE 1.20 Desktop, GCC 8 & Python 3.5 Support   Operating Systems   2018-10-24
GCC Is Preparing To End Support For Solaris 10   GNU   2018-10-16
GCC 8.1 Now Can Be Used On OpenSolaris-Derived OpenIndiana   Operating Systems   2018-06-01
OpenIndiana Hipster 2018.04, Drops GNOME 2 For MATE + Adds KPTI For Meltdown   Oracle   2018-04-28
OpenIndiana Now Has KPTI Support Up For Testing To Mitigate Meltdown   Operating Systems   2018-03-06
OpenIndiana Has Upgraded To The GCC 6 Compiler   Oracle   2018-02-17
OpenIndiana Hipster 2017.10 Released With MATE 1.18 Desktop   Operating Systems   2017-10-31
Trying OpenIndiana Hipster On The Core i9 7900X   Operating Systems   2017-07-30
OpenIndiana Hipster 2017.04 Adds USB 3.0 Support   Operating Systems   2017-05-03
GCC 6 Becoming Auxiliary Compiler In OpenIndiana   Operating Systems   2017-04-24
Oracle Switching Solaris To A Continuous Delivery Model   Oracle   2017-01-28
The End Of An Era: A Look Back At The Most Popular Solaris Milestones & News   Oracle   2017-01-19
Oracle Finally Confirms It's Canning Solaris 12   Oracle   2017-01-18
The MSI C236A Workstation Motherboard Continues Working Out Great For Skylake Xeons   Hardware   2017-01-08
OpenIndiana 2016.10 Released With MATE 1.14 Desktop, Drops Sun SSH   Oracle   2016-11-01
Tesla's Solar Roof Looks Great, Would Be Excellent For All Our Open-Source Benchmarking   Hardware   2016-10-30
The (No) Phoronix Oktoberfest 2016   Hardware   2016-09-17
Trying Out & Failing With OpenIndiana, Solaris 11.3 On The Broadwell-EP System   Oracle   2016-09-09
Solaris-Derived OpenIndiana Releases MATE Desktop ISOs   Operating Systems   2016-08-16
Linux Graphics, RX 480 & Other July Excitement; Did You Notice Something Different?   Phoronix   2016-07-31
New Details Emerge About Debian Founder Ian Murdock's Death   Debian   2016-07-06
MATE Desktop Brought Over To Solaris / OpenIndiana   Operating Systems   2016-05-08
OpenIndiana 2016.04 Released To Let OpenSolaris Live On   Operating Systems   2016-04-22
Illumos Continues To Let OpenSolaris Live On   Oracle   2016-02-02
Linux Distribution Battles, Linux 4.5, & Graphics Drivers Were Hot This Month   Phoronix   2016-01-31
2016 Has Been Off To A Great Start For Open-Source & Linux   Free Software   2016-01-17
OpenSolaris-Derived OpenIndiana For A Media PC? You Can Now Run Kodi   Multimedia   2016-01-12
Linux 4.4 Kernel Officially Released   Linux Kernel   2016-01-10
Details Regarding Ian Murdock's Untimely Passing Remain Scarce   Debian   2016-01-02
OpenSolaris-Derived Illumos Project Turns Five Years Old   Oracle   2015-08-03
Many HID Improvements For Linux 4.1, Wacom Bamboo Pads Properly Supported   Linux Kernel   2015-04-14
OpenIndiana 2015.03 Updates Its Solaris/Illumos Environment   Operating Systems   2015-03-31
Intel Quark SoC x86 Platform Support For Linux 3.20/4.0?   Linux Kernel   2015-02-20
Version 3 Of KDBUS Posted For The Mainline Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2015-01-16
My Next Linux Ultrabook: Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon With Core i7-5600U   Hardware   2015-01-13
Linux 3.19-rc3 Is A Quiet Release Coming One Day Late   Linux Kernel   2015-01-05
EXT4 In Linux 3.19 Brings Lots Of Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2014-12-11
Multi-Layer Support Coming To OverlayFS In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-09
Linux 3.18 Kernel Released, But It Doesn't Fix That Odd Regression   Linux Kernel   2014-12-07
Linux 3.18-rc5 Is A Bit Heavy On Changes   Linux Kernel   2014-11-16
Linux 3.18-rc2 Brings OverlayFS, Other Late Merges   Linux Kernel   2014-10-26
Linux 3.17-rc4 Is A Pretty Calm Release   Linux Kernel   2014-09-07
LinuxCon: What's Going On With Fedora.Next   Fedora   2014-08-21
LinuxCon Is This Week In Chicago   Linux Events   2014-08-18
