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Humble Indie Bundle Linux & Open-Source News

Humble Indie Bundle 13 Arrives For Halloween   Linux Gaming   2014-10-28
Humble Indie Bundle 12 Launches To Some Excitement   Linux Gaming   2014-09-09
Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Shafts Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2014-08-19
Humble Indie Bundle 9 For PC & Android   Linux Gaming   2014-04-01
Humble Indie Bundle 11 For Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2014-02-18
MKXP: Open-Source, Linux Engine To RPG Maker XP   Linux Gaming   2014-01-08
Humble Indie Bundle X Launches With New Games   Linux Gaming   2014-01-07
Humble Bundle PC & Android 8 Launches   Linux Gaming   2013-12-18
At $2.4 Million Dollars, HIB #9 Gets Four More Titles   Linux Gaming   2013-09-18
Humble Indie Bundle 9 Brings New Linux Games   Linux Gaming   2013-09-11
Native Port Of Dear Esther Now Available   Linux Gaming   2013-06-12
Four New Titles Added To Humble Indie Bundle 8   Linux Gaming   2013-06-04
Humble Indie Bundle 8 Launches With Many Titles   Linux Gaming   2013-05-28
Humble Bundle Launches Double Fine Bundle   Linux Gaming   2013-05-07
Heavily-Upgraded Postal Hits Steam   Linux Gaming   2013-03-28
Humble Bundle Gets Into Weekly Game Sales   Linux Gaming   2013-03-20
Latest Humble Bundle Crosses One Million Dollars   Linux Gaming   2013-03-12
2013 Is Going To Be The Year Of Linux Gaming   Free Software   2012-12-29
Humble Indie Bundle 7 Offers Up More Games   Linux Gaming   2012-12-28
Torque 3D Engine Is Wanting To Come To Linux   Linux Gaming   2012-12-26
Humble Bundle 7 Approaching Two Million Dollars   Linux Gaming   2012-12-24
The First Unreal Engine 3 Game Ships For Linux   Phoronix   2012-12-19
Humble Indie Bundle 7 Launches, New Linux Games   Linux Gaming   2012-12-19
Humble Bundle Hires Full-Time Linux Game Porter   Linux Gaming   2012-11-07
Ubuntu Prompts For Donations When Downloading   Ubuntu   2012-10-09
Humble Indie Bundle 6 Ends At $2 Million USD   Linux Gaming   2012-10-02
Humble Indie Bundle 6 Passes One Million Dollars   Linux Gaming   2012-09-22
Humble Indie Bundle 6 Brings In New Games   Linux Gaming   2012-09-18
Humble Bundle Recycles More Games In New Offering   Linux Gaming   2012-08-22
The Future Of GNOME: Very Optimistic?   GNOME   2012-07-31
With Valve On Linux, Has LGP Lost All Relevance?   Valve   2012-07-18
Humble Indie Bundle V Generates Five Million USD   Linux Gaming   2012-06-14
Humble Indie Bundle V Runs Strong At $4M USD   Linux Gaming   2012-06-09
Linux Game Publishing Still Silent On New Titles   Linux Gaming   2012-06-05
Humble Bundle V Crosses Three Million Dollars   Linux Gaming   2012-06-05
Crossing The Line: $2 Million USD In One Day   Linux Gaming   2012-06-01
Humble Indie Bundle V Launches   Linux Gaming   2012-05-31
Overgrowth Publishes Linux Game Teaser   Linux Gaming   2012-04-23
The Humble Bundle Botanicula Debut   Linux Gaming   2012-04-19
Humble Bundle Android 2 Ends At $682k USD   Linux Gaming   2012-04-02
Icculus Grows Fond Of Open-Source GPU Drivers   Linux Gaming   2012-04-02
Overgrowth For Linux Is Almost Ready   Linux Gaming   2012-03-27
The Latest Humble Bundle Grows In Size   Linux Gaming   2012-03-26
A Linux Game That's Still Not Selling Well   Linux Gaming   2012-03-21
A New Humble Bundle Launches Today   Linux Gaming   2012-03-19
Ryan "Icculus" Gordon Will Be Speaking In Two Weeks   Linux Gaming   2012-03-17
Humble Bundle Mojam: Games Made In One Weekend   Linux Gaming   2012-02-18
