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Hangover Linux & Open-Source News

Hangover 8.19 Improves Box64 Integration For Running Windows Apps On AArch64 Wine   WINE   2023-11-06
Hangover 8.17 Released With Updated Box64 & FEX Integration   WINE   2023-10-09
Hangover 8.15 Released With Box64 Integration As PE Library   WINE   2023-09-05
Ampere Computing Publishes Guide For Steam Play Games On Their AArch64 Server CPUs   Arm   2023-08-27
Wine-Based Hangover 8.11 Begins Integrating FEX Emulator Support   WINE   2023-07-09
Hangover 0.8.9 Released For Running More Windows Games/Apps On ARM Linux   WINE   2023-06-02
Hangover 0.8.5 Released For Running Windows Apps/Games With Wine On AArch64/POWER   WINE   2023-04-07
Box86 v0.3 & Box64 v0.2.2 Released For Running Linux x86/x86_64 Programs On Arm   Free Software   2023-03-10
Hangover 0.8.3 Released For Enjoying Windows x86/x86_64 Apps/Games On Linux ARM64   WINE   2023-03-09
Hangover 0.8.1 Released To Run Some x86 Windows Apps On ARM64 Linux   WINE   2023-02-16
Hangover Project Restarted To Run Windows 32-bit/64-bit Apps On ARM64/PPC64 & More   WINE   2023-02-11
Hangover 0.6.5 Released For Running Windows Software On ARM64, POWER   WINE   2021-04-15
Wine Begins Landing PPC64 Code To Eventually Help With Windows Programs On POWER   WINE   2021-02-10
Wine PPC64 Revived Again For Running Windows Programs On POWER CPUs   WINE   2021-02-01
Wine 6.0-rc6 Released With More Fixes   WINE   2021-01-08
Turnip Vulkan Driver Picks Up Geometry Streams To Support DXVK's Direct3D 10.1   Linux Gaming   2020-11-03
Hangover Alpha 2 Lets Windows x86/x64 Programs Run On ARM64, POWER 64-bit   WINE   2020-10-31
Windows x64 Binaries Can Now Run On POWER9 Under Linux With Hangover   WINE   2020-10-05
Wine 5.16 Released With Support For AVX Registers   WINE   2020-08-28
Wine Patches Revived For 64-bit POWER Support, Hangover To Run Windows Apps On POWER   WINE   2020-08-17
Raptor Engineering Helping To Improve POWER Support In Wine, Eyes Hangover   WINE   2019-02-26
Wine Developers Release Hangover Alpha To Run Windows x86_64 Programs On 64-Bit ARM   WINE   2019-02-17
Canonical Comments On The Unity 2D Defenestration   Ubuntu   2012-08-17
POHMELFS: A New But Old Distributed Linux File-System   Linux Kernel   2011-12-26
Phoronix Oslo Summer 2011 Meet-Up Recap   Phoronix   2011-07-31
Prevent Hangovers, Get Fedora Moonshine   Fedora   2007-05-31