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RADV Lands Fast Clear Improvements, Helping RDNA With...   Radeon   10 Aug 2021
RadeonSI Lands Regression Fix For ~10x Higher CPU...   Radeon   09 Aug 2021
Iris Gallium3D Driver Flips On Fast Clears For...   Intel   02 Apr 2019
Mesa 19.0-RC3 Released But It's A Dud   Mesa   12 Feb 2019
RADV Lands Another Fast Clear Optimization, Helping An...   Radeon   19 Nov 2018
The New Features Coming In Mesa 18.1: Intel Cache By...   Mesa   04 May 2018
MSAA Fast Clears Flipped On For Intel ANV Vulkan...   Mesa   01 Mar 2018
Intel Vulkan Driver Preparing For Faster MSAA...   Intel   13 Nov 2017
RADV Vulkan Driver Begins Seeing Fixes For Vega   Mesa   15 Aug 2017
MSAA Compression Lands In Intel's Vulkan Driver, Big...   Intel   23 Feb 2017
MSAA Compression Support For Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver   Vulkan   20 Feb 2017
RADV Fast Clears Land In Mesa Git, Fresh Vulkan Linux...   Mesa   07 Feb 2017
Performance-Boosting Fast Clears To Be Enabled By...   Vulkan   06 Feb 2017
Intel's OpenGL Driver Gains Another Performance...   Mesa   26 Nov 2016
Intel's Recent Noteworthy Vulkan Patches Hit Mainline...   Intel   23 Nov 2016
Intel Vulkan Linux Driver Now Has Patches For Fast...   Intel   19 Nov 2016
RADV Radeon Vulkan Driver Continues Building Up...   Vulkan   03 Sep 2016
Lossless Compression Brings Possible Speedups To...   Intel   08 Feb 2016
Intel Commits More Mesa Performance Optimizations   Intel   04 May 2013
How Old ATI GPUs Can Be Faster On Open Drivers   AMD   13 Feb 2011
AMD Continues Updating Its R500 Documentation   AMD   12 Jun 2010