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sisched Linux News

AMD Radeon "SISCHED" Support Has Been...   Radeon   08 Mar 2020
Radeon "sisched" Scheduler Is Made Obsolete...   Radeon   13 Feb 2020
The Many Open-Source Radeon Linux Driver Advancements...   Radeon   30 Nov 2017
RADV Will Now Enable "Sisched" For The Talos...   Radeon   14 Nov 2017
More RADV Radeon Vulkan Optimizations Are In The Works   Mesa   08 Nov 2017
RadeonSI Lands Another OpenGL 4.6 Extension, SISCHED...   Mesa   02 Aug 2017
Trying The RADV Vulkan Driver With SISCHED   Radeon   11 Jul 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Adds Option For Sisched   Radeon   06 Jul 2017
Mesa Preparing To Support Gallium Driver Specific...   Mesa   30 Jun 2017
Marek Takes To RadeonSI Tweaking For Unigine...   Radeon   22 Jun 2017
Trying The LLVM SI Machine Instruction Scheduler With...   Mesa   18 May 2017
Testing Deus Ex On Linux With RadeonSI Mesa,...   Linux Gaming   03 Nov 2016
Testing The LLVM SI Machine Instruction Scheduler   AMD   02 Feb 2016