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Fedora 33 Articles & Reviews

Initial Benchmarks Of Fedora Workstation 34 Beta On AMD Ryzen + Radeon   Operating Systems   2021-03-31
Initial Fedora 32 vs. Fedora 33 Beta Benchmarks Point To Slightly Higher Performance   Operating Systems   2020-09-29

Fedora 33 Linux & Open-Source News

Arch Linux Looking To Employ LTO By Default, Possibly Raise x86-64 Requirements   Arch Linux   2021-03-09
GNOME 40 Approaches Its UI Freeze, Easy Means To Start Testing It   GNOME   2021-02-02
Fedora 34 Looking To Tweak Default zRAM Configuration   Fedora   2021-01-11
Fedora Had A Super Year From Lenovo Preloads To Btrfs To Many Other New Features   Fedora   2020-12-31
NVIDIA CUDA 11.2 Released For Further Enhancing Its Proprietary Compute Stack   NVIDIA   2020-12-16
AMD's Zen 3 + RDNA2 Products Dominated November Along With The Apple M1   Phoronix   2020-12-01
More Changes Begin Lining Up For Fedora 34   Fedora   2020-11-05
Fedora Developers Discuss Retiring NTP, Deprecating SCP Protocol   Fedora   2020-11-02
Fedora 33 Released With Workstation Using Btrfs By Default   Fedora   2020-10-27
Fedora 34 Looking To Add An AArch64 KDE Plasma Desktop Spin   Fedora   2020-10-27
Fedora 33 To Be Released Next Week   Fedora   2020-10-23
Linux 5.9 Regression, NVIDIA RTX 30, GNOME 40 & Microsoft Made For A Fun September   Phoronix   2020-10-01
Fedora 33 To Stick With systemd-resolved Following Last Minute Concerns   Fedora   2020-10-01
Intel mOS, Torvalds Commentary, Intel Gen12 Graphics, Zen 2 "XT" CPUs Topped Q3   Phoronix   2020-09-29
Fedora 33 Beta Released With Big Changes From LTO To Btrfs   Fedora   2020-09-29
Red Hat's Stratis 2.2 Linux Storage Solution Released   Linux Storage   2020-09-28
Linux 5.9 Stable Expected In Two Weeks, But For Now Is Linux 5.9-rc7   Linux Kernel   2020-09-27
Fedora 33 Beta To Be Released Next Week   Fedora   2020-09-25
GNOME 3.38 Released With Many New Features, Better Performance   GNOME   2020-09-16
Fedora 34 Aims To Shrink Its Install Media By Ramping Up Compression   Fedora   2020-08-28
Allowing cc/c++ To Be More Easily Changed Out Has Been Deferred To Fedora 34   Fedora   2020-08-21
Fedora IoT To Be Promoted To An Official Edition With Fedora 33   Fedora   2020-08-20
Fedora 33 LTO Support Is Now In Good Shape For Faster, Smaller Packages   Fedora   2020-08-19
Fedora's FESCo Approves Using DXVK As Their Default Wine Direct3D Back-End   Fedora   2020-08-11
Fedora Btrfs Activity Continues - New Options To Control Discard, Compression   Fedora   2020-08-10
Fedora 33 Moving Closer To LTO-Optimizing Packages   Fedora   2020-08-09
Fedora IoT Looks For Promotion To Becoming Official Spin   Fedora   2020-08-06
Fedora 33 To Offer Stratis 2.1 For Per-Pool Encryption   Fedora   2020-08-06
Btrfs Seeing Some Nice Performance Improvements For Linux 5.9   Linux Storage   2020-08-03
Changes Expected For The Linux 5.9 Kernel From Intel DG1 To AMD Navi 2 To New CPU Capabilities   Linux Kernel   2020-08-02
Rust Maybe Coming To The Linux Kernel, Other Open-Source Milestones For July   Phoronix   2020-08-02
Fedora 33 Making Progress With Their Btrfs-By-Default On The Desktop   Fedora   2020-07-27
Systemd 246 Release Is Imminent With RC2 Released   systemd   2020-07-24
Ruby on Rails 6.0 Slated For Fedora 33   Fedora   2020-07-22
