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hwsurvey Linux News

Steam Linux Use Ticks Back Just Under 1% For Starting...   Valve   01 Feb 2021
Valve Revises Steam's December 2020 Linux Marketshare...   Linux Gaming   03 Jan 2021
Valve's Steam Data For December Points To A Huge Dip...   Valve   01 Jan 2021
Steam On Linux Marketshare Remained Flat For November   Valve   02 Dec 2020
Steam On Linux Ticks Lower For October 2020   Valve   02 Nov 2020
Steam On Linux Ticks Closer To 1.0%, AMD CPUs Now...   Valve   02 Oct 2020
Steam On Linux Is Ending Summer 2020 At Just Under...   Valve   02 Sep 2020
Valve's Steam July 2020 Numbers Point To A Small Dip...   Valve   01 Aug 2020
Steam On Linux Is Still Bouncing Around 0.9% For...   Valve   02 Jul 2020
Steam Linux Percentage For May Points To A New...   Linux Gaming   01 Jun 2020
Valve Updates Steam Survey Data For April With A...   Valve   02 May 2020
Steam Survey Points To Tiny Uptick In Linux Percentage...   Valve   04 Apr 2020
Steam Survey Updated For February 2020 With Latest...   Valve   02 Mar 2020
Steam Kicks Off 2020 With Linux Gaming At The Highest...   Valve   01 Feb 2020
Steam's December Numbers Point To A Lower Linux...   Valve   12 Jan 2020
Steam Survey For November Points To Flat Linux...   Valve   02 Dec 2019
Valve's Steam Survey Numbers For October Just Point To...   Valve   01 Nov 2019
Steam Linux Marketshare Ticks Up Higher For September   Valve   01 Oct 2019
Steam Linux Usage Reportedly Ticks Up To 0.8% For...   Valve   04 Sep 2019
Steam Linux Usage Slipped In July According To Valve's...   Valve   01 Aug 2019
Valve's Steam Survey Data Shows Linux Usage Pulling...   Valve   02 Jul 2019
Steam's Linux Marketshare Ticks Up Ever So Slightly...   Valve   01 Jun 2019
Steam Survey Data For April 2019 Shows Only Minor...   Valve   02 May 2019
A Half-Year Since Valve Released Steam Play For Linux,...   Valve   01 Apr 2019
Valve's Steam Numbers For February Show A Small Dip In...   Valve   01 Mar 2019
Valve Publishes Initial Steam Linux Figures For 2019   Valve   01 Feb 2019
Steam On Linux Usage Ended 2018 At Around 0.82%   Valve   01 Jan 2019
Steam Linux Usage Hit 0.80% During November   Valve   01 Dec 2018
Steam Survey Reports The Latest Linux Gaming...   Valve   01 Nov 2018
Steam Linux Usage For September Revised Slightly...   Valve   03 Oct 2018
Steam's September Metrics See An Increase Following...   Linux Gaming   01 Oct 2018
Steam Linux Usage Comes In At 0.59% For August   Valve   03 Sep 2018
Steam Linux Use Dips Back Below 0.5%   Valve   01 Aug 2018
Steam Linux Use For June 2018 Comes In At 0.52%   Linux Gaming   01 Jul 2018
Steam Linux Usage In May Creeps Up To 0.57%   Linux Gaming   01 Jun 2018
Steam's Linux Gaming Marketshare For April Comes In At...   Valve   01 May 2018
Steam Linux Usage Reportedly Hits 0.33% For March   Valve   02 Apr 2018
Steam Survey Purports A 0.28% Linux Gaming Marketshare...   Linux Gaming   01 Mar 2018
Steam On Linux Starts 2018 With A Slight Increase In...   Valve   01 Feb 2018
Steam On Linux Ended 2017 With A Slight Increase In...   Valve   01 Jan 2018
The Most Popular Linux Gaming News For 2017   Linux Gaming   30 Dec 2017
Steam Linux Usage For November: 0.27%   Valve   01 Dec 2017
Valve Now Reports The Steam Linux Marketshare At Just...   Valve   01 Nov 2017
Steam Linux Usage Put At 0.6% For September, Contrary...   Valve   01 Oct 2017
Steam Linux Usage Shows A Decline For August   Valve   01 Sep 2017
Steam Linux Usage Was At 0.74% For July   Valve   01 Aug 2017
Steam Linux Usage Saw A Notable Decline For June 2017   Linux Gaming   01 Jul 2017
Steam Linux Usage Ticks Up Slightly For May   Valve   01 Jun 2017
April's Steam Survey Shows Their Linux Users At 0.76%,...   Valve   02 May 2017
