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de-duplication Linux News

UKSM Is Still Around For Data Deduplication Of The...   Free Software   25 Feb 2017
Btrfs Finally Has A Concise Status Page   Linux Storage   12 Sep 2016
Ubuntu Snappy To Work On Deduplication Support   Ubuntu   08 May 2015
Candidates For The 2015 X.Org Board Elections   X.Org   17 Feb 2015
Btrfs Gets Talked Up, Googler Encourages You To Try...   Google   19 Aug 2014
Btrfs In 2014: RAID5/RAID6, Data Deduplication   Linux Storage   09 Jan 2014
Samsung Keeps Tuning F2FS File-System Performance   Linux Storage   09 Jan 2014
Why SUSE Likes The Btrfs File-System   SUSE   17 Oct 2013
OpenSUSE Looks To Switch To Btrfs For Next Release   SUSE   19 Sep 2013
Btrfs Gets Performance Improvements In Linux 3.12   Linux Storage   13 Sep 2013
PKSM: A New Data De-Duplication Method For Linux   Linux Kernel   11 Apr 2013
UKSM For Data Deduplication Of The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   01 Jul 2012
DragonflyBSD Developing The HAMMER2 File-System   BSD   25 Feb 2012
Fedora 17 Goes On A Diet, But With More Features   Fedora   23 Jan 2012
Microsoft's ReFS File-System: Competitor To Btrfs?   Microsoft   17 Jan 2012
LessFS Pairs De-Duplication With Snappy Compression   Free Software   15 Jan 2012
UFS vs. ZFS File-System Performance On FreeBSD 9.0   BSD   12 Dec 2011
SDFS: A File-System With Inline De-Duplication   Free Software   17 Aug 2011
DragonflyBSD 2.10 Improves Hardware Support   Free Software   27 Apr 2011
Oracle Solaris 11 Express Was Just Released   Oracle   15 Nov 2010
The ZFS Linux Module Goes Into Closed Beta   Free Software   17 Sep 2010
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Becomes More Interesting   Debian   10 Sep 2010
FreeBSD Will Continue Supporting ZFS   BSD   01 Sep 2010
The OpenSolaris-Based Nexenta Core Platform 3.0...   Oracle   19 Aug 2010