Fedora Looks To Make DXVK Their Default Back-End For Direct3D 9/10/11 On Wine   Fedora   2020-07-21
Fedora Developers Brainstorming Options For Better Memory Testing   Fedora   2020-07-21
Stratis 2.1 Proposed For Fedora 33 To Bring Per-Pool Encryption   Fedora   2020-07-20
Fedora 33 Is Shaping Up To Be One Of Its Biggest Releases Ever   Fedora   2020-07-16
Approved: Fedora 33 Desktop Variants Defaulting To Btrfs File-System   Fedora   2020-07-15
Fedora Approves Of Making Nano The Default Terminal Text Editor, Other Features Accepted   Fedora   2020-07-12
GNOME 3.37.3 Released With More Features, Code Improvements   GNOME   2020-07-07
GNU Binutils 2.35 Preparing For Release   GNU   2020-07-05
Fedora Looks To Introduce The Storage Instantiation Daemon   Fedora   2020-06-30
Fedora Developers Discussing Possibility Of Dropping Legacy BIOS Support   Fedora   2020-06-30
Fedora Looking To Offer Better Upstream Solution For Hiding/Showing GRUB Menu   Fedora   2020-06-30
Linux 5.8-rc3 Released - Fairly Big But Not Particularly Scary   Linux Kernel   2020-06-28
There's A Proposal To Switch Fedora 33 On The Desktop To Using Btrfs   Fedora   2020-06-26
Fedora Developers Are Looking At Better Managing Retired Packages   Fedora   2020-06-16
Fedora 33 Looking To Use Swap On zRAM By Default With systemd's zram-generator   Fedora   2020-06-06
Fedora 33 Proposal To Allow Packages To Build With LLVM Clang Rather Than Requiring GCC   Fedora   2020-06-04
Linux 5.8 Feature Queue Has Multiple Performance Optimizations, Intel Rocket Lake, Other Hardware   Linux Kernel   2020-05-26
Fedora 33 Looks To Up Its Code Hardening For 64-Bit Arm Systems   Arm   2020-05-19
FESCo Approves Fedora 33 Switching To Systemd-Resolved   Fedora   2020-05-11
Fedora 33 Planning To Enable Systemd-Resolved By Default   Fedora   2020-04-15
AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Amassing Improvements For Linux 5.8   Radeon   2020-04-14
Fedora 33's "Enterprise Linux Next" Effort Approved - Testbed For Raising CPU Requirements, Etc   Fedora   2020-04-14
Fedora 33 Plans To Default To OpenJDK 11 As The Default Java Version   Fedora   2020-03-31
Intel Tiger Lake VRR Support Being Worked On For Linux, More PCI IDs Introduced   Intel   2020-03-20
Fedora 33 Plans To Ship With Latest MinGW For Best Experience In Compiling Software For Windows   Fedora   2020-03-18
Fedora 33 Looking To Further Tighten Its Crypto Settings   Fedora   2020-03-17
Fedora Looking To Transition The RPM Database From Berkeley DB To SQLite   Fedora   2020-03-16
More AMD Family 19h (Zen 3) Code Trickling Into Linux 5.7   AMD   2020-03-12
Red Hat Pushing DNF 5 Into Development For Improving The Package Manager   Red Hat   2020-03-05
Fedora 32 Install Media Unlikely To Lose Weight But Fedora 33 Could Be Zstd'ed   Fedora   2020-02-04
Fedora Workstation 33 Aiming To Have SWAP-On-ZRAM By Default   Fedora   2020-01-26
Fedora 33 To Finally Kill Off Python 2.6 Support   Fedora   2020-01-09
Fedora QA No Longer Needs To Test Physical CD/DVD Media As Part Of Their Formal Release Process   Fedora   2020-01-06
Fedora 32 Goes Through Its Formalities To Land GCC 10 + Golang 1.14   Fedora   2020-01-03
Fedora Developers Discuss Raising Base Requirement To AVX2 CPU Support   Fedora   2019-07-23
It Will Still Take Fedora A Few More Releases To Switch Off Python 2   Fedora   2017-07-29