Steam's Survey Shows A Tiny Increase In Linux Gamers...   Linux Gaming   02 Apr 2017
Steam's Latest Monthly Survey Puts Linux Gaming...   Valve   01 Mar 2017
Steam's Linux Marketshare For January Was 0.8%   Valve   02 Feb 2017
Steam's Linux Marketshare Ended Slightly Lower For...   Valve   01 Jan 2017
Steam's November 2016 Metrics Put Linux Gaming...   Valve   01 Dec 2016
Linux Appears To Lose Some Gaming Marketshare With...   Valve   01 Nov 2016
Steam Survey Linux Data Updated For September (2016)   Valve   02 Oct 2016
Here Are The Steam Survey Results For Linux During...   Valve   01 Sep 2016
Steam Survey For July 2016: Linux +0.02%   Valve   01 Aug 2016
Steam's Survey Reports Another Drop For Linux Gamers...   Valve   01 Jul 2016
Valve's Steam Survey Shows Linux Gaming Fall To One Of...   Valve   01 Jun 2016
Latest Valve Data Puts Steam Linux Marketshare At...   Valve   02 May 2016
Valve Reports Steam Linux Usage Fell Further In March   Valve   01 Apr 2016
Linux Gaming Marketshare Regressed So Far 2016   Linux Gaming   01 Mar 2016
Steam Linux Usage Regressed To 0.95% In January   Valve   02 Feb 2016
Steam Linux Usage Pulled Back A Bit In December: 0.97%   Valve   01 Jan 2016
Even With Steam Machines, Steam Linux Usage Stays...   Valve   01 Dec 2015
Steam Linux Usage Increases Slightly, Still Below 1%   Linux Gaming   02 Nov 2015
Steam Linux Usage Went Up A Tiny Amount In September,...   Valve   02 Oct 2015
EA Frostbite Games Unlikely To Be Ported To Linux   Linux Gaming   12 Sep 2015
Steam Linux Usage Rose Above 0.9% Last Month   Valve   02 Sep 2015
Game Developer Who Ported To Linux: "I Don't...   Linux Gaming   30 Aug 2015
Steam On Linux Crosses 1,400 Games   Linux Gaming   17 Aug 2015
It's Been Three Years Since id Software Publicly...   Linux Gaming   04 Aug 2015
Steam's First Linux-Exclusive Launch Title Is Out   Valve   03 Aug 2015
Steam Linux Usage For Last Month Was Just Shy Of 0.9%   Valve   03 Aug 2015
Steam Linux Usage Continued Falling In June   Linux Gaming   02 Jul 2015
Steam Linux Usage Drops Lower... Below 0.9%   Valve   02 Jun 2015
Steam Linux Usage Drops Below 1%   Valve   04 May 2015
Linux Usage Rose By A Tiny Amount On Steam Last Month   Valve   02 Apr 2015
Reported Steam Linux Usage Battles To Stay Above 1.0%   Linux Gaming   06 Mar 2015
Steam Linux Usage Dropped Slightly In January   Linux Gaming   03 Feb 2015
Steam Linux Gaming Usage Remains Just Above 1.1%   Linux Gaming   03 Dec 2014
Steam Linux Usage Is Almost Back Up To 1.2%   Valve   01 Nov 2014
Steam Linux Usage Rose 0.1% During September   Linux Gaming   02 Oct 2014
Steam On Linux Competes To Stay Above 1%   Linux Gaming   07 Sep 2014
Steam Survey Results For July 2014 Show A Slight Drop...   Valve   03 Aug 2014
Steam Linux Usage Was Up Slightly In June   Linux Gaming   02 Jul 2014
Linux Steam Usage Dropped Slightly In May   Linux Gaming   01 Jun 2014
Steam For Linux Last Month Showed A Slight Rise In...   Valve   02 May 2014
Steam On Linux Use Reported At About 1.2%   Linux Gaming   07 Apr 2014
February 2014 Steam Hardware Survey Shows Linux At...   Valve   02 Mar 2014
Steam Linux Usage Came Up Short In January   Valve   03 Feb 2014
Steam Linux Usage Still Roughly Around 1%   Valve   01 Jan 2014
Reported Steam Linux Use Still Right Around 1.0%   Valve   02 Dec 2013
Valve Publishes October Steam Hardware Survey   Valve   01 Nov 2013
Steam's September Hardware Survey For Linux   Linux Gaming   02 Oct 2013
Steam Linux Usage Drops During August   Valve   03 Sep 2013
Steam's Hardware Survey Shows Not Much For Linux   Linux Gaming   03 Aug 2013
Valve Updates Steam Hardware Survey For May   Valve   01 Jun 2013
Steam Linux Usage Still On The Decline   Valve   01 May 2013