The Linux 3.16 Kernel Has Been Released   Linux Kernel   2014-08-03
Drivers & Drama Dominated Linux Talk In July   Phoronix   2014-07-31
Linux 3.16-rc3 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2014-06-29
The Plethora Of Linux Hardware Tests Coming: Linux 3.16 Is Great, Reviews, Etc   Hardware   2014-06-13
Linux 3.15-rc4 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2014-05-04
Linux Foundation Shares More Details Of LinuxCon Chicago   Free Software   2014-04-21
Kernel Developers Discuss Improving Kernel Configurations   Linux Kernel   2014-04-14
Linux 3.14-rc2 Kernel Brings Fair Amount Of Fixes   Linux Kernel   2014-02-10
Linux 3.14 To Make AMD R600/700 OpenGL GS Possible   Linux Kernel   2014-02-06
Tux3 Still Has Some Bugs Before Being Mainlined   Linux Kernel   2014-02-03
Linux 3.14-rc1 Kernel Makes Its Debut   Linux Kernel   2014-02-02
Btrfs Gets Big Changes, Features In Linux 3.14 Kernel   Linux Storage   2014-01-30
The DRM Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-30
PowerPC KVM Improvements Coming To Linux 3.14   Virtualization   2014-01-29
BCache, Blk-mq Changes Submitted For Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-28
TCP Auto Corking Comes To The Linux 3.14 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-01-25
Linux Kernel Block Maintainer Joins Facebook   Free Software   2014-01-24
Linux 3.14 Supports AMD's Cryptographic Coprocessor   AMD   2014-01-23
New ARM Platforms Supported By Linux 3.14 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-01-23
F2FS Gets Improved Read/Write Performance   Linux Storage   2014-01-22
Xen PVH Is Landing For The Linux 3.14 Kernel   Virtualization   2014-01-22
Git 1.9 Coming Soon & Brings Various Changes   Free Software   2014-01-22
Logitech Dual Action Pads Supported By Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-22
Linux 3.14 Kernel Gets A Power Supply Notifier   Linux Kernel   2014-01-22
Broadwell Audio, Better PM For Sound In Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-21
Linux 3.14: Generic CPU Boost, P-State Improvements   Linux Kernel   2014-01-21
Memory Protection Extensions Not Done For Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-21
USB & Staging Driver Changes For The Linux 3.14 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-01-21
Linux Kernel's Sysfs Logic Turns Into "Kernfs" For 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-20
Intel Merrifield MID Support Landing In Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   2014-01-20
Linux 3.14 To Support EFI Kexec Capability   Linux Kernel   2014-01-20
SCHED_DEADLINE To Be Added To Linux 3.14 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-01-20
The Linux 3.13 Kernel Has Been Released   Linux Kernel   2014-01-19
Cross-Rename Support Closer For The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-01-13
Intel MPX Memory Protection Still Baking For Linux   Intel   2014-01-11
Samsung Keeps Tuning F2FS File-System Performance   Linux Storage   2014-01-09
SnapRAID Yields A New RAID Kernel Library For Linux   Hardware   2014-01-06
Latest Trolling? The Linux Kernel In Perl   Linux Kernel   2014-01-05
Linux 3.13-rc7 Kernel Is A Light Release   Linux Kernel   2014-01-05
Volatile Ranges Still Being Tried For The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-01-02
Linux 3.13-rc6 Is A Very Quiet Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-12-29
Linux Developers Asked To Distance Themselves From RMS   Linux Kernel   2013-12-23
Linux 3.13 Kernel Development Will Be Dragged Out   Linux Kernel   2013-12-23
Linux Kernel Support For Intel Processor Trace (Intel PT)   Intel   2013-12-16
Linux 3.13-rc4 Kernel Released, But It's Too Big   Linux Kernel   2013-12-15
Linux Kernel Works To Make Better Random Reseeding   Hardware   2013-12-15
