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Fedora 22 KDE Delivers A Great Plasma 5 Experience   Operating Systems   2015-06-07
GNOME 2.19.5 Desktop   Software   2007-07-14

GDM Linux & Open-Source News

openSUSE ALP Prototype "Les Droites" Releasing This Week   SUSE   2022-09-26
SDL 2.24 Released With New APIs, D3D12 Renderer Work On Windows, New Linux Hints   Linux Gaming   2022-08-19
GNOME To Warn Users If Secure Boot Disabled, Preparing Other Firmware Security Help   GNOME   2022-07-29
LightDM 1.32 Released With Various Fixes, Qt4 Support Finally Removed   Desktop   2022-07-19
AMDGPU Driver Reverting The Buddy Allocator For Linux 5.19   Linux Kernel   2022-07-15
LightDM Display Manager 2022 Status Update: Not Much Going On   Ubuntu   2022-06-23
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Changes Default For NVIDIA Driver Back To Using X.Org Rather Than Wayland   NVIDIA   2022-04-23
GNOME 42 Released With Many Improvements From Wayland To GTK4 Porting   GNOME   2022-03-23
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Will Default To Wayland With NVIDIA For v510+ Driver   Ubuntu   2022-03-22
GNOME 42 Alpha Released With A Lot Of GTK4 Porting, Other Improvements   GNOME   2022-01-17
Fedora 36 Planning To Run Wayland By Default With NVIDIA's Proprietary Driver   Fedora   2021-12-07
GNOME 41 Release Candidate Arrives With Many Improvements   GNOME   2021-09-08
GNOME 41 Beta Released With "Calls" SIP/VoIP Support, Wayland Improvements   GNOME   2021-08-23
USB + Thunderbolt Updates Hit Linux 5.13   Hardware   2021-04-27
Arch Linux's Pacman 6.0 Enters Alpha With Parallel Downloads Support   Arch Linux   2020-12-04
GNOME 3.38 Beta Released Ahead Of Official Release Next Month   GNOME   2020-08-15
GNOME 3.37.2 Released As Another Step Towards GNOME 3.38   GNOME   2020-06-07
From Botched Releases To Exciting New Features, Fedora Saw A Lot Of Changes During The 2010s   Fedora   2019-12-24
GNOME 3.34.1 Released With Latest Fixes   GNOME   2019-10-08
Linux 5.4 Will Try When Needed To Actively Generate RNG Entropy To Avoid Boot Problems   Linux Kernel   2019-09-30
A Look At The Speedy Clear Linux Boot Time Versus Ubuntu 19.10   Clear Linux   2019-09-16
GNOME 3.34 Beta 2 Brings Last Minute Improvements To GNOME Shell, Mutter & Friends   GNOME   2019-08-21
GNOME 3.33.4 Released As The Last Step Before The GNOME 3.34 Beta   GNOME   2019-07-24
Fedora 30 Is Approaching The Finish Line But First It Has Some Bugs To Address   Fedora   2019-04-16
X11 Display Manager Sees Its First Update In Seven Years   X.Org   2019-03-02
AMDGPU DC Seeing Work On "Seamless Boot" Functionality   Radeon   2019-02-07
Intel's Linux 5.1 Graphics Driver Will Have Fastboot By Default, More Icelake Bits   Intel   2019-02-02
An Unofficial Fedora Remix Is Now Available For Windows' WSL But It Will Cost You   Fedora   2019-01-21
GNOME On Wayland Is No Longer Frustratingly Slow With ASpeed Graphics   GNOME   2019-01-04
Fedora 30 To Finish Polishing Off Their Flicker-Free Boot Experience   Fedora   2019-01-03
Plymouth Lands Its Tighter Integration With UEFI Flicker-Free Boot Experience   Red Hat   2018-12-05
Fedora Perfecting Their Flicker-Free Boot Experience With A New Plymouth Theme   Fedora   2018-11-14
GNOME 3.30.2 Released As Focus Shifts To GNOME 3.32   GNOME   2018-10-31
GNOME 3.31.1 Released As The First Step Towards GNOME 3.32   GNOME   2018-10-12
Fedora 29 Succeeds At Flicker-Free Boot Experience On Intel Hardware   Fedora   2018-10-01
Mir 0.32 Is Inching Close To Release With Many Improvements   Ubuntu   2018-06-15
GNOME's 2018 Performance Hackfest Wraps Up In Cambridge   GNOME   2018-05-16
Logind Support For Mir Is Getting Closer To Working   Ubuntu   2018-05-11
Ubuntu 18.04 Will No Longer Do Automatic Suspend By Default Unless On Battery   Ubuntu   2018-04-03
Fedora 28 Beta To Be Released Next Week   Fedora   2018-03-29
GNOME 3.28 Beta Released With Many Improvements   GNOME   2018-02-14
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Default To The X.Org Stack, Not Wayland   Ubuntu   2018-01-26
GNOME 3.26.1 Officially Released With Various Updates   GNOME   2017-10-05
Ubuntu 17.10 Enters The Feature Freeze   Ubuntu   2017-08-26
Ubuntu 17.10 Continues Refining Its GNOME Shell Theme   Ubuntu   2017-08-25
GNOME Shell 3.25.4 Adds Meson Build System Support   GNOME   2017-07-19
Ubuntu 17.10: Continued Work On VA-API, Switching To GDM   Ubuntu   2017-07-14
Ubuntu 17.10 Proceeding With Transition From LightDM To GDM   Ubuntu   2017-06-22
