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GNOME 43 Linux & Open-Source News

NixOS 22.11 Released With Better AArch64 Support, NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Driver Option   Operating Systems   2022-12-01
Alpine Linux 3.17 Released With OpenSSL 3.0, Better Rust Support   Operating Systems   2022-11-22
Fedora 37 Now Available With GNOME 43 Desktop, Official Raspberry Pi 4 Support   Fedora   2022-11-15
Mageia 9 Alpha 1 Released With A Smaller Footprint, Many Updates   Operating Systems   2022-11-12
Fedora 37 Release Delayed To Mid-November Over Critical OpenSSL Vulnerability   Fedora   2022-10-27
Ubuntu 22.10 Released With GNOME 43 Desktop, Raspberry Pi Improvements, PipeWire Audio   Ubuntu   2022-10-20
AMD Ryzen 7000 Series, Linux 6.0, MGLRU, Rust & IO_uring Made For An Exciting September   Phoronix   2022-10-01
Ubuntu 22.10 Beta Released For Linux 5.19 + GNOME 43 Powered Linux Desktop   Ubuntu   2022-09-30
GNOME 43.1 To Support Wayland On The AMD-Xilinx Kria KR260   GNOME   2022-09-25
GNOME 43 Released With More Apps Ported To GTK4, Wayland Enhancements   GNOME   2022-09-21
Fedora 37 Beta Now Available For Testing   Fedora   2022-09-13
Ubuntu Talks Up Its GNOME Dynamic Triple Buffering Support In 22.04/22.10   Ubuntu   2022-09-05
GNOME Shell & Mutter 43 Release Candidates Bring Last Minute Changes   GNOME   2022-09-04
Ubuntu 22.10 Readied With The Linux 5.19 Kernel   Ubuntu   2022-09-02
Ubuntu Isn't Yet Onboard With GNOME's "Device Security" Screen   Ubuntu   2022-08-28
GNOME 43's Mutter Lands Max BPC Property Support To Deal With Monitor Issues   GNOME   2022-08-22
GNOME 43 Beta Released With More GTK 4 Porting, Other Desktop Improvements   GNOME   2022-08-15
GNOME Mutter & Shell 43 Beta Bring Several Very Exciting Changes   GNOME   2022-08-11
Renewed Work Around GNOME 30-bit Deep Color Frame-Buffer Support   GNOME   2022-08-09
GNOME 43 Alpha Released With Browser Improvements, More GTK 4 Porting   GNOME   2022-07-20
GNOME Builder 43 Alpha Released After Being Ported To GTK 4   GNOME   2022-07-14
GNOME Shell + Mutter 43 Alpha Released   GNOME   2022-07-11
New Progress Being Made On Deep Color Support For GNOME Wayland Sessions   GNOME   2022-06-22
GNOME's Mutter Moving Closer To Pure Wayland-Only Build Option   GNOME   2022-05-31
GNOME's Nautilus Could See Big Improvements, New Image Viewer Coming Into Focus   GNOME   2022-04-04