The FreeBSD 9.0 operating system was released with updated ZFS file-system support, a new installer (bsdinstall), user-level DTrace support, high-performance SSH, LLVM/Clang imports, and other improvements and new device drivers.

FreeBSD 9 Articles & Reviews

FreeBSD 10.0 Kernel Comes To Debian   Operating Systems   2013-12-16
FreeBSD Can Compete With Ubuntu Linux, Windows 8   Operating Systems   2013-07-31
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GhostBSD 2.5: A GNOME-ified FreeBSD 9.0   Operating Systems   2011-12-23
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Gets Ready For FreeBSD 9.0   Operating Systems   2011-12-09
First Look: FreeBSD 9.0 On Intel Sandy Bridge   Operating Systems   2011-11-18

FreeBSD 9 Linux & Open-Source News

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FreeBSD 9.3 RC3 Released   BSD   2014-07-06
FreeBSD 9.3 RC1 Released   BSD   2014-06-22
FreeBSD 9.3 Beta 3 Released   BSD   2014-06-14
FreeBSD 9.3 Beta 2 Is Now Available   BSD   2014-06-07
FreeBSD 9.3 Is In Beta, Adds Radeon KMS & Xen HVM   BSD   2014-06-01
FreeBSD Advances For ARM, Bhyve, Clang   BSD   2014-04-18
NetBSD 7.0 Will Finally Have DRM/KMS Drivers   BSD   2014-03-19
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PC-BSD 9.2 Is An Exciting Upgrade   BSD   2013-10-07
FreeBSD 9.2 Brings ZFS TRIM, ZFS LZ4, Updated DTrace   BSD   2013-09-30
FreeBSD 10.0 Alpha 4 Plays With LLDB, Xen PVHVM   BSD   2013-09-30
AMD Radeon FreeBSD Support Continues Advancing   Radeon   2013-09-27
GhostBSD 3.5 Supports LXDE, MATE, Openbox & Xfce   BSD   2013-09-22
FreeBSD 10 Alpha Released   BSD   2013-09-14
FreeBSD 9.2 Is Behind Schedule, RC4 Released   BSD   2013-09-13
FreeBSD Is No Longer Building GCC By Default   BSD   2013-09-11
AMD Radeon KMS Driver Merged Into FreeBSD   Radeon   2013-08-28
FreeBSD Issues Its Final 9.2 Release Candidate   BSD   2013-08-27
AMD Radeon Driver Support To Land In FreeBSD 10.0   BSD   2013-08-19
FreeBSD 9.2-RC2 Carries Some Regression Fixes   BSD   2013-08-17
JabirOS: A Former Ubuntu OS Turned FreeBSD   BSD   2013-08-16
OpenBSD Now Has AMD Radeon KMS Graphics   Radeon   2013-08-14
FreeBSD 9.2 Release Candidate Is Out & On Time   BSD   2013-08-05
Running PC-BSD/FreeBSD 9.1 On Intel's Core i7 Haswell   Intel   2013-07-30
FreeBSD 9.2 Beta Released   BSD   2013-07-23
Interesting Features For FreeBSD 10   BSD   2013-07-22
FreeBSD 9.2 Planned For Release At End Of August   BSD   2013-07-10
MidnightBSD 0.4 Betters The FreeBSD Desktop   BSD   2013-07-06
June Was A Very Diverse Month For Linux Enthusiasts   Phoronix   2013-06-30
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Sony's PlayStation 4 Is Running Modified FreeBSD 9   Hardware   2013-06-23
AMD Radeon KMS Still Being Ported To FreeBSD   Radeon   2013-06-21
Debian 7.0 GNU/Linux vs. GNU/kFreeBSD Benchmarks   Debian   2013-06-10
AMD Kernel Mode-Setting Continues On FreeBSD   AMD   2013-04-13
AMD Kernel Mode-Setting Progresses For FreeBSD   AMD   2013-04-04
Intel KMS/DRM Driver Readied For OpenBSD   BSD   2013-03-18
AMD KMS/DRM Driver Moves Along For FreeBSD   AMD   2013-03-16