Fedora 26 Alpha Faces Another Delay   Fedora   2017-03-23
GNOME 3.24 RC2 Released   GNOME   2017-03-16
FreeBSD Making Progress On Wayland Support, The Basics Are Working   BSD   2016-12-22
Clear Linux Is Now Auto-Updating, Switches To Mesa 13.0   Clear Linux   2016-11-29
GNOME 3.23.1 Released, First Step Towards GNOME 3.24   GNOME   2016-10-29
GhostBSD 10.3 Finally Rolls Out, Offers MATE & Xfce Atop ZFS   BSD   2016-08-31
GNOME 3.19.2 Released, Stepping Towards GNOME 3.20   GNOME   2015-11-27
Fedora Rawhide Enables Wayland By Default, Where Supported   Wayland   2015-11-10
GNOME 3.17.3 Released   GNOME   2015-06-25
GNOME 3.16 On Fedora 22: Wayland vs. X.Org   Fedora   2015-05-14
GhostBSD 10.1 Now In Alpha For A FreeBSD-Powered MATE Desktop   BSD   2015-03-19
GNOME Shell 3.15.92 Improves GNOME's Classic Theme   GNOME   2015-03-17
GNOME's Log-In Screen Will Still Work Without Wayland   GNOME   2015-02-22
GNOME 3.16 Beta Brings Wayland-Based Log-in Screen   GNOME   2015-02-21
Exciting GNOME Changes For Fedora 22 Workstation Pushed This Week   Fedora   2015-02-21
Installing The AMD Catalyst Driver On Fedora 21   Fedora   2015-01-02
Fedora 21 Gaming Benchmarks: X.Org vs. XWayland To End 2014   Fedora   2014-12-29
Systemd 217 Will Introduce Its New "Consoled" User Console Daemon   systemd   2014-10-07
The State Of Wayland For Fedora 21   Wayland   2014-08-06
14 Staging Drivers Get Nuked From Linux 3.17   Linux Kernel   2014-08-05
Wayland Is Moving Along Well For Fedora 21   Fedora   2014-07-03
Red Hat Developers Propose Wayland For Fedora 21   Wayland   2014-04-29
GNOME 3.12 Puts The X.Org Log In The Systemd Journal   X.Org   2014-03-27
Wayland Still To Be A "Tech Preview" In GNOME 3.12   GNOME   2014-02-28
GNOME 3.12 Makes Further Wayland Inroads   GNOME   2013-11-14
You Can Now Run GNOME Shell Wayland On Fedora 20   Wayland   2013-10-03
GhostBSD 3.5 Supports LXDE, MATE, Openbox & Xfce   BSD   2013-09-22
It's Now Easier Running Wayland Under GNOME-Session   GNOME   2013-09-12
Fedora 20 Moves Ahead With Wayland Tech Preview   Fedora   2013-09-09
GNOME 3.10 Will Be Really Exciting For Wayland   GNOME   2013-08-05
Linux Mint 15 "Olivia" Approaches With New Tools   Operating Systems   2013-05-16
Cairo-Dock 3.2 Improves Multi-Screen Support   Free Software   2013-03-25
SDDM QML-Based Display Manager No Longer Simple   KDE   2013-02-17
SDDM: A Lightweight QML-Based Display Manager   KDE   2013-01-19
OpenSUSE: Not Everyone Likes SystemD   SUSE   2012-09-10
Some Fedora 18 Features Are Still Uncertain   Fedora   2012-09-05
MATE Desktop 1.4 Offers GNOME2 Improvements   GNOME   2012-07-31
LightDM-KDE 0.1.0 Released   KDE   2012-04-21
Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2 Brings Thunderbird, LightDM   Ubuntu   2011-07-07
GNOME 3.1.2 Released   GNOME   2011-06-18
The Official X.Org Notes For Ubuntu 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-06-08
KDE, Qt & LightDM: Progress Made   Qt   2011-06-02
The Key Features For Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric   Ubuntu   2011-05-31
What's Coming Up For GNOME 3.2?   GNOME   2011-05-20
Transforming GNOME Into A Linux-Only Project?   GNOME   2011-05-18
Ubuntu 11.10 To Replace GDM With LightDM   Ubuntu   2011-05-12
What's Coming Up For Ubuntu 11.10 & The Summit   Ubuntu   2011-04-29
X.Org GSoC 2010 With KMS, Cairo, Etc. What Was Done?   X.Org   2010-11-11
Kristian Shows Off GTK+ 3.0 On Wayland   Wayland   2010-07-27
NVIDIA Updates Two Of Their Old Legacy Drivers   NVIDIA   2010-07-16
Ubuntu Working Towards A Rootless X Server   Ubuntu   2010-05-10
Today, Delayed GPU Switching Comes To Linux   Linux Kernel   2010-02-03
Hybrid Graphics Comes To Linux In Crude Form   Linux Kernel   2010-02-01
Plymouth Running On Ubuntu 10.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2009-12-12
Plymouth Gets Pulled Into Ubuntu 10.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2009-12-10
Plymouth Gets Tighter Integration With GDM, X   X.Org   2009-11-28
The Second GNOME 2.30 Development Release   GNOME   2009-11-18
No Plymouth Coming To Ubuntu 9.10   Ubuntu   2009-05-29
GNOME 3.0 Art / User-Interface Roadmap   GNOME   2008-09-25
The Multi-Seat Display Manager   X.Org   2008-09-19
Red Hat Replaces RHGB With Plymouth   Fedora   2008-07-08
Exciting Features For GNOME 2.22, 2.24   GNOME   2007-11-05
GNOME 2.20.1 Due Out Today   GNOME   2007-10-17
GNOME 2.15.2 Updates   GNOME   2006-05-15
GDM2 2.14.3 / Power Manager   GNOME   2006-04-24