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DispmanX Linux & Open-Source News

Ubuntu's Mir 2.14 Released With Wayland Drag & Drop, Screen Locker Support   Ubuntu   2023-07-18
Mir 2.0 Released In Dropping Legacy Bits, New Platform Improvements   Ubuntu   2020-07-24
Mir 1.6 Released With New Wayland, DispmanX Platform Support   Ubuntu   2019-12-03
Mir Working On A Mir-On-Wayland Nested Compositor Path, Broadcom DispmanX API Support   Ubuntu   2019-10-30
Qt's Comprehensive Display/Graphics Options   Qt   2016-09-19
Wayland's Weston Nukes Its Raspberry Pi Backend/Renderer   Wayland   2016-06-03
Wayland's Weston Brought To The Raspberry Pi   Wayland   2012-11-07