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EC2 Articles & Reviews

Amazon Graviton3 Benchmarks - Nice Performance Uplift With AWS EC2 C7g   Processors   2022-05-24
Benchmarking Amazon EC2's New C6a Instances Powered By 3rd Gen EPYC   Processors   2022-02-17
Amazon Linux 2022 Performs Well, But Intel's Clear Linux Continues Leading In The Cloud   Operating Systems   2021-12-07
Amazon EC2 M6i Performance For Intel Ice Lake In The Cloud   Processors   2021-08-20
Benchmarks: Amazon EC2 C5ad Instances Launch For AMD EPYC Rome With Local NVMe Storage   Computers   2020-08-17
Benchmarks Of 2nd Gen AMD EPYC On Amazon EC2 Against Intel Xeon, Graviton2   Processors   2020-06-04
100+ Benchmarks Of Amazon's Graviton2 64-Core CPU Against AMD's EPYC 7742   Processors   2020-05-22
Benchmarking Amazon's Graviton2 Performance With 64 Neoverse N1 Cores Against Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC   Processors   2020-05-15
Benchmarks Of Amazon's New AMD EPYC "M5ad" Instances vs. Intel Xeon + ARM Graviton   Computers   2019-04-01
Five-Way Linux OS Comparison On Amazon's ARM Graviton CPU   Operating Systems   2018-12-17
EC2 Cloud Linux Benchmarks: Amazon, Clear, Debian, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu   Operating Systems   2018-12-03
Benchmarking Amazon's ARM Graviton CPU With EC2's A1 Instances   Computers   2018-11-28
Benchmarking's Bare Metal Intel Xeon / AMD EPYC Cloud   Computers   2018-11-15
16-Way AMD EPYC Cloud Benchmark Comparison: Amazon EC2 vs. SkySilk vs. Packet   Computers   2018-11-12
A Look At The AMD EPYC Performance On The Amazon EC2 Cloud   Software   2018-11-07
Benchmarking Amazon Linux 2 LTS Candidate 2   Operating Systems   2018-04-12
36-Way Comparison Of Amazon EC2 / Google Compute Engine / Microsoft Azure Cloud Instances vs. Intel/AMD CPUs   Processors   2018-02-24
Benchmarking Amazon EC2 Instances vs. Various Intel/AMD CPUs   Software   2018-02-20
Amazon EC2 Cloud Compute Performance: December vs. February   Operating Systems   2018-02-10
7-Way Linux OS Comparison With KVM   Operating Systems   2017-12-21
Amazon Linux 2 Benchmarks, 6-Way Linux OS EC2 Compute Cloud Comparison   Operating Systems   2017-12-15
Amazon, Clear, Debian, Gentoo, Red Hat, SUSE & Ubuntu Performance On The EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2017-11-28
How AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon Gold Compare To Various Amazon EC2 Cloud Instances   Software   2017-09-20
Benchmarking Various Linux Distributions With Amazon's EC2 Cloud In 2017   Operating Systems   2017-04-29
Amazon EC2 Cloud Benchmarks vs. AMD Ryzen, Various AMD/Intel Systems   Processors   2017-04-27
Preview: Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 In Amazon's EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2014-06-26
Ubuntu 14.04 On Amazon EC2: Xen PV vs. HVM   Software   2014-04-28
Benchmarking Amazon's New EC2 "C3" Instance Types   Processors   2013-11-20
5-Way Amazon EC2 Cloud Linux OS Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2013-11-08
Amazon EC2 Cloud Benchmarks Against Bare Metal Systems   Software   2013-09-30
Amazon EC2 Cloud Comparison Performance Benchmarks   Software   2013-09-20
Amazon EC2 Linux OS Comparison   Operating Systems   2012-11-28
Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE, Amazon Linux On The Amazon EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2012-07-30
Amazon EC2 Benchmarks With Ubuntu 12.04 LTS   Computers   2012-07-26
Extensive Benchmarks Of Amazon's EC2 Compute Cloud   Software   2011-01-12
Amazon EC2 Micro: Barely Faster Than A Nokia N900?   Software   2011-01-03
Amazon EC2 Cloud Benchmarks   Processors   2010-12-21

EC2 Linux & Open-Source News

AMD Zen 4 Cost Table & Tuning Patches Posted For The GCC Compiler   AMD   2022-12-06
Linux getrandom vDSO Implementation Updated, Glibc Patch In Testing   Linux Kernel   2022-11-27
Amazon Engineer Adds LTR Encode Support To Open-Source AMD Radeon Linux Driver   Radeon   2022-09-19
Linux 6.0 Adds EFI Mirrored Memory & ACPI PRM For 64-bit Arm   Linux Kernel   2022-08-10
FreeBSD Developers Continue Work On Shortening Boot Time, Improving WiFi Driver Support   BSD   2022-06-16
Sony Begins Landing PlayStation 5 Support In The Upstream LLVM/Clang Compiler   LLVM   2022-04-18
Arm Neoverse Demeter & N2 Tuning Merged Into GCC 12, Experimental NVPTX Option   GNU   2022-03-23
FreeBSD Shortening Its Boot Time, ASLR By Default & Better Intel WiFi Support   BSD   2022-03-11
Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February   Phoronix   2022-03-01
Parallel x86_64 CPU Bringup Linux Patches Revised For Quicker Boot Times   Linux Kernel   2022-02-02
Amazon Announces C7g AWS Instances Coming Powered By Graviton3   Hardware   2021-11-30
Intel Posts New Iteration Of Key Locker Support For Linux   Intel   2021-11-24
Amazon Linux 2022 Released - Based On Fedora With Changes   Operating Systems   2021-11-22
Intel AMX Support Appears Ready For Linux 5.16   Intel   2021-10-26
GNU Toolchain Begins Landing LoongArch Support   Hardware   2021-10-24
systemd OOMD Maturing Nicely, Adds Support For User Services   systemd   2021-09-23
Debian 11, Valve Happenings, Linux 5.14 & More Excitement From August   Phoronix   2021-09-01
Systemd 249 Released With New Option For Simple Whole-File-System A/B Updates   systemd   2021-07-07
Systemd 249 Has Another Chance For Testing Before Release   systemd   2021-07-02
Systemd 249-rc1 Released With Many New Features   systemd   2021-06-15
Google + Canonical Bring Ubuntu Pro To Google Cloud   Ubuntu   2021-06-14
Mesa 21.2's Direct3D 12 Driver Now Allows For Easy Multi-GPU Selection   Mesa   2021-06-07
Intel Seeks More Comments From Developers On Key Locker Implementation For Linux   Intel   2021-05-14
Core Scheduling Looks Like It Will Be Ready For Linux 5.14 To Avoid Disabling SMT/HT   Linux Security   2021-05-12
Gallium Nine Still Seeing Improvements In 2021 For Direct3D 9 Within Mesa   Mesa   2021-03-03
Vulkan 1.2.170 Released With VK_KHR_synchronization2   Vulkan   2021-02-15
Zink Now Supports OpenGL 4.5 Over Vulkan With Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-02-11
VoltPillager: Researchers Compromise Intel SGX With Hardware-Based Undervolting Attack   Linux Security   2021-02-06
Mesa's RADV ACO Adds Support For Rapid Packed Math   Mesa   2021-01-15
Alpine Linux 3.13 Brings Official Cloud Images, Much Faster Node.js, Cloud-Init Support   Operating Systems   2021-01-14
Intel Key Locker Support For The Linux Kernel Being Prepared   Intel   2020-12-17
Radeon RX 6800 "Sienna Cichlid" Firmware Added To Linux-Firmware.Git   Radeon   2020-11-19
