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Clutter Articles & Reviews

Lian Li PC-T60 ATX Test Bench   Enclosures   2010-07-30
Mutter Can Cause A Gaming/OpenGL Performance Hit Too   Software   2010-06-21
Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix Is Looking Great   Operating Systems   2009-09-26
The Moblin V2 User Interface Is Very Impressive   Operating Systems   2009-05-19
Moblin V2 vs. Ubuntu Netbook Remix vs. Ubuntu MID   Operating Systems   2009-03-30

Clutter Linux & Open-Source News

Cairo Graphics Library Drops Many Old Backends   X.Org   2022-02-27
Clutter Is Being Officially Retired   GNOME   2022-02-17
GNOME Shell & Mutter Prepare For GNOME 42 Beta With More Desktop Enhancements   GNOME   2022-02-14
An Optimization Proposed For GNOME + NVIDIA On High Refresh Rate Displays   GNOME   2021-12-16
Linux 5.15-rc5 x86 Changes Aim To Fix "Yet Another Hardware Trainwreck"   Intel   2021-10-10
GNOME Mutter Lands New Work To Reduce Input Latency   GNOME   2021-07-13
GNOME's Mutter Adds Support For Launching "Trusted Clients" On Wayland   GNOME   2020-08-04
Experimental Linux Live OS For Showcasing Wayland Updated With Latest Desktops   Wayland   2020-05-07
Canonical's Daniel Van Vugt Continues Squeezing More Performance Out Of GNOME 3.36   Ubuntu   2020-02-24
GNOME Work Is Underway For Sharper Background Images   GNOME   2020-01-21
Ten Years Past GNOME's 10x10 Goal, The Linux Desktop Is Still Far From Having A 10% Marketshare   GNOME   2019-12-14
GNOME Shell + Mutter Begin Landing Graphene Integration   GNOME   2019-10-16
Intel Launches 10th Gen "Comet Lake" Laptop CPUs For Laptops & 2-in-1s   Intel   2019-08-21
GNOME 3.34 Works Out Refined XWayland Support For X11 Apps Run Under Sudo   GNOME   2019-08-20
Unigine 2.9 Further Enhances Its Stunning Visuals   Linux Gaming   2019-08-17
GNOME Shell & Mutter Reach The 3.34 Beta Milestone With Last-Minute Changes   GNOME   2019-08-10
Another GNOME Improvement Being Discussed To Help With Touchpad Scrolling / Tablets   GNOME   2019-08-05
GNOME 3.33.3 Released With Sysprof Profiling Integration, Other Improvements   GNOME   2019-06-21
GNOME 3.34's Mutter Adds Mouse Accessibility Support For X11/Wayland   GNOME   2019-06-06
Running NVIDIA On GNOME's X.Org Session May Get A Lot Smoother   GNOME   2019-06-02
GNOME 3.34's Mutter Gets Important Fix To Avoid Stuttering / Frame Skips   GNOME   2019-05-23
GNOME Is Also Getting Fixed Up For Lower CPU Usage With NVIDIA Graphics   GNOME   2019-04-01
More GNOME Shell / Mutter Performance Optimizations & Latency Reductions Still Coming   GNOME   2019-02-25
The Latest GNOME Shell/Mutter Performance Work & X11/Wayland Separation   GNOME   2019-01-31
GNOME 3.32 Gets Fixed Up For Buggy Zoom Mode   GNOME   2019-01-24
More GNOME Performance Optimizations Being Tackled Thanks To Canonical   GNOME   2019-01-14
The Biggest GNOME Stories Of 2018   GNOME   2018-12-29
GNOME Shell In Ubuntu 19.04 Should Be Faster, Ubuntu Devs Still Working On New Installer   Ubuntu   2018-12-05
Raspberry Pi's Raspbian Gets New Setup Wizard, New PDF Viewer   Raspberry Pi   2018-06-29
GNOME 3 Might Be Too Resource Hungry To Ever Run Nicely On The Raspberry Pi   GNOME   2018-05-31
Mesa's Gallium HUD Gets A Simple Option   Mesa   2018-04-14
More GNOME Performance Improvements Are On The Way   GNOME   2018-04-11
An Important GNOME Performance Fix Has Landed   GNOME   2018-03-25
Checking Out Ubuntu 18.04's Minimal Desktop Install Option   Ubuntu   2018-03-06
Unigine 2.6.1 Pushes The Jaw-Dropping Visuals With This Cross-Platform Game/Sim Engine   Linux Gaming   2017-12-27
GNOME 3.26 Beta Debuts: More Meson Porting, Wayland Action   GNOME   2017-08-13
GNOME 3.25.2 Released   GNOME   2017-05-28
GLobjects 1.0.0 Released For OpenGL Aide   Standards   2016-11-21
