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oneAPI Level Zero Articles & Reviews

Intel Xe Graphics' Incredible Performance Uplift From...   Graphics Cards   23 Oct 2020
Initial Benchmarks With Intel oneAPI Level Zero...   Software   06 Apr 2020

oneAPI Level Zero Linux News

Alder Lake Support Published For The Open-Source Intel...   Intel   25 Oct 2020
Intel Compute Runtime 20.41.18123 Flips On OpenCL 3.0...   Intel   16 Oct 2020
Intel's Latest Compute Code Is Enabling OpenCL 3.0 For...   Intel   10 Oct 2020
Intel Compute Runtime 20.37.17906 Brings Rocket Lake...   Intel   19 Sep 2020
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-08 Released With...   Intel   21 Aug 2020
Intel oneAPI Level Zero 1.0 Released   Intel   20 Aug 2020
Intel Compute Runtime 20.32.17625 Prepares For oneAPI...   Intel   19 Aug 2020
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Adds Compute Kernel...   Intel   12 Aug 2020
Intel Compute Runtime Preparing For The Upcoming...   Intel   07 Aug 2020
Intel Tiger Lake OpenCL Support On Linux Now...   Intel   05 Aug 2020
Intel ISPC 1.14 Released With Initial GPU Offloading...   Intel   02 Aug 2020
Intel ISPC Compiler Lands GPU Code Generation Support   Intel   30 Jul 2020
Intel Graphics Compiler Merges New Vector Compute...   Intel   24 Jul 2020
Early Intel DG1 Graphics Card Enablement Sent In To...   Intel   16 Jul 2020
Intel Compute Runtime Update Adds OpenCL + oneAPI...   Intel   03 Jul 2020
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-06 Released With New...   Intel   25 Jun 2020
Intel Compute Runtime / IGC Shifts To LLVM Clang 10   Intel   10 Apr 2020
Intel Issues A Slew Of Open-Source Software Updates...   Intel   10 Apr 2020
Intel Compute Runtime 20.10.16087 Released With oneAPI...   Intel   13 Mar 2020
Intel's Compute Runtime Adds oneAPI Level Zero Support   Intel   09 Mar 2020