New Humble Indie Bundle Launches For Linux, Android   Linux Gaming   2012-01-31
Ryan "Icculus" Gordon Has Some New Tools   Linux Gaming   2012-01-04
Humble Indie Bundle #4 Ends With $2.3M USD   Linux Gaming   2011-12-28
Humble Indie Bundle #4 Cracks Two Million Dollars   Linux Gaming   2011-12-23
Humble Bundle #4 Rakes In $1M USD In One Day   Linux Gaming   2011-12-14
Humble Indie Bundle 4 Just Started   Linux Gaming   2011-12-13
Humble Introversion Bundle Pulls In $778k USD   Linux Gaming   2011-12-06
It's Already Time For A New Humble Indie Bundle   Linux Gaming   2011-11-22
New Comments By Ryan Gordon On Linux Gaming, Drivers   Linux Gaming   2011-11-15
Humble Voxatron Bundle Stops Short Of A Million   Linux Gaming   2011-11-14
More Games Added To Humble Voxatron Offering   Linux Gaming   2011-11-10
Another Single-Game Humble Bundle Deal Launches   Linux Gaming   2011-10-31
Humble Synapse Bundle Ends With $1.1M USD   Linux Gaming   2011-10-12
It's Not All Roses For The Latest Humble Bundle   Linux Gaming   2011-10-06
There's A New Humble Indie Bundle   Linux Gaming   2011-09-29
Humble Indie Bundle #3 Does More Than Two Million Dollars   Linux Gaming   2011-08-09
Ryan Gordon Criticizes Open-Source Drivers Again   Linux Gaming   2011-08-08
Ryan Gordon Ports HGE To Linux, Then Releases Code   Linux Gaming   2011-08-07
Humble Indie Bundle #3 Now Includes Old Bundle   Linux Gaming   2011-08-05
Humble Indie Bundle #3 Ups The Ante   Linux Gaming   2011-08-03
Humble Indie Bundle #3 At Nearly $1M USD   Linux Gaming   2011-08-01
Humble Bundle Still Selling Strong - Crosses $650k   Linux Gaming   2011-07-28
One Last Call To Make Novacut A Reality   Free Software   2011-07-27
Latest Bundle Already Pulls $100k; Here's A Contest   Linux Gaming   2011-07-26
Another Humble Indie Bundle Just Launched   Linux Gaming   2011-07-26
The First Image Of Desura Running On Linux   Linux Gaming   2011-05-28
The Frozenbyte Bundle Hasn't Breached $1M USD   Linux Gaming   2011-04-26
Frozenbyte Open-Sources Shadowgrounds Games   Linux Gaming   2011-04-22
Humble Indie "Frozenbyte" Bundle 3 Slows Down   Linux Gaming   2011-04-19
Frozenbyte Bundle Crosses $600k, Still Free Copies   Linux Gaming   2011-04-16
Bundle #3 Just Did $500k USD; Here's A Contest   Linux Gaming   2011-04-14
Progress On The Unigine Dilogus Linux Game   Linux Gaming   2011-04-12
Frozenbyte Bundle Already Rakes In $250k USD   Linux Gaming   2011-04-12
Here's The Third Humble Indie Bundle   Linux Gaming   2011-04-12
Questions For Ryan Gordon, The Linux Game Porter   Linux Gaming   2011-04-01
Linux Gamers Command 90% Of Initial Unigine OilRush Sales   Linux Gaming   2011-03-03
Humble Indie Bundle #2 Rakes In $1.8 Million USD   Linux Gaming   2010-12-26
Humble Indie Bundle #2 Tops $1.3M, Adds More Titles   Linux Gaming   2010-12-22
A New Linux Game Update For The Holidays   Linux Gaming   2010-12-21
Zero Ballistics 2.0 For Linux Finally Released   Linux Gaming   2010-12-19
Humble Indie Bundle #2 Just Made One Million Bucks   Linux Gaming   2010-12-18
Humble Bundle #2 Breaches $900k, On Way To $1M USD   Linux Gaming   2010-12-17
Heroes of Newerth 2.0 Is Here Too   Free Software   2010-12-14
The Humble Indie Bundle #2 Has Arrived   Linux Gaming   2010-12-14
Another Humble Indie Bundle Is Coming   Linux Gaming   2010-12-09
The Amnesia Game Gets Ready For A Linux Release   Linux Gaming   2010-08-05
Aquaria Game Source-Code Published   Linux Gaming   2010-06-04
Four Indie Games Going Open-Source!   Linux Gaming   2010-05-11