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Athlon 64 Articles & Reviews

AMD DDR2 Performance Preview   Memory   2006-06-01
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ & Sempron 3400+   Processors   2006-05-30
AMD Cool n Quiet   Processors   2006-02-07
Tyan Tomcat K8E-SLI S2866   Motherboards   2005-12-03
5-Way Radiator Round-Up (Part 1)   Peripherals   2005-11-22
AMD Venice v. San Diego   Processors   2005-07-05

Athlon 64 Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa Considers Raising CPU Support Baseline   Mesa   2021-03-28
OpenPOWER Microwatt To See Chip Fabrication Thanks To Google + Skywater   Hardware   2021-03-22
AMD K8 Support Stripped Out Of Coreboot   AMD   2018-05-31
Jim Keller Reportedly Joins Intel After AMD, Tesla Stint   Intel   2018-04-26
Zenwalk 8.0 Linux Distribution Now In Beta   Operating Systems   2016-01-25
The Best Features Coming With Qt 5.3   Qt   2014-04-22
Qt 5.3 Might Depend On SSE2 CPUs   Qt   2013-11-11
How Well Is AMD CnQ Working For You On Linux?   AMD   2012-10-27
Unity 2D To Go Away In Ubuntu 12.10   GNOME   2012-05-08
Benchmarks From Wine 1.3.21 To Wine 1.3.30   WINE   2011-10-17
More AMD FX-4100, FX-8150 Bulldozer Linux Details   AMD   2011-10-16
Improving The Linux Kernel's Memory Performance   Linux Kernel   2011-08-16
Intel Core i7, AMD Phenom II Benchmarks On Linux   Intel   2009-02-24
AMD Phenom Gets Linux Thermal Driver   AMD   2008-07-18
AMD AM2 65nm CPUs Released   AMD   2006-12-05
AMD Quad FX Launches   AMD   2006-11-30
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+   AMD   2006-09-07
AMD Live! Announcement   AMD   2006-05-31
VIA Socket AM2 Chipsets   Hardware   2006-05-23
AMD Socket AM2 Processors   AMD   2006-05-23
Weekly Round-Up   Phoronix   2006-02-19