Char/Misc With Linux 5.10 Brings Nitro Enclaves, Alder Lake, More Code For Gaudi   Linux Kernel   2020-10-19
Linux 5.10 Will Be Able To Hibernate + Resume Much Faster   Hardware   2020-10-04
Intel Key Locker Support Added To LLVM - Confirms Presence With Tiger Lake   Intel   2020-09-30
Linux 5.10 To Support Nitro Enclaves For Security-Critical Applications   Linux Security   2020-09-24
Intel Engineers Begin Landing Open-Source Support For TDX, Intel Key Locker   Intel   2020-09-24
Amazon's Bottlerocket Hits GA As Linux Distribution Optimized For Containers   Operating Systems   2020-09-01
Intel mOS, Cachy, Mozilla Layoffs Were The Open-Source Buzz Of August   Phoronix   2020-09-01
EXT4 Changes Land For Linux 5.9 With Block Allocator Performance Work   Linux Storage   2020-08-22
How A Raspberry Pi 4 Performs Against Intel's Latest Celeron, Pentium CPUs   Raspberry Pi   2020-08-07
GNOME OS Is Taking Shape But Its To Serve For Testing The Desktop   GNOME   2020-07-22
Reiser5 Pursuing Selective File Migration For Moving Hot Files To High Performance Disks   Linux Storage   2020-07-05
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept Open-Source Fans Entertained In May   Phoronix   2020-06-02
NVIDIA 440.66.15 Vulkan Linux Driver Offers Up More Fixes   NVIDIA   2020-05-26
Amazon Plumbing Nitro Enclaves Support For Linux To Isolate Highly Sensitive Data   Virtualization   2020-04-21
NVMe SSD Systems May Boot Slightly Quicker With Linux 5.7   Hardware   2020-03-18
Simple Patch Lets Amazon's EC2 Linux Network Driver Start ~90x Faster   Virtualization   2020-03-01
Running The Linux 5.6 Kernel With AMD Radeon Graphics   Radeon   2020-02-25
LLVM 10 Adds Option To Help Offset Intel JCC Microcode Performance Impact   Intel   2020-01-16
FSCRYPT's Inline Encryption Support Updated For Possible Inclusion In Linux 5.6   Linux Storage   2019-12-24
NetworkManager 1.22 Released With Experimental Cloud Setup Utility, New Logo   Linux Networking   2019-12-17
Canonical Announces "Ubuntu Pro" For AWS   Ubuntu   2019-12-04
Amazon Talks Up Big Performance Gains For Their 7nm Graviton2 CPUs   Hardware   2019-12-03
Valve's Open-Source Driver Developers Revise Their RADV "Secure Compile" Feature   Radeon   2019-11-25
JCC Erratum Impact On Skylake Xeon Scalable Plus The Patched Assembler   Intel   2019-11-20
AMD Announces Radeon Open eCosystem ROCm 3.0   Radeon   2019-11-18
LinuxBoot Continues Maturing - Now Able To Boot Windows   Linux Security   2019-11-12
Ubuntu 19.10 Is The First Time We've Seen (X)Wayland Gaming Performance Match X.Org   Ubuntu   2019-10-29
GCC 10 Switches Arm's Scheduling-Pressure Algorithm For Better Performance   Arm   2019-10-21
GCC 10 Has C++20 Concepts Support In Order   GNU   2019-10-21
Radeon RADV Vulkan Driver Tackling NGG Stream-Out   Radeon   2019-09-16
NAS Parallel Benchmarks: EPYC 7601 vs. EPYC 7742 vs. Xeon Platinum 8280   Hardware   2019-09-04
NVIDIA Firmware Blobs Get Updated To Help Some Pascal GPUs With Nouveau   Nouveau   2019-06-07
Spectre/Meltdown/L1TF/MDS Mitigation Costs On An Intel Dual Core + HT Laptop   Hardware   2019-05-21
Intel Graphics Compiler 1.0.4 Released With Fixes & Improvements   Intel   2019-05-20
MDS / Zombieload Mitigations Come At A Real Cost, Even If Keeping Hyper Threading On   Linux Security   2019-05-16
