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Core Scheduling Articles & Reviews

Linux 5.14 Features From Secret Memory Areas To New Hardware, Core Scheduling, Legacy IDE Dropped   Software   2021-07-12

Core Scheduling Linux & Open-Source News

Linux Lands Fix For Intel Hybrid CPU Frequency Scaling When Disabling E-Cores   Intel   2023-07-08
Google Engineers Argue For Linux "ASI" To Better Deal With Speculative Execution Attacks   Linux Security   2022-09-17
Linux 6.0 Has Some Big Scheduler Changes, Including Improved NUMA Balancing For AMD Zen   Linux Kernel   2022-08-01
Google Posts New ASI Patches For KVM To Help Fight Off Speculative Execution Attacks   Virtualization   2022-02-24
Linux 5.16-rc6 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2021-12-19
Linux 5.14 Released With New Hardware Support, Core Scheduling, MEMFD_SECRET   Linux Kernel   2021-08-29
Linux 5.14 Features Aplenty With New AMD GPUs, SmartShift, More Alder Lake, Core Scheduling   Linux Kernel   2021-08-25
Linux 5.14-rc1 Released - Big GPU Drivers Update, Secret Memory Option + Core Scheduling   Linux Kernel   2021-07-11
Linux Will Keep Core Scheduling Disabled By Default   Linux Kernel   2021-07-04
Core-Scheduling For Linux 5.14 To Reduce SMT/HT Information Leak Risks, Side Channels   Linux Kernel   2021-06-28
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
Core Scheduling Looks Like It Will Be Ready For Linux 5.14 To Avoid Disabling SMT/HT   Linux Security   2021-05-12
Oracle Releases UEK R6U2 Kernel With New Slab Memory Controller   Oracle   2021-03-31
Linux Core Scheduling Nears The Finish Line To Avoid Flipping Off HT   Linux Security   2021-03-25
L1d Cache Flushing On Context Switch Trying Again But More Conservative In 2021   Linux Security   2021-01-08
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   2021-01-01
AMD's Zen 3 + RDNA2 Products Dominated November Along With The Apple M1   Phoronix   2020-12-01
Google Publishes Latest Linux Core Scheduling Patches So Only Trusted Tasks Share A Core   Linux Kernel   2020-11-18
Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R6U1 Prepares For AMD Milan, Adds WireGuard   Oracle   2020-11-12
XCP-ng 8.2 LTS To Bring Rewritten UEFI, Core Scheduling To Fend Off Side Channel Attacks   Virtualization   2020-10-03
Optional L1d Flushing On Context Switching Looks Like It Will Try Again For Linux 5.10   Intel   2020-09-16
Google Engineer Calls For Greater Collaboration On Speculative Execution Mitigations   Linux Security   2020-08-28
Kernel ASI Still Being Worked On For Protecting Against Hyper Threading Data Leaks   Linux Security   2020-08-26
DigitalOcean & Others Still Working On Core Scheduling To Make Hyper Threading Safer   Linux Kernel   2020-08-24
KVM Virtualization Adds Protections For Spectre-V1/L1TF Combination Attack   Virtualization   2020-01-31
SUSE Continues Working On Linux Core Scheduling For Better Security   Virtualization   2019-11-11
Kernel Address Space Isolation Still Baking To Limit Data Leaks From Foreshadow & Co   Linux Security   2019-09-14
DigitalOcean Continues Working On Linux Core Scheduling To Make HT/SMT Safer   Linux Kernel   2019-09-13
Xen Developers Continue Work On CPU Core Scheduling Support   Virtualization   2019-05-20