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Fedora 35 Articles & Reviews

Fedora Server 35 Performance Looking Good - Initial Benchmarks With Intel Xeon Ice Lake   Operating Systems   2021-10-01

Fedora 35 Linux & Open-Source News

Fedora 38 To Get Rid Of Its Flathub Filtering, Allowing Many More Apps On Fedora   Fedora   2023-02-06
GNU Linux-libre's Freed-ora Effort To "Free Fedora" Has Been Sunset   Fedora   2022-12-18
Ubuntu 22.10 Adds Debuginfod Integration   Ubuntu   2022-09-12
NVIDIA's Open-Source Kernel Driver, Graviton3 & Fedora 36 Made For An Exciting May   Phoronix   2022-05-31
Fedora 36 Is A Terrific Release Especially For Linux Enthusiasts, Power Users   Fedora   2022-05-10
sdl-compat 1.2.52 Debuts As Initial SDL-1.2-Atop-SDL-2.0 Release   Linux Gaming   2022-03-05
Clear Linux Container Performance Continues Showing Sizable Gains   Clear Linux   2022-01-30
Fedora Had A Stellar 2021 & Continued Running At The Forefront Of Linux Innovations   Fedora   2021-12-30
More Features Begin Lining Up For Fedora 36   Fedora   2021-11-29
Fedora Linux 35 Released As Another Exciting, Feature-Packed Update   Fedora   2021-11-02
Trinity Desktop R14.0.11 Released For Continuing To Improve Upon KDE 3.5   KDE   2021-10-31
Intel's i965 Mesa Classic OpenGL Driver Will Stick Around A Bit Longer   Mesa   2021-10-29
Fedora 35 Cleared For Release Next Week   Fedora   2021-10-28
Linux 5.15, AMD / Radeon Advancements, Intel SDSi Dominated Discussions This Month   Phoronix   2021-10-01
Fedora 35 Beta Released With Many New Features, Countless Package Updates   Fedora   2021-09-28
Fedora's Java Packages Have Fallen Into Rough Shape   Fedora   2021-09-28
Red Hat's Upstream Contributions Are Making For A Great Fedora Workstation 35   Fedora   2021-09-20
Fedora 35 Cleared For Golang 1.17, LLVM 13   Fedora   2021-08-17
Fedora 35 To Support Restarting User Services On Package Upgrades   Fedora   2021-08-16
X.Org Server 21.1 Will Aim To Release In The Coming Weeks   X.Org   2021-08-10
Firewalld 1.0 Released With Big Improvements   Linux Networking   2021-07-22
Fedora 35 Looking To Employ WirePlumber For Managing PipeWire   Fedora   2021-07-20
Fedora 35 Approved For Third-Party Repo Changes, More Optimal Encryption Default   Fedora   2021-07-19
Linux 5.14-rc1 Released - Big GPU Drivers Update, Secret Memory Option + Core Scheduling   Linux Kernel   2021-07-11
Firewalld Prepares For Its Major 1.0 Release For Linux Firewall Management   Linux Networking   2021-06-29
FESCo Says "Yes" To Fedora 35 Using Yescrypt For Hashing Shadow Passwords   Fedora   2021-06-28
Fedora 35 To Automatically Use Optimal Encryption Sector Size For Better I/O Performance   Fedora   2021-06-26
Fedora 35 Looking To Use Yescrypt For Hashing User Passwords   Fedora   2021-06-09
Fedora 35 Aims For Better Experience Running Vintage Linux Games   Fedora   2021-05-17
Fedora 35 Might Drop Installer Option To "Allow SSH Root Login With Password"   Fedora   2021-05-15
Red Hat Is Hiring More LLVM Compiler Engineers   Red Hat   2021-05-06
Fedora 35 Proposal Would Allow More Packages To Be Built Using LLVM Clang   Fedora   2021-04-23
Fedora 35 Looking To Make Use Of Debuginfod By Default   Fedora   2021-04-08
RPM 4.17 Planned For Fedora 35 With Better Install Failure Handling, Lua Integration   Fedora   2021-04-01
"Fedora Linux" Is The Latest Change Proposed For F35   Fedora   2021-03-09
"Fedora Kinoite" Coming For Fedora 35 As An immutable KDE Desktop Spin   Fedora   2021-02-17
GNU C Library 2.33 Should Be Out Soon - And It's Very Exciting Due To "HWCAPS"   GNU   2021-01-29
PHP 8.0 Is Too Fresh For Fedora 34 That It Will Be Punted To F35 In The Autumn   Programming   2021-01-10
Fedora 34 Looks To Sign Individual Files Within RPMs   Fedora   2021-01-06
Fedora 34 Gets Sign-Off For Trying To Default To PipeWire For Audio Needs   Fedora   2020-12-14
Fedora 34 Might Try To Use PipeWire By Default To Replace PulseAudio/JACK   Fedora   2020-11-23