Ilia Mirkin is a free software developer and prolific contributor to the open-source Nouveau driver project.

Ilia Mirkin Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Gallium3D Driver Merged Into Mesa 21.2 For Gen4 Through Haswell Graphics   Intel   2021-06-13
Open-Source Driver Flips On OpenGL ES 3.1 For Select NVIDIA GeForce 200 Series GPUs   Nouveau   2021-06-07
Crocus Gallium3D Nears Mainline Mesa For Gallium3D i965 Through Haswell Graphics   Intel   2021-06-05
Nouveau Working On Bringing Up Some OpenGL Compute Shader Support For NV50 Era GPUs   Nouveau   2021-05-01
Crocus: Working On Gallium3D For Old Intel Graphics   Intel   2021-03-24
Open-Source NVIDIA Support For Recent GPUs Is Poor But Now You Can Fake It For Testing   Nouveau   2021-01-12
Nouveau Still Pushing Forward In 2020 Thanks To Red Hat But Community Developers Leaving   Nouveau   2020-02-01
Nouveau Developer Working On OpenGL Extension To Help With Reverse-Engineering   Mesa   2019-04-15
Open-Source NVIDIA X.Org Driver Updated With DP MST, DRI3 Improvements   Nouveau   2019-01-29
Mesa 19.0 Deprecates GNU Autotools Build System In Favor Of Meson   Mesa   2019-01-16
Google Devs Call Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Unstable, Nouveau Blacklisted By Chrome   Nouveau   2019-01-05
Nouveau Picks Up NV_shader_atomic_float For Fermi/Kepler GPUs   Nouveau   2018-12-27
Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Begins Tackling HDMI 2.0 Support   Nouveau   2018-09-04
Nouveau Gets ARB_bindless_texture Support For Maxwell & Newer   Nouveau   2018-02-18
Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D Lands OpenGL Bindless Texture Support   Nouveau   2018-01-07
Freedreno A4xx Picks Up Some More OpenGL 4 Extensions   Mesa   2017-11-26
Pascal Is Now Supported By The Nouveau X.Org Driver   Nouveau   2017-03-30
Pipeline Statistic Queries Land In Mesa ANV   Intel   2017-03-18
Pipeline Statistics Queries Wired Up For Intel ANV Vulkan Driver   Intel   2017-03-15
Nouveau 1.0.14 Released With GM10x/GM20x Accelerated Support   Nouveau   2017-03-07
INT64 Support Comes To Nouveau's Gallium3D Driver   Nouveau   2017-02-06
A Look At The Long TODO List Of Nouveau: Reclocking, More OpenGL, Video Accel   Nouveau   2017-01-16
Mesa Saw More Than 10,000 Commits This Year From Record Number Of Contributors   Mesa   2016-12-31
Intel ILO Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Removal, But Could Have Future Use-Cases   Mesa   2016-12-06
Ilia Mirkin Takes To Hacking On SWR Gallium3D, Fixes ~600 Piglit Bugs   Mesa   2016-11-14
NVIDIA Maxwell Support Patches For The Nouveau X.Org Driver   Nouveau   2016-10-27
Mesa Development Has Gone Wild This Year   Mesa   2016-10-14
Android Extension Pack Being Prepped For Mesa   Mesa   2016-09-07
Mesa Has Already Seen More Code Changes This Year Than All Of 2015   Mesa   2016-08-31
Mesa Is Almost Back Up To 1.9 Million Lines Of Code   Mesa   2016-07-10
Mesa Lands Support For GL_EXT_window_rectangles   Mesa   2016-06-19
Mesa 12.0 Might Be A Delayed Release This Summer With OpenGL 4.5 Support   Mesa   2016-05-15
Nouveau NVC0 Appears Ready With OpenGL 4.2 Support For Select NVIDIA GPUs   Nouveau   2016-04-26
Nouveau vs. Modesetting X.Org Drivers For Open-Source NVIDIA Users   Nouveau   2016-04-06
Mesa Has Already Seen More Than 75k Lines Of Code Added This Year   Mesa   2016-03-28
Mesa Scratches Another GLES 3.2 Extension Off Its TODO List   Mesa   2016-02-27
More Nouveau GL4 Feature Patches Published   Nouveau   2016-02-13
OpenGL 4.4's Query Buffer Object Support Appears Nearly Ready For Nouveau   Mesa   2016-01-31
Shader Image Support For The Gallium3D Mesa State Tracker   Mesa   2016-01-31
Nouveau Now Implements Two More GL4 Extensions, Very Close To OpenGL 4.2   Nouveau   2016-01-30
The State of Compute Shaders For Gallium3D Drivers   AMD   2016-01-19
Mesa / Nouveau Gets Support For ARB_indirect_parameters   Nouveau   2016-01-07
Mesa Saw The Most Commits Last Year Since 2010   Mesa   2016-01-01
