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DirectFB Linux & Open-Source News

Cairo 1.18 Released - First Stable Release In Five Years   Free Software   2023-09-23
SDL3 Begins Dumping A Lot Of Old Code: GLES1, OS/2, DirectFB, WinRT, NaCl & More   Linux Gaming   2022-11-23
Cairo Graphics Library Drops Many Old Backends   X.Org   2022-02-27
DirectFB2 Is Modernizing DirectFB With Meson, Modularizing The Sources   Desktop   2022-02-10
DirectFB2 Aims To Resurrect DirectFB For Embedded Systems   Free Software   2022-01-27
Vulkan 1.2.146 Released With DirectFB Support, Extended Fragment Density Map   Vulkan   2020-07-04
New Vulkan Extension Proposed For DirectFB Support   Vulkan   2020-06-14
FreeRDP 2.0 Released With Flatpak Support, RAP v2 Support, Font Smoothing By Default   Desktop   2020-04-09
Cairo 1.16 Released With OpenGL ES 3.0 Support, Colored Emojis   Free Software   2018-10-19
A Remote KMS Linux Backend Is Being Worked On That Could Work With VNC   X.Org   2018-05-17
Cairo Adds Support For OpenGL ES 3.0   X.Org   2017-09-14
DirectFB Is Back To Being Dormant   Free Software   2017-04-30
DirectFB Is Still Working On EGL United, Looking Forward To Vulkan   Free Software   2016-11-05
DirectFB Returns Online   Free Software   2016-11-03
Other Letdowns For Linux / Open-Source Users From 2015   Free Software   2016-01-09
DirectFB Turns Up On GitHub   Free Software   2015-10-12
A Call To Stop Making FBDEV Linux Frame-Buffer Drivers   Hardware   2015-09-24
Three Years Later, FBDEV Drivers Still Active In The Linux Kernel   Hardware   2015-09-07
DirectFB Has (Temporarily?) Disappeared   Free Software   2015-08-29
Fedora's Security Team Continues Closing Old Vulnerabilities   Fedora   2015-05-30
DirectFB Updates GTK3 Support, Working Towards DirectFB 1.8   Free Software   2014-08-21
Enlightenment's Ecore Now Has DRM Support   Desktop   2014-03-06
More Changes Coming For DirectFB 1.8   X.Org   2013-12-29
DirectFB Support Lets Weston Run On More Hardware   Wayland   2013-10-25
Graphics Dev Room Planned For FOSDEM 2014   X.Org   2013-10-16
DirectFB Project Draws Up Plans For The Future   Free Software   2013-10-09
Wayland's Weston Can Now Run On DirectFB   Free Software   2013-10-07
DirectFB's Ilixi Fast & Featureful Toolkit Reached v1.0   Free Software   2013-10-04
The Developers Behind The Mir Display Server   Ubuntu   2013-03-04
My Favorite Command For Ubuntu Touch/Tablet   Ubuntu   2013-02-22
Ubuntu Touch/Tablet Is Using SurfaceFlinger   Ubuntu   2013-02-22
DirectFB Continues To Gain New Features   Free Software   2012-10-25
With Wayland 1.0, A Large TODO List Remains   Wayland   2012-10-22
KMSCON Is Getting Ready To Kick The Kernel Console   Linux Kernel   2012-08-18
An Overview Of Qt 5.0 Features   Free Software   2012-06-25
DirectFB 1.6 Brings OpenGL, Android Features   Free Software   2012-06-25
A New Open-Source GPU Comes About   Hardware   2012-06-04
A Crazy Demo Showing The Ilixi Compositor In DirectFB 1.6   Free Software   2012-04-18
DirectFB 1.6 Is Coming Soon While 2.0 Is Far-Out   Free Software   2012-03-12
Early-Stage DirectFB For Android Devices   Google   2012-01-30
XBMC May Soon Run On Top Of Wayland   Multimedia   2012-01-22
DirectFB 1.6 Release Is Imminent With New Features   Free Software   2012-01-14
Enlightenment E17 Running On Wayland   Free Software   2011-11-17
GTK+ 3.0.0 Tool-Kit Officially Released!   GNOME   2011-02-10
Clutter 1.6 & GTK+ 2.24 Tool-Kits Released   GNOME   2011-01-31
GTK+ 3.0 On Mac OS X Is Moving Along   GNOME   2010-12-29
GTK+3 Now Uses X Input 2 By Default, New Back-End Caps   GNOME   2010-12-22
This Is Cool: An HTML5 Back-End For GTK3   GNOME   2010-11-26
No KMS? No Mesa? Run Wayland Off A Linux Framebuffer!   Wayland   2010-11-22
GTK+3 Completes Its Rendering Clean-Up   GNOME   2010-10-02
GTK+ 2.90.7 Released, Drops DirectFB Support   GNOME   2010-09-10
Enlightement Used On Ubuntu Netbook ARM   Ubuntu   2010-02-18