GhostBSD 3.0 Lets You Relive GNOME 2 On BSD   BSD   2013-03-10
FreeBSD Works On AMD KMS, BHyVe, Clang   BSD   2013-03-06
Windows, Wine, Intel, Compilers Top February   Phoronix   2013-02-28
NetBSD Is Paying For DRM With KMS/GEM   BSD   2013-02-27
Wayland Begins Porting Process To FreeBSD   Wayland   2013-02-16
BSDs Struggle With Open-Source Graphics Drivers   BSD   2013-02-08
FreeBSD Moves Along On ARM Support   BSD   2013-01-01
FreeBSD 9.1 Officially Released   BSD   2012-12-31
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FreeBSD Jumps Quickly On LLVM/Clang 3.2   LLVM   2012-12-24
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LLVM 3.2 Release Candidate 2 Arrives   LLVM   2012-12-02
What's Exciting About FreeBSD 9.1: Intel KMS   BSD   2012-11-18
DragonFlyBSD Improves Performance Against Linux   BSD   2012-10-13
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FreeBSD 9.1 RC1 Finally Surfaced This Week   BSD   2012-08-26
Building Gentoo Linux With LLVM/Clang   Operating Systems   2012-08-20
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DragonflyBSD 3.0 vs. Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Wheezy   BSD   2012-06-28
Intel Ivy Bridge Borked On FreeBSD, Debian BSD   BSD   2012-06-22
X.Org 7.7 Goes Into FreeBSD, KMS Is Ready   X.Org   2012-06-11
Netflix Open Connect Network: FreeBSD, Not Linux   BSD   2012-06-06
Libc++ Has Landed   BSD   2012-05-24
FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC   BSD   2012-05-12
FreeBSD Gets A New X.Org With Intel KMS   X.Org   2012-04-23
Debian kFreeBSD vs. Debian Linux vs. FreeBSD 9   BSD   2012-04-10
DragonflyBSD 3.0 Performance Benchmarks   BSD   2012-03-13
KMS For FreeBSD Is Still A Work In Progress   BSD   2012-02-05
FreeBSD Made Much Progress Last Quarter   BSD   2012-01-31
FreeBSD 9.0 Arrives w/ DTrace, Clang, ZFS Updates   BSD   2012-01-12
FreeBSD 9.0 vs. Oracle Linux Server 6.1 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2011-12-12
UFS vs. ZFS File-System Performance On FreeBSD 9.0   BSD   2011-12-12
FreeBSD 9.0 May Just Be One Week Away   BSD   2011-12-09
FreeBSD 9.0 RC2 Arrives Late, Pushes Back Final   BSD   2011-11-17
What FreeBSD Achieved In Q3'2011   BSD   2011-11-08
FreeBSD 9.0 Has Weekend Release Candidate   BSD   2011-10-23
FreeBSD 9.0 Is Now Planned For November   BSD   2011-10-10
OpenIndiana With Intel Sandy Bridge?   Oracle   2011-10-08
FreeBSD 9.0 Beta 3 Released   BSD   2011-09-29
FreeBSD Progresses With ZFS, Intel DRM, LLVM/Clang   BSD   2011-09-14
The New Installer Of FreeBSD 9.0   BSD   2011-09-08
FreeBSD 9.0 Beta 2 Released; Needs Installer Testing   BSD   2011-09-07
The Sad State Of GPU Drivers For BSD, Solaris   BSD   2011-08-25
PC-BSD/FreeBSD 9.0 For Intel Sandy Bridge   Intel   2011-08-13
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Receives Many Improvements   BSD   2011-08-04
PC-BSD Goes Into 9.0 Beta With New Features   BSD   2011-08-02
FreeBSD 9.0 Goes Into Beta   BSD   2011-08-01
GEM/KMS On FreeBSD Is Working, But Not Ready   BSD   2011-07-04
Kernel Mode-Setting, GEM, DRI Progresses On FreeBSD   Free Software   2011-02-25