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GTK 4.0 Linux & Open-Source News

GTK5 Development Likely To Heat Up Following GTK 4.12   GNOME   2023-02-09
GTK 4 Toolkit's New OpenGL Renderer Is Maturing Well   GNOME   2021-02-26
GTK 4.2 Releasing Next Month With Likely Introducing A New OpenGL Renderer   GNOME   2021-02-18
GNOME 40 Alpha Released   GNOME   2021-01-26
GTK4 Toolkit Seeing More Improvements To Its OpenGL Renderer   GNOME   2021-01-24
Ubuntu 21.04 To Stick With GNOME 3.38 Desktop   Ubuntu   2021-01-21
GTK 4.0.1 Released With Many Bug Fixes, Better Media Acceleration   GNOME   2021-01-12
Some Linux/Open-Source Letdowns Last For Years   Free Software   2021-01-01
GNOME In 2020 Saw Many Optimizations, GTK 4.0 Released, GNOME 40 In Development   GNOME   2020-12-31
GIMP 2.99.4 Released As One Step Closer To GIMP 3.0   Desktop   2020-12-26
GNOME Shell UX Continues Improving For GNOME 40   GNOME   2020-12-19
GTK 4.0 Toolkit Officially Released   GNOME   2020-12-16
GTK4 To Bring Better & Faster macOS Support   GNOME   2020-12-15
GTK Planning More Improvements In 2021 From Better Accessibility To Animation Framework   GNOME   2020-11-24
GIMP Turns 25 Years Old As Leading Open-Source Photoshop Alternative   Free Software   2020-11-22
GTK 3.99.2 Released As A Step Closer To GTK4 With Fancy GLSL Shader Capabilities   GNOME   2020-09-30
Succeeding GNOME 3.38 Will Be "GNOME 40" - Yes, GNOME Forty   GNOME   2020-09-16
GTK 3.99.1 Released As The Latest Development Step Towards GTK4   GNOME   2020-09-03
GTK 3.99 Released With The GTK4 Toolkit Finally Close To Debut   GNOME   2020-07-31
GNOME's Mutter Sees More Cleaning That Ultimately Could Help Foster Vulkan Support   GNOME   2020-06-19
GTK 3.98.2 Released As Another Step Towards GTK4   GNOME   2020-04-01
GNOME 3.36 Set To Be Released Today With Ongoing Wayland + Performance Improvements   GNOME   2020-03-11
GNOME 3.36 Beta 2 Released With Initial Setup Parental Controls, Lock-Screen USB Disable   GNOME   2020-02-18
Belated GTK 3.98 Puts GTK 4.0 One Step Closer   GNOME   2020-02-13
GTK4 Data Transfer APIs Being Modernized Around Wayland   GNOME   2020-01-29
GNOME Hopes To Get Most Of GTK4 Squared Away Next Year   GNOME   2019-12-19
GTK4 Now Allows More Efficient Usage With Its Vulkan Renderer   GNOME   2019-10-06
Xfce's xfce4-panel Says Farewell To GTK2 Support   Desktop   2019-09-30
GNOME's GUADEC 2019 Videos Available Online   GNOME   2019-08-31
GTK 4.0 Isn't Expected To Be Released Until Autumn 2020   GNOME   2019-08-29
GTK4 Gets Smoother GPU-Accelerated Scrolling, Modern Cursor Blinking   GNOME   2019-07-22
GTK 3.96 Released As Another Step Closer To GTK 4.0   GNOME   2019-05-08
HTML5 Broadway Backend Is Seeing Renewed Attention Ahead Of GTK 4.0   GNOME   2019-03-30
GTK4 Seeing Text Entry Improvements, Easier To Create Custom Entry Widgets   GNOME   2019-03-16
GTK+ No More - It's Just GTK As Developers Prepare For This Year's GTK 4.0   GNOME   2019-02-08
There's Experimental Work On A Vulkan Renderer For KDE's KWin   KDE   2018-02-20
GTK4, GNOME's Wayland Support & Vulkan Renderer Topped GNOME In 2017   GNOME   2017-12-10
A Look At Some Of The Feature Plans For GNOME 3.26   GNOME   2017-04-03
GTK+ 3.90.0 Released, Advancing Towards GTK 4.0   GNOME   2017-04-01
Gtkmm Begins Preparing For GTK4, Now Uses C++14   GNOME   2016-12-01
GNOME's GTK Developers Come Up With A Plan For GTK+ 4   GNOME   2016-06-13