GTK Scene Kit Merged For GTK4   GNOME   2016-10-18
GTK+ 3.22 Is Working On An OpenGL Renderer & Scene Graph   GNOME   2016-04-30
Clutter 1.25.6 Released   GNOME   2016-02-18
Wayland Live OS Is Now Based On Debian Testing, Working KDE Wayland Support   Wayland   2016-02-09
GNOME 3.19.3 Presents The Latest Look At What's Coming For GNOME 3.20   GNOME   2015-12-17
Clutter 1.25.2 Brings The Wayland GDK Support On Par With X11   GNOME   2015-12-17
Features To Look Forward To With GNOME 3.18   GNOME   2015-09-22
Clutter 1.24 Fixes Support For Embedding It In Other Toolkits   GNOME   2015-09-15
GNOME 3.17.4 Released   GNOME   2015-07-23
GNOME 3.17.3 Released   GNOME   2015-06-25
Wayland Live CD Updated Against Wayland/Weston 1.8   Wayland   2015-06-07
Cinnamon 2.6 Yields Lower CPU Usage   Desktop   2015-06-02
Clutter Now Supports Quad-Buffer Stereo Displays, Mir Backend   GNOME   2015-03-03
GNOME 3.15.4 Brings Latest Features For GNOME 3.16   GNOME   2015-01-23
Installing The AMD Catalyst Driver On Fedora 21   Fedora   2015-01-02
GNOME's GTK+ Is Still Striving For A Scene Graph, Canvas API   GNOME   2014-07-30
The Tour Of Linus Torvalds' Home Office   Linux Kernel   2014-07-18
Improved Line Graphs Come To Phoronix Results   Phoronix   2014-05-17
Snappy 1.0 Open-Source Video Player Released   Multimedia   2014-03-27
Features To Look Forward To In GNOME 3.12   GNOME   2014-03-25
Wayland Live CD Updated -- Pulls In New Code, Features   Wayland   2014-03-22
GNOME Boxes Improves Virtualization, More Future Plans   Virtualization   2014-03-20
Clutter 1.18 Released With Many New Features   GNOME   2014-03-19
GNOME Shell 3.12 Receives Last-Minute HiDPI Fixes   GNOME   2014-03-13
Wayland Still To Be A "Tech Preview" In GNOME 3.12   GNOME   2014-02-28
Clutter's Cogl Relicensed To Be More Permissive   GNOME   2014-01-15
Xen PVH Support Brought Back Up For The Linux Kernel   Virtualization   2013-12-13
New Wayland Live CD Has A Lot Of Features   Wayland   2013-12-05
Snappy: A GStreamer & Clutter Powered Movie Player   GNOME   2013-11-24
Pitivi 0.91 Released With GTK3, GES Support   Multimedia   2013-10-05
You Can Now Run GNOME Shell Wayland On Fedora 20   Wayland   2013-10-03
PiTiVi Alpha Powered By GStreamer Services, GTK3   Multimedia   2013-09-30
GNOME's Mutter Wayland 3.9.91 Released   GNOME   2013-09-05
GPU Runtime Power Management Coming For Linux 3.12   Linux Kernel   2013-08-29
GNOME's GTK+ 3.10 Irons Out HiDPI, Wayland Support   GNOME   2013-08-07
Video Hardware Acceleration For WebKitGTK+   GNOME   2013-07-29
GNOME 3.10 Gets Photos App, Clutter On Wayland   Google   2013-07-12
Mir Display Server Now Uses XKB Common   Wayland   2013-04-17
Clutter Providing Acceleration For WebKitGTK+   GNOME   2013-04-15
Ubuntu 13.04 Will Enable Wayland Support In GTK+   Wayland   2013-01-09
Unigine Now Does "Seamless Forest Rendering"   Linux Gaming   2012-12-30
Views Expressed Over The Health Of GTK+   GNOME   2012-12-29
Tizen's Dawati Shell Has Gone Dormant   Free Software   2012-11-03
Wayland 1.0 Officially Released   Wayland   2012-10-22
VA-API Library 1.1 Supports Wayland, Raw DRM, ICS   Intel   2012-10-09
COGL 1.11.2 Supports SDL2, Betters GLES 2.0, Fixes Bugs   Free Software   2012-08-20
A Linux LiveCD To Play With Wayland/Weston   Ubuntu   2012-08-10
Dell Talks Linux Virtualization Tips   Virtualization   2012-08-06
GNOME 3.5.3 Bulks On Changes For GNOME 3.6   GNOME   2012-07-05
A GNOME Flavor Of Ubuntu - "GNOME-buntu"   GNOME   2012-05-11
Unity 2D To Go Away In Ubuntu 12.10   GNOME   2012-05-08
Wayland Running Various GTK Applications   Wayland   2012-04-09
Interesting Features Of GNOME 3.4   GNOME   2012-03-26
Changes To Merging Feature Work In Mesa   Mesa   2012-02-16