Ampere Computing + Packet Roll Out eMAG To The Public Cloud - 32 Cores For $1 Per Hour   Hardware   2019-03-29
Amazon Adds RISC-V Support To FreeRTOS   RISC-V   2019-02-26
Linux Kernel To Better Fend Off Exploits That Disable SMAP / SMEP / UMIP Protections   Linux Kernel   2019-02-23
Glibc Gets Patched For Three Year Old Security Vulnerability   GNU   2019-01-21
Arm Posts Initial Ares CPU Tuning Support For GCC, Helps SPEC Performance By ~1%   Arm   2019-01-16
DragonFlyBSD Continues Gutting Its i386 Code   BSD   2019-01-13
ARM Tacks On Ares Server CPU Support To The GNU Assembler   GNU   2019-01-07
HAMMER2 File-System Performance On DragonFlyBSD 5.4.1   BSD   2018-12-27
The Most Popular AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 2018   AMD   2018-12-26
AMD Next Horizon: Zen 2, 7nm Vega, AMD On Amazon EC2   AMD   2018-11-06
The Rust-Written Kazan Vulkan Driver Lights Up Its Shader Compiler   Vulkan   2018-10-21
NVIDIA Publishes Signed Volta Firmware Images For Enabling Open-Source Driver Support   NVIDIA   2018-10-01
ZFS On Linux 0.7.10 Released With Linux 4.18 Support, Debian DKMS   Linux Storage   2018-09-10
Some Of The Smaller Features Hitting The Linux 4.19 Kernel This Week   Linux Kernel   2018-08-16
XWayland Now Makes Sure DRI3 Gets Turned On For GLAMOR   X.Org   2018-07-30
Minimal Ubuntu Can Boot Faster, But Still Not The Fastest Booting On Amazon EC2 Cloud   Ubuntu   2018-07-09
Minimal Ubuntu For Clouds: 50% Smaller, Up To 40% Faster Boot   Ubuntu   2018-07-09
App Launching From GNOME Shell Now More Robust Under Memory Pressure & Faster   GNOME   2018-06-22
Initial Vulkan Performance On macOS With Dota 2 Is Looking Very Good   Valve   2018-06-01
Vega 12/20 Added To AMDGPU LLVM, Confirms New GCN Deep Learning Instructions For Vega 20   Radeon   2018-04-30
Raven Ridge, Vulkan & Another Valve Linux Developer Excited Folks This Month   Phoronix   2018-02-28
Jailhouse Guest Support Queued For Linux 4.16   Virtualization   2018-01-16
GNOME's Mutter Now Supports XWayland Keyboard Grabbing, XDG-Output   GNOME   2017-12-18
Amazon Linux 2 Rolls Out For EC2, On-Site Virtual Machine Images   Operating Systems   2017-12-15
Linux 4.10 To Linux 4.15 Kernel Benchmarks   Hardware   2017-11-22
Sabrent EC-SS31: A $10 USB 3.1 To SATA 2.5-Inch Drive Adapter   Hardware   2017-11-21
Clear Linux Reaches The Amazon EC2 Cloud   Clear Linux   2017-10-29
Glibc Picks Up Some More FMA Performance Optimizations   GNU   2017-10-22
More AMDGPU DC + RadeonSI/RADV vs. NVIDIA Linux OpenGL+Vulkan Benchmarks   Hardware   2017-10-05
VK_EXT_debug_report Lands For Intel's Vulkan Driver   Intel   2017-09-12
RFC: Seamless Comparisons For The Phoronix Test Suite   Phoronix Test Suite   2017-08-16
Ethereum Ethminer Performance With Radeon & GeForce OpenCL - August 2017   Hardware   2017-08-09
Trying Out A $37 DREVO SSD On Linux   Hardware   2017-07-08
Mesa Lands GLVND Support For EGL   Mesa   2017-04-17
DragonFlyBSD Gets NX Bit Support   BSD   2017-04-04
Some Interesting RadeonSI vs. NVIDIA Results For An Upcoming Linux Port   Hardware   2017-03-30
Chrome 57 Arrives For Linux Users, WebAssembly By Default   Google   2017-03-10
Patriot Torch: Trying A $30 SSD On Linux   Hardware   2017-03-07
Mesa's Shader Disk Cache Now Enabled By Default   Mesa   2017-03-05
Fedora 26 Likely To Receive GCC 7, Other Changes Still Being Devised   Fedora   2017-01-11
