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Desura Linux & Open-Source News

Desura Steam On Linux Alternative Gets Acquired   Linux Gaming   2014-11-05
A New Alien Arena Linux Game Is Coming Soon   Linux Gaming   2013-08-01
Desura Acquired By Linden Lab   Linux Gaming   2013-07-10
Is Valve's Steam Client Bad & Damaging For Linux?   Valve   2013-04-07
Linux Game Publishing Shuts Down PenguinPlay   Linux Gaming   2013-02-24
Aeon Command: Yet Another New Game For Linux   Linux Gaming   2013-01-31
A Year Later, Linux Game Publishing Is Still Irrelevant   Linux Gaming   2013-01-27
New Online Game Distribution Client Coming To Linux   Linux Gaming   2012-12-01
GOG Game Service May Come To Linux   Linux Gaming   2012-06-16
CoreBreach Aims To Go Open-Source   Linux Gaming   2012-06-06
Electronic Arts At Ubuntu Summit; Linux Games Coming?   Ubuntu   2012-05-03
A Linux Game That's Still Not Selling Well   Linux Gaming   2012-03-21
What The New Linux Game Publishing Will Look Like   Linux Gaming   2012-02-04
Desura Game Client Is Now Open-Source   Linux Gaming   2012-01-21
CoreBreach On Linux Is Ready, May Go Open-Source   Linux Gaming   2011-12-21
Desura's Public Linux Client Is Here With 65+ Games   Linux Gaming   2011-11-17
A New Commercial Game For Linux That's Not An FPS   Linux Gaming   2011-11-16
A New MMORPG On The Linux-Friendly Unigine   Linux Gaming   2011-11-14
Desura Game Client Is Looking To Go Open-Source   Linux Gaming   2011-11-10
Unigine OilRush On Linux Nears Gold   Linux Gaming   2011-10-12
Desura Game Platform Goes Into Beta On Linux   Linux Gaming   2011-09-21
Nemesys Is Porting Their Games To Linux   Linux Gaming   2011-09-06
The Desura Linux Game Client Is Soon To Be Ready   Linux Gaming   2011-07-27
The Launch Titles For The Gameolith Linux Store   Linux Gaming   2011-07-12
A New Linux Game Store Is Launching Next Week   Linux Gaming   2011-07-01
More Details On The Desura Linux Client   Linux Gaming   2011-06-08
The First Image Of Desura Running On Linux   Linux Gaming   2011-05-28
GameTree Linux Is Trying To Be Its Own Steam-Like Platform   WINE   2011-01-08