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Icculus Articles & Reviews

Ageia's PhysX Delaying UT3 For Linux?   Linux Gaming   2007-11-28
Unreal Tournament 2004 v3369   Linux Gaming   2005-12-04
An Interview with Ryan C. Gordon (Icculus)   Linux Gaming   2005-06-13

Icculus Linux & Open-Source News

SDL_sound 2.0 Released As First Update In Nearly 14 Years   Linux Gaming   2022-03-26
Ryan Gordon Is Working On MojoAL, Adds Spatialized Audio Support   Linux Gaming   2018-04-13
Steam VR Marketshare Already Larger Than Steam Linux Marketshare   Valve   2017-10-25
Ioquake3 Gets A Cross-Platform Auto-Updater   Linux Gaming   2017-07-14
Icculus: EmScripten Audio Conversion Performance In The Web Browser   Free Software   2017-01-29
Audio Capturing Support Landed This Week In SDL2   Linux Gaming   2016-09-03
Open-Source Serious Engine 1 Now Running On Linux   Linux Gaming   2016-04-04
Ryan Gordon's Linux Game Porting Guidance   Linux Gaming   2014-01-17
Ryan Gordon Makes Linux Version Of 1Password   Free Software   2013-12-26
SDL2 Plans With Wayland, SDL3 Already On The Mind   Linux Gaming   2013-08-14
Heavily-Upgraded Postal Hits Steam   Linux Gaming   2013-03-28
Ioquake3 Moves Code From To GitHub   Linux Gaming   2013-01-02
The Problems Right Now For Gaming On Linux   Linux Gaming   2012-12-30
Red Orchestra 2 Might Be Ported To Linux   Linux Gaming   2012-12-30
Happy Holidays & What's Popular So Far This Month   Phoronix   2012-12-25
The First Unreal Engine 3 Game Ships For Linux   Phoronix   2012-12-19
Ryan Gordon On Valve's Steam, Linux Porting   Valve   2012-12-01
One Year Later, Open-Source Doom 3 Is Moving Slowly   Linux Gaming   2012-11-20
ioDoom3 - Open-Source id Tech 4 - Is Dormant   Linux Gaming   2012-10-11
Alien Arena Boosts Frame-Rates, Enhances Graphics   Linux Gaming   2012-08-22
Will Unreal Engine 4 Games Come To Linux?   Linux Gaming   2012-06-08
Ryan Gordon's MojoShader Sees New Mojo   Linux Gaming   2012-04-30
The Best Looking Open-Source Game?   Linux Gaming   2012-04-11
LF Collab 2012: Killing Blobs, Wayland, DTrace, Etc   Linux Events   2012-04-07
Ryan's Tools For Linux Game Porting, Development   Linux Gaming   2012-04-03
Icculus Grows Fond Of Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   2012-04-02
Topics For Next Week's Linux Foundation Summit   Linux Events   2012-03-29
Open Source Tools for Game Development   Linux Gaming   2012-03-24
Ryan "Icculus" Gordon Will Be Speaking In Two Weeks   Linux Gaming   2012-03-17
id Software's Main Linux Game Developer Resigns   Linux Gaming   2012-01-27
Ryan "Icculus" Gordon Has Some New Tools   Linux Gaming   2012-01-04
Alien Arena 7.53 Brings Many Improvements   Linux Gaming   2011-12-30
What's Going On In The Open-Source Doom 3 World   Linux Gaming   2011-12-05
A New Commercial Game For Linux That's Not An FPS   Linux Gaming   2011-11-16
New Comments By Ryan Gordon On Linux Gaming, Drivers   Linux Gaming   2011-11-15
Alien Arena 7.52 Brings Significant Game Updates   Linux Gaming   2011-10-14
Ryan Gordon Criticizes Open-Source Drivers Again   Linux Gaming   2011-08-08
Ryan Gordon Ports HGE To Linux, Then Releases Code   Linux Gaming   2011-08-07
What Should Linux Gamers Expect From QuakeCon 2011?   Linux Gaming   2011-08-04
A Modular Rendering System For ioquake3 Engine   Linux Gaming   2011-08-03
An Open-Source MMORPG Using The Unigine Engine   Linux Gaming   2011-04-10
Questions For Ryan Gordon, The Linux Game Porter   Linux Gaming   2011-04-01
Ryan "Icculus" Gordon Will Be Talking This Weekend   Linux Gaming   2011-03-30
Mac Graphics Drivers Are Still Troubled   Free Software   2011-03-25
S3TC For Mesa Is Talked About Some More   Mesa   2011-03-19
Gordon's Thoughts On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   2011-03-18
Alien Arena 2011 Update Brings Improvements   Linux Gaming   2011-03-12
