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wlroots Linux News

Sway 1.3 Release Candidate Brings Many Changes For...   Wayland   01 Jan 2020
Purism Making Some Progress On Convergence With Phosh...   Wayland   17 Dec 2019
XWayland Sees Updated Protocol Support To Help WLROOTS...   X.Org   05 Sep 2019
Stepping Towards Better VR Headset Support On Wayland   Wayland   12 Aug 2019
Wave Hello To WEV - Similar To X.Org's Xev For Event...   Wayland   11 Aug 2019
Sway 1.2-RC1 Released For The i3-Inspired Wayland...   Wayland   09 Aug 2019
A Vulkan Extension Is Being Worked On To Acquire...   Vulkan   16 Jul 2019
Xfway Aims To Provide A Wayland Compositor Inspired By...   Desktop   28 Jun 2019
Wio: Plan 9's Rio Windowing System Re-Implemented As A...   Wayland   01 May 2019
"Cage" Sees Initial Test Release For...   Wayland   24 Apr 2019
High Resolution Scroll Wheel Support Being Worked On...   Wayland   03 Apr 2019
Sway 1.0 Released For This i3-Compatible Wayland...   Wayland   11 Mar 2019
The Sway Wayland Compositor Is Now Available From...   Debian   17 Feb 2019
Sway 1.0 Close To Release For This Very Promising...   Wayland   11 Feb 2019
Sway 1.0 RC1 Rolls Out With Wayland Clipboard...   Wayland   05 Feb 2019
Intel Developer Working On Adding HDR Display Support...   Wayland   10 Jan 2019
Purism Shares The Progress Made On Their Librem 5...   Hardware   09 Jan 2019
Cage Is A New Wayland Compositor For...   Wayland   27 Dec 2018
Following Mir 1.0, Developers Encouraged To Target...   Ubuntu   28 Sep 2018
Sway 1.0 Alpha 6 Released, Now Supports...   Wayland   22 Sep 2018
Purism's Librem 5 Making Progress In GTK4 Toolkit...   Hardware   06 Sep 2018
Mir Now Supports XDG Shell Stable   Ubuntu   11 Aug 2018
Wayland Shells From The Perspective Of WLROOTS   Wayland   02 Aug 2018
Sway 1.0 Alpha 4 Released With Real-Time Video...   Wayland   18 Jul 2018
Sway 1.0 Wayland Compositor Nears With Floating...   Wayland   19 Jun 2018
Librem 5 Continues Working On Its Wayland Software...   Hardware   13 Jun 2018
KDE Plasma Developers Collaborating With Sway On...   KDE   14 May 2018
Purism Begins Librem 5 Developer Docs, Using...   Hardware   11 Apr 2018
Sway 1.0 Reaches Alpha For This Popular Wayland...   Wayland   07 Apr 2018
Purism Begins Making Their Own Wayland Compositor For...   Wayland   03 Mar 2018
Wlroots Is A New, Modular Wayland Compositor Library   Wayland   28 Dec 2017