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FXAA Articles & Reviews

NVIDIA Anti-Aliasing Benchmark Comparison   Display Drivers   2012-12-21
NVIDIA FXAA Anti-Aliasing Performance   Display Drivers   2012-09-18

FXAA Linux & Open-Source News

NVIDIA 470.74 Linux Driver Released With Several Fixes   NVIDIA   2021-09-20
The Godot Game Engine's Vulkan Support Is Getting In Increasingly Great Shape   Linux Gaming   2020-05-02
vkBasalt 0.3 Vulkan Layer Adds Support For Using Reshade Fx Shaders   Vulkan   2020-02-02
vkBasalt 0.2 Released With SMAA, Other Vulkan Post Processing Layer Enhancements   Vulkan   2019-11-19
vkBasalt CAS Vulkan Layer Adds FXAA Support   Vulkan   2019-11-01
Ballistic Overkill Rolls Out Vulkan Support, New Anti-Aliasing Modes   Linux Gaming   2017-05-16
Linux Anti-Aliasing Benchmarks With The GeForce GTX 980   NVIDIA   2014-10-10
NVIDIA 340.24 Linux Driver Has G-SYNC Support, FXAA Control   NVIDIA   2014-07-08
NVIDIA 340.17 Linux Beta Driver Brings Initial G-SYNC Support   NVIDIA   2014-06-09
Warsow 1.5 Game Officially Released   Linux Gaming   2014-05-03
Warsow 1.1 In Beta With FXAA, Renderer Improvements   Linux Gaming   2014-02-09
Tesseract Open-Source Engine Handles GL3, Oculus Rift   Linux Gaming   2013-12-26
Unvanquished Ported To SDL2 With Bots & Firebombs   Linux Gaming   2013-10-07
Unvanquished Gets FXAA Renderer Support   Linux Gaming   2013-09-04
NVIDIA 304.51 Linux Graphics Driver Released   NVIDIA   2012-09-25
NVIDIA Puts Out A New Driver Pre-Release (304.48)   NVIDIA   2012-09-12
NVIDIA 304.37 Linux Driver Brings 41 Official Changes   NVIDIA   2012-08-13
NVIDIA 304.30 Supports FXAA, X Server 1.13, K10   NVIDIA   2012-07-30