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The Fastest Linux OS For AMD Ryzen Zen 3? It's Still Intel Clear Linux   Operating Systems   2020-12-22
Intel's Clear Linux Shows Much Potential For Optimized Graphics Performance   Operating Systems   2016-04-15

AutoFDO Linux & Open-Source News

Linux 5.19 Perf Changes Bring Three Notable AMD Features   Linux Kernel   2022-06-02
AMD Branch Sampling "BRS" Feature To Land With Linux 5.19   AMD   2022-04-05
AMD Branch Sampling Support Being Worked On For Linux   AMD   2021-09-09
Google Using AutoFDO On Linux Meant Up To 12% Less Cycles Spent Within The Kernel   Google   2020-08-28
Microsoft Is Exploring LTO+PGO For A Faster Linux Kernel   Microsoft   2020-08-27
At Least 27% Of Gentoo's Portage Can Be Easily LTO Optimized For Better Performance   Operating Systems   2019-04-17
OpenMandriva Appears To Be Experimenting With Profile Guided Optimizations   Operating Systems   2019-03-31
Clear Linux & Their Love For FMV + dl_platform/dl_hwcap In The Name Of Performance   Clear Linux   2017-09-15
Windows 10 & People Learning I'm Not A Robot Were The Most Popular Stories This Month   Phoronix   2016-04-30
Other Linux Distributions Begin Analyzing Clear Linux's Performance Optimizations   Clear Linux   2016-04-24
Automatic Feedback Directed Optimizer Merged Into GCC   GNU   2014-10-22
Google Open-Sources Their AutoFDO Profile Toolchain   Google   2014-05-07
Google Releases An AutoFDO Converter For Perf In LLVM   LLVM   2014-04-15
AutoFDO Optimizations For The GCC Compiler   GNU   2012-09-30