Intel's Mesa Vulkan Driver Lands Support For 64-bit Floats   Intel   2017-01-09
Libav Now Supports VA-API HEVC Accelerated Decoding   Intel   2016-12-19
Amazon Working On EC2 Linux OpenGL Support, Considering Vulkan   Standards   2016-11-30
HiZ Improvement For Intel Mesa Driver Has Possible Small Performance Gains   Mesa   2016-11-09
Intel Sandy Bridge Graphics Haven't Gotten Faster In Recent Years   Intel   2016-10-23
GNOME's GUADEC 2016 Videos Now Available   GNOME   2016-08-15
More Mediatek DRM Display Work Is Coming For Linux 4.8   Hardware   2016-06-24
More DRM Code Gets Aligned For Linux 4.8 Via DRM-Next   Linux Kernel   2016-06-09
There Is Less Than One Month To Go Until Phoronix Turns 12: Big Articles Ahead   Phoronix   2016-05-10
GLVND GLX Extension Lands In X.Org Server   X.Org   2016-03-31
DragonFlyBSD's Radeon Driver Code Up To Linux 3.18 State   BSD   2016-03-24
An Interesting Difference Between AMD & NVIDIA Linux Drivers When Comparing System Usage   Hardware   2016-01-06
Linux 4.4-rc2 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2015-11-22
Another Old AMD Board Is Now Supported By Coreboot   Coreboot   2015-11-10
R600 Gallium3D Gets A Little Bit Of Attention   Mesa   2015-09-03
Linux 4.3 Will Let Skylake Graphics Play Out-Of-The-Box   Intel   2015-08-26
What It Took Porting LibreOffice To GTK3 & Wayland   LibreOffice   2015-08-09
Cool Things To Do With GTK+   GNOME   2015-08-09
Qt 5.7 Will Make Use Of Modern C++11 Features   Qt   2015-06-23
Fresh, 5-Way Linux Distribution Benchmarks On Amazon's EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2015-05-06
Hawaii Bug-Fixes Start Hitting Mainline RadeonSI Gallium3D   Radeon   2014-07-29
Getting Hit By The Variable Performance Of The Public Cloud   Virtualization   2014-04-18
Nouveau Picks Up Slightly Better OpenGL 4.0 Support   Nouveau   2014-04-07
Wayland Gains Fullscreen Shell, Screen Sharing Support   Wayland   2014-04-04
5-Way Linux OS Benchmarks On DigitalOcean's Cloud   Operating Systems   2014-04-02
Apple Open-Sources Their 64-bit ARM LLVM Back-End   Apple   2014-03-29
One Week Left To The 2014 Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit   Linux Kernel   2014-03-19
Ubuntu 12.04 vs. 14.04 LTS Benchmarks On Amazon's EC2 Cloud   Ubuntu   2014-03-01
Next Week Will Be Real Exciting For Linux Users   Linux Kernel   2013-09-20
OSv: A New Cloud Operating System For VMs   Free Software   2013-09-17
Libde265: Another Open-Source H.265   Free Software   2013-09-05
GNOME's GTK+ 3.10 Irons Out HiDPI, Wayland Support   GNOME   2013-08-07
Windows 8 vs. Linux Graphics, Source Benchmarks Coming   Phoronix   2013-07-23
Haswell Perf Doesn't Change Much On Linux 3.11   Intel   2013-07-20
The Best Features Of Fedora 19, Schrödinger's Cat   Fedora   2013-06-25
Linux 3.10 Kernel Benchmarks On A Core i7 Laptop   Linux Kernel   2013-05-18
Intel Mesa 3D Driver Gets Some Performance Tweaks   Intel   2013-04-29
Benchmarking Fedora 18 Updates   Fedora   2013-04-16
NVIDIA vs. Nouveau Drivers On Ubuntu 13.04   NVIDIA   2013-04-11
Intel Ultrabook: Fedora 18 vs. Ubuntu 13.04 Tests   Hardware   2013-04-04
Ivy Bridge Doesn't Change Much With Modern Kernels   Intel   2013-03-30
OpenSUSE 12.2 vs. 12.3 Linux Performance Tests   SUSE   2013-03-15
Intel GPU Benchmarks On Linux 3.9-rc1 Kernel   Intel   2013-03-04