Android's ION Proposed For Mainline Linux   Linux Kernel   2013-12-14
Xen PVH Support Brought Back Up For The Linux Kernel   Virtualization   2013-12-13
Intel Linux Power Regression Still Being Worked On   Intel   2013-12-12
New AVX/AVX2 Crypto Code For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2013-12-12
Knock: TCP Port Knocking Proposed For Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-12-10
KTAP 0.4 Allows For New Kernel Tapping   Linux Kernel   2013-12-09
Intel Developer Finds 50 Watt Power Regression In Linux   Intel   2013-12-08
Linux 3.13-rc3 Kernel Released Bringing Many Fixes   Linux Kernel   2013-12-06
BFS Scheduler v0.444 For Linux 3.12   Linux Kernel   2013-12-05
Lead Btrfs FIle-System Developers Join Facebook   Linux Storage   2013-12-04
Apple Thunderbolt Linux Hot-Plugging Support   Apple   2013-12-01
Checkpoint-Restore Hits v1.0: Freeze Your Linux Apps   Free Software   2013-11-25
zRAM Is Still Hoping For A Promotion   Linux Kernel   2013-11-25
Linux 3.13-rc1 Kernel Tagged Two Days Early   Linux Kernel   2013-11-22
Linux 3.13 Gets A Second Helping Of Power Management   Linux Kernel   2013-11-20
SquashFS Getting Major Performance Enhancements   Linux Kernel   2013-11-20
New Linux Hypervisor Announced: Jailhouse   Virtualization   2013-11-19
The Major DRM Graphics Update Sent Into Linux 3.13   Linux Kernel   2013-11-15
KVM Pushes Linux Virtualization Forward In Linux 3.13   Linux Kernel   2013-11-14
Btrfs File-System Changes Published For Linux 3.13   Linux Storage   2013-11-14
EXT4, XFS File-System Changes For Linux 3.13 Kernel   Linux Storage   2013-11-13
IBM: Memory Power Management Savings Measurable   Hardware   2013-11-12
AMD Publishes Cryptographic Coprocessor Linux Code   AMD   2013-11-12
Linux 3.13 To Support EFI On ARM   Linux Kernel   2013-11-11
Intel, AMD HDMI Audio Improvements In Linux 3.13   Hardware   2013-11-11
ACPI, Power Management Get Big Linux 3.13 Updates   Linux Kernel   2013-11-08
SystemTap 2.4 Supports Probing Virtual Machines   Linux Kernel   2013-11-06
Linux 3.13 To Receive Multi-Queue Block Layer   Linux Kernel   2013-11-05
Linus Acknowledges 32-Bit Linux As Less Important   Linux Kernel   2013-11-04
Linux 3.12 Kernel Released; Linux 4.0 Planning Talked Up   Linux Kernel   2013-11-03
KTAP 0.3 Brings New Linux Dynamic Tracing Features   Linux Kernel   2013-10-29
Linux 3.12-rc7 Released; Final Version Likely In One Week   Linux Kernel   2013-10-27
Linux Power Supply Charging Framework Still Sought   Intel   2013-10-25
Linux 3.12-rc6 Is A Quiet Release   Linux Kernel   2013-10-19
TMON: A Linux Kernel Thermal Monitor/Tuner   Hardware   2013-10-14
Unified Linux CPU Boost Support Still Being Worked On   Linux Kernel   2013-10-14
Linux 3.12 Kernel Begins To Calm With RC5   Linux Kernel   2013-10-13
After 100 Point Releases, Linux 3.0 Is Being EOL'ed   Linux Kernel   2013-10-13
Linux Still Working On Power-Aware Scheduling   Hardware   2013-10-11
Linux Gets Extended Hardware Error Log Driver   Hardware   2013-10-11
Intel Begins Pushing "Merrifield" Linux Patches   Intel   2013-10-10
Linux 3.12-rc4 Kernel Has Lots Of File-System Commits   Linux Kernel   2013-10-06
Linux 3.12-rc3 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2013-09-29
There's Still Work On Mainlining exFAT Linux Support   Linux Kernel   2013-09-25
Linux 3.12-rc2 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2013-09-24
Intel Is Still Working On Linux Power Capping   Intel   2013-09-19
FPGA Subsystem Proposed For Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-09-19
Linux 3.12-rc1 Kernel Released With Glorious Features   Linux Kernel   2013-09-16
Btrfs Gets Performance Improvements In Linux 3.12   Linux Storage   2013-09-13
SSD Failure Temporarily Halts Linux 3.12 Kernel Work   Free Software   2013-09-10