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i965g Articles & Reviews

Intel Haswell Gallium3D OpenGL Benchmarks   Display Drivers   10 Sep 2013

i965g Linux News

Intel Has Quietly Been Working On A New Gallium3D...   Intel   17 Aug 2018
Ubuntu & Debian Abandon Intel X.Org Driver For...   Debian   23 Jul 2016
Intel Lands Some MSAA Mesa Performance Improvements   Intel   24 Mar 2014
Intel Geometry Shaders Code Merged Into Mesa   Mesa   01 Sep 2013
Modern Intel Gallium3D Driver Still Being Toyed With   Intel   18 May 2013
Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Gallium3D Driver Merged   Intel   26 Apr 2013
Modern Intel Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Mainline   Mesa   16 Apr 2013
Gallium3D Driver Comes For Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge   Intel   13 Dec 2012
Intel Driver Update Improves Old Hardware Support   Intel   26 Nov 2012
The Gallium3D Intel 965 Driver Gets Dropped   Intel   29 Nov 2011
The Different Gallium3D Drivers Available   Mesa   30 Jun 2011
Intel Gallium3D Continues Seeing Changes   Intel   30 Jun 2011
Intel i965 Gallium3D Driver To Go Mainline   Mesa   22 Dec 2009
Intel's Special Driver For Poulsbo Uses Gallium3D   Intel   02 Nov 2009
A New Intel i965 Gallium3D Driver Is Coming   Intel   01 Nov 2009
New Intel IGP Appears In Linux 2.6.30 Kernel   Linux Kernel   28 Mar 2009