Tizen's Dawati Is Using A Hybrid X-Wayland   Wayland   2012-02-08
Wayland 1.0 Is Set For H1'2012 Release   Wayland   2012-02-05
Wayland Preparing For 1.0 Stable Release   Wayland   2012-01-31
Wayland Is Almost Ready For Showing Off   Wayland   2012-01-30
Unity Desktop, Nux Get Upstream OpenGL ES 2.0   Ubuntu   2012-01-27
Cogl, Clutter, Cogland Get It On With Wayland   Free Software   2012-01-17
Enlightenment Is Enlightening Wayland   Wayland   2012-01-13
MeeGo-Successor Tizen Is Not On Wayland Yet   Operating Systems   2012-01-11
How-To: Run Your Qt Apps On Wayland Right Now   Wayland   2011-12-20
Concept Work: Doing WebGL In Clutter's WebKit   Free Software   2011-12-20
GTK+ 3.3.6 Updates The Wayland Support   GNOME   2011-12-19
Quickly Emerging Wayland Support For Chrome OS   Google   2011-12-19
Clutter/Cogl Running On Wayland Master   Free Software   2011-12-16
Accelerated Compositing, Better Video In WebKit   Free Software   2011-11-30
Clutter 1.10 Tool-Kit Begins To Take Shape   GNOME   2011-11-28
Ubuntu: Power Consumption, KVM, Mozilla, Etc   Ubuntu   2011-11-02
The Earliest Talk About The GTK4 Tool-Kit   GNOME   2011-08-07
Desktop Summit 2011: Copyright Assignment, Wayland & Beer   GNOME   2011-08-02
GNOME Shell, Mutter Move One Step Forward   GNOME   2011-07-28
GNOME 3.1.2 Released   GNOME   2011-06-18
MeeGo Tablet UX Can Already Run On Wayland?   Intel   2011-05-22
A Tiny Wayland Compositor Emulates Four Displays   Wayland   2011-05-20
The Skia 2D Graphics Library From Google   Phoronix   2011-04-18
The KWin View On Mutter In GNOME 3.0   KDE   2011-04-08
Another Benefit To Wayland: Its Screensaver   Wayland   2011-04-05
Wayland For The Ubuntu Unity Desktop Redux   Wayland   2011-03-10
GTK+ 3.0, GNOME Shell, Mutter Near Final   GNOME   2011-02-01
Clutter 1.6 & GTK+ 2.24 Tool-Kits Released   GNOME   2011-01-31
Xfce 4.8 Desktop Environment Released   Desktop   2011-01-16
Wayland Back-End For GTK+ Pushed Forward   Wayland   2011-01-03
Clutter Picks Up An EvDev Input Back-End, Helps Wayland   Wayland   2010-12-19
Questions Arise Over NVIDIA's Fence Sync Support   NVIDIA   2010-12-05
The GNOME 3.0 Shell Is Advancing Too   GNOME   2010-11-30
A New Clutter Development Release   GNOME   2010-11-29
Wayland License Changing To LGPLv2   Wayland   2010-11-22
Wayland Becomes A Project   Wayland   2010-10-29
Patches So Nouveau Users Can Try Out Wayland   Wayland   2010-10-29
Clutter's Latest Release Gains Wayland Back-End   Wayland   2010-10-26
GTK+2, GTK+3 Plays More With Cairo For Drawing   GNOME   2010-08-17
Canonical Comes Up With Its Own Multi-Touch Framework   Ubuntu   2010-08-16
GNOME 2.31.6 Release Arrives GTK3-Free   GNOME   2010-08-05
KDE SC 4.7 May Utilize OpenGL 3.x For Compositing   Free Software   2010-07-28
Oh Wow, Compiz 0.9.0 Finally Released!   Desktop   2010-07-04
GNOME 2.31.4 Is Ready For Some Testing Love   GNOME   2010-07-01
Clutter 1.3/1.4 Continues To Advance   GNOME   2010-07-01
New Releases Of GNOME Shell, Mutter   GNOME   2010-06-26
Multi-Touch Support For X.Org Evdev Driver   X.Org   2010-06-02
GNOME 2.31.2 Released w/ Plenty Of New Code   GNOME   2010-05-28
X Input 2 Support Goes Into GTK+ 3.0   GNOME   2010-05-26
Mutter 2.31.2 Brings Performance, Theme Enhancements   GNOME   2010-05-25
Clutter Advances In-Step With GNOME 3.0   GNOME   2010-05-24
With Ubuntu 10.10 It May Be Easier To Run Wayland   Wayland   2010-05-13
DRI2 Sync & Swap For ATI Finally Comes About   AMD   2010-05-07
LLVMpipe Doesn't Yet Like The GNOME Shell   Mesa   2010-05-05
Ubuntu 10.10 For Netbooks To Have A Single Menu   Ubuntu   2010-04-27
Synaptics Gesture Suite Ported To Linux   Hardware   2010-04-19
Intel Updates Its Quarterly Package   Intel   2010-04-09
GNOME 2.30 Released; Farewell To GNOME 2.xx   GNOME   2010-03-31