The Source Engine On Postal III Is Still Coming To Linux   Linux Gaming   2011-02-13
Alien Arena 2011 Game Released   Linux Gaming   2010-12-16
Alternative Games Is All About Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   2010-12-14
Alien Arena 2011 Is Coming Next Week   Linux Gaming   2010-12-11
Seven Weeks Later, LGP & Its DRM Is Still Down   Linux Gaming   2010-11-22
UT3 For Linux Is Laid To Rest By Epic's Mark Rein   Linux Gaming   2010-09-07
Alien Arena 2010 v7.45 Offers Up More Features   Linux Gaming   2010-07-29
Aquaria Game Source-Code Published   Linux Gaming   2010-06-04
Valve's Linux Play May Lead More Games To Follow Suit   Valve   2010-05-25
Epic Games Provides No Hope For UT3 On Linux   Linux Gaming   2010-05-17
Alien Arena 2010 Has Arrived With Changes   Linux Gaming   2010-05-07
Alien Arena 2010 Coming "In A Few Weeks"   Linux Gaming   2010-04-26
Alien Arena 7.33 Brings Headshots & More   Linux Gaming   2009-12-28
New Ryan Gordon Game Port Goes Into Beta   Linux Gaming   2009-12-14
Ryan Gordon Is Fed Up, FatELF Is Likely Dead   Free Software   2009-11-03
Ryan Gordon Brings Universal Binaries To Linux   Linux Kernel   2009-10-22
Alien Arena 7.32 Brings More Improvements   Linux Gaming   2009-10-21
Icculus Provides An Update, But No UT3 Or Games   Linux Gaming   2009-10-13
Alien Arena 7.31 Brings Game, Engine Work   Linux Gaming   2009-10-08
Aquaria Game Coming To Linux. Icculus Porting?   Linux Gaming   2009-08-13
Alien Arena 2009 Released, Brings Improved Graphics   Linux Gaming   2009-06-19
Ryan Gordon On Linux UT3: "still on its way"   Linux Gaming   2009-05-24
A Battle For Good Open-Source Game Graphics?   Linux Gaming   2009-04-26
A Prey Update For Linux, But Still No UT3   Linux Gaming   2009-02-22
America's Army 3.0 "May Return" To Linux   Linux Gaming   2009-01-06
Prey Linux Retail Client Released   Linux Gaming   2008-12-07
Updated Prey Demo For Linux Released   Linux Gaming   2008-11-26
Crysis Wars Linux Server Released   Linux Gaming   2008-11-08
Icculus Ports Prey Game Client To Linux   Linux Gaming   2008-10-23
Unreal Tournament 3 Running On Linux   Linux Gaming   2008-09-18
UT3 Linux Release To Include Editor   Linux Gaming   2008-09-14
UT3 Linux Client Is "In The Works"   Linux Gaming   2008-07-10
Postal 2 Multi-Player Released For Free   Linux Gaming   2008-05-31
Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Server Is Out!   Linux Gaming   2007-12-18
UT3 Linux Server Coming Very Soon   Linux Gaming   2007-12-08
Unreal Tournament 3 For Linux MIA   Linux Gaming   2007-11-20
UT3 Linux Server In Time For Release   Linux Gaming   2007-11-10
UT3 Linux Demo Still Missing In Action   Linux Gaming   2007-11-04
UT3 Linux: It Will Ship When It's Ready   Linux Gaming   2007-10-26
New Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Details   Linux Gaming   2007-10-14
Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Server Beta   Linux Gaming   2007-10-14
Ryan Gordon Working On UT3 For Linux   Linux Gaming   2007-10-09
New Loki Games Repository Emerges   Linux Gaming   2007-09-26
OpenBox 3.4.4 Released   Free Software   2007-08-06
OpenBox 3.3.995 (OpenBox 3.4 Preview)   Free Software   2007-05-30
MojoSetup -- The Loki Installer Improved   Linux Gaming   2007-05-17
Prey Server 1.2 Released   Linux Gaming   2006-10-10
ArmyOps 2.7 Linux Server   Linux Gaming   2006-09-19
Prey Dedicated Server   Linux Gaming   2006-07-17
Icculus Finger Update   Linux Gaming   2006-06-24
Icculus on FLOSS Weekly   Linux Gaming   2006-06-16
Google Earth For Linux   Google   2006-06-12
Icculus Finger Update   Linux Gaming   2006-06-10
ArmyOps Linux/Mac Clients Fall   Linux Gaming   2006-04-24
Icculus Update: Mac Stance   Linux Gaming   2006-04-11
Icculus Update   Linux Gaming   2006-03-17
ArmyOps v2.6 Linux Server   Linux Gaming   2006-02-21