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host1x Linux News

NVIDIA Tegra X2 & Xavier Get HDMI Audio With Linux...   NVIDIA   09 Dec 2018
NVIDIA Tegra194 Xavier Gets Plumbed For Open-Source...   NVIDIA   24 Nov 2018
libdrm 2.4.75 Library Released: Intel Synchronization...   Mesa   28 Jan 2017
Mesa's Libdrm Gets USB DRM/KMS Device Detection   Mesa   20 Jan 2017
NVIDIA Developer Posts Auto PRIME Detection, Mesa USB...   Mesa   23 Dec 2016
NVIDIA Tegra DRM Driver Supports Atomic Mode-Setting...   Linux Kernel   27 Jan 2015
Linux 3.14 To Have PRIME Support For NVIDIA Tegra   NVIDIA   08 Jan 2014
NVIDIA Tegra DRM Prepares For Linux 3.10 Kernel   Nouveau   18 Apr 2013
NVIDIA Publishes Open-Source Stream Library   NVIDIA   12 Apr 2013
2D Support Still Coming To NVIDIA's Open Tegra   NVIDIA   13 Mar 2013
NVIDIA Continues Backing Open-Source Tegra Driver   NVIDIA   03 Feb 2013
NVIDIA Publishes Open-Source 2D Driver Code   NVIDIA   26 Nov 2012
NVIDIA Tegra DRM Driver Might Appear In Linux 3.8   NVIDIA   10 Nov 2012