Better Multi Indirect Draw Support Coming To Mesa   Mesa   2016-01-01
Nouveau Hooks Up ARB_shader_draw_parameters Support   Nouveau   2015-12-30
The Mesmerizing Mesa Milestones Of 2015   Mesa   2015-12-27
Nouveau Support For ETC2/ASTC Texture Compression   Nouveau   2015-12-19
Mesa 11.0.7 Brings 45 More Fixes   Mesa   2015-12-09
Gallium3D Support For ASTC Compression Is Being Worked On   Mesa   2015-11-21
Freedreno Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 3.1   Mesa   2015-11-19
OpenGL 4.4's ARB_clear_texture Hits Nouveau Drivers   Nouveau   2015-11-11
Renewed Interest In Background, Parallel Shader Compilation For Mesa   Mesa   2015-11-02
Nouveau Adds ARB_copy_image, Intel Adds Another OpenGL 4.3 Extension Too   Nouveau   2015-10-29
Progress On SPIR-V For The Nouveau Driver Is Moving Slow   Nouveau   2015-10-18
Intel's Mesa Driver Tacks On Another GL Extension For Old Hardware   Mesa   2015-10-05
Intel's Mesa Driver Now Supports OpenGL 4.5 Texture Barrier   Intel   2015-09-23
RadeonSI Now Supports Another OpenGL 4.5 Extension   Radeon   2015-09-19
Prolific Open-Source Contributor Implements Another GL 4.5 Extension In Mesa   Mesa   2015-09-10
Gallium3D Gets A Hack So It Can Now Play BioShock Infinite   Mesa   2015-08-19
With Mesa 11.0 Coming, A Look At Development Stats   Mesa   2015-08-17
Core Mesa Now Implements OpenGL 4.0, Nearly At OpenGL 4.1~4.2   Mesa   2015-07-23
Nouveau X.Org Driver To Drop Maxwell & GLAMOR Support   Nouveau   2015-07-17
For New Developers There Are A Lot Of Ways To Help Nouveau   Nouveau   2015-07-05
Marek Posts Mesa Tessellation Support For RadeonSI Gallium3D   Mesa   2015-06-17
Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D Driver Now Exposes GLSL 4.10   Mesa   2015-04-28
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Supports Double-Precision Floating-Point Data Types   Nouveau   2015-02-21
ETC2 Decoding Support In Mesa's Gallium3D For Freedreno   Mesa   2015-02-19
ARB_pipeline_statistics_query Now Implemented In Mesa   Mesa   2015-02-18
Texture Compression Enabled For Nouveau NV50 Gallium3D   Nouveau   2015-01-05
Mesa 10.3.3 Has A Bunch Of Freedreno Fixes   Mesa   2014-11-08
Freedreno Gallium3D Is Passing 90%+ Of Piglit Tests   Mesa   2014-10-05
Nouveau Lands A OpenGL 4.3 Feature & Fixes MPEG4 Video Decoding   Mesa   2014-09-12
Mesa's Top Contributors This Summer   Mesa   2014-09-07
After OpenGL 4.5, The Mesa OpenGL 4 Support Matrix   Mesa   2014-08-12
BPTC Texture Compression Comes To Nouveau After Intel's Work   Mesa   2014-07-23
Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D Now Supports Indirect Drawing   Nouveau   2014-07-16
Nouveau On Linux 3.16 Will Allow You To Try Re-Clocking   Nouveau   2014-06-04
NVIDIA Posts Mesa Patches For GK20A Gallium3D Support   NVIDIA   2014-05-27
Mesa Is At 1.4 Million Lines Of Code   Mesa   2014-05-26
Direct3D 9 State Tracker Work Leads To Nouveau Improvements   Mesa   2014-05-21
Nouveau Re-Clocking Details Discussed Further   Nouveau   2014-05-17
Nouveau Might Add A "NvReclock" Option   Nouveau   2014-05-16
Nouveau & Radeon Pick-Up Stencil Texturing Support   Mesa   2014-05-04
OpenGL 4.4 ARB_buffer_storage Added To Nouveau   Nouveau   2014-05-02
Gallium3D Gets Support For ARB_sample_shading   Mesa   2014-04-26
Nouveau Picks Up Slightly Better OpenGL 4.0 Support   Nouveau   2014-04-07
Nouveau NV50 Gallium3D Gains A Bit More Of GL 4.0   Nouveau   2014-02-26
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Handles ARB_viewport_array   Nouveau   2014-02-13
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 3.2, 3.3   Nouveau   2014-01-27
Nouveau Advances For OpenGL 3.2 Support   Nouveau   2014-01-13
NVIDIA Helping Nouveau With Video Decoding   Nouveau   2013-12-08
Nouveau NV50 Enables H.264 Decoding   Nouveau   2013-12-07
NVIDIA VP3/VP4 Engines Exposed On Nouveau For MPEG-2/VC-1   Nouveau   2013-08-12
Nouveau Receives Video Improvements   Nouveau   2013-08-11
Nouveau Gets H.264/MPEG2 Decoding From VP2   Nouveau   2013-06-28