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Xonotic 0.8 Performance With The Open-Source...   Linux Gaming   18 Jan 2015
Xonotic, The Successor To Nexuiz, Is Primed   Linux Gaming   08 Sep 2011

Xonotic Linux News

Virglrenderer Sees Some New Micro-Optimizations   Mesa   17 May 2021
Even In 2021, Intel Squeezes Some Very Nice...   Intel   04 Mar 2021
A Look At Linux 5.10 + Mesa 21.0-dev On Intel...   Intel   07 Dec 2020
GNOME X.Org vs. Wayland Performance + Power Usage On...   Fedora   14 Jun 2020
The Open-Source Qualcomm "TURNIP" Vulkan...   Mesa   10 Dec 2019
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Power Usage Is Running Measurably...   AMD   30 Aug 2019
Trying Out The Radeon VII On Ubuntu 19.04 As Well As...   Radeon   10 Apr 2019
Spotify Tops Ubuntu's Snap Store Downloads While GIMP...   Desktop   05 Jan 2019
Freedreno Enables Hardware Binning For Adreno A6xx...   Mesa   03 Oct 2018
Qualcomm Adreno 600 Series Support Proposed For Linux...   Linux Kernel   11 Aug 2018
A Ton Of Wine vs. Windows 10 vs. Linux Direct3D/OpenGL...   WINE   29 Jun 2018
The Open Benchmarks So Far Available For Windows 10 /...   Phoronix Test Suite   19 Mar 2018
GNOME Shell vs. KDE Plasma Graphics Tests On Wayland...   SUSE   25 Feb 2018
Freedreno Gallium3D Tackling NIR Optimizations &...   Mesa   12 Feb 2018
Trying Out RadeonSI NIR With Some OpenGL Linux Games...   Mesa   30 Jan 2018
There Still Are Some Pain Points For Linux Gaming...   Linux Gaming   30 Dec 2017
The First Radeon Vega Frontier Linux Benchmark Doesn't...   Radeon   30 Jun 2017
Trying Out Xonotic 0.8.2 With Radeon & NVIDIA GPUs...   Linux Gaming   04 Apr 2017
Radeon TONGA Sees Some Gains With AMDGPU DRM-Next 4.12   Radeon   03 Apr 2017
Xonotic 0.8.2 Released   Linux Gaming   01 Apr 2017
More OpenGL / OpenCL / Vulkan Benchmarks Of The...   NVIDIA   10 Mar 2017
Windows 10 vs. Linux With AMDGPU+RadeonSI, NVIDIA...   Operating Systems   12 Feb 2017
There Are A Few More Performance Changes With RadeonSI...   Radeon   07 Jan 2017
Skylake Iris Pro Graphics: Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE,...   Clear Linux   31 Dec 2016
Open-Source Warsow Game Development Appears To End   Linux Gaming   17 Dec 2016
Generating CPU Flame Graphs Automatically When...   Phoronix Test Suite   31 Oct 2016
NVIDIA Provides A Surprise For Pascal GPU Owners...   NVIDIA   11 Jul 2016
The Relative Windows vs. Linux Performance For NVIDIA,...   Hardware   25 Jun 2016
Trying R600g On Mesa 11.3, Cayman GPU On Linux 4.7...   Mesa   20 May 2016
Some Of The Graphics Driver Improvements Coming For...   Linux Kernel   11 Mar 2016
Using 64-bit Linux Software To Reduce Power...   Ubuntu   10 Mar 2016
NVIDIA's Signed Firmware Blobs Land In Linux-Firmware...   Nouveau   23 Feb 2016
That Was Fast: GM20x Maxwell Support Already Hitting...   Nouveau   16 Feb 2016
Nouveau Developers Already Got 3D Games Running On...   Nouveau   15 Feb 2016
Finding The Perfect PC Components For Your Favorite...   Phoronix   09 Feb 2016
R9 Fury Performance Gains With Linux 4.5-rc2? I'm Not...   AMD   01 Feb 2016
Intel P-State Is Faster Than ACPI CPUFreq Performance...   Hardware   18 Jan 2016
Gallium3D's LLVMpipe Now Optimized For POWER8   Mesa   29 Dec 2015
Will Linux 4.5 Bring Any Performance Boost For...   Radeon   24 Dec 2015
Are Open-Source Games & Community Game Engines...   Linux Gaming   12 Dec 2015
A Few Benchmarks Of The AMD A10-8700P...   AMD   03 Dec 2015
Running Some Fresh Windows 10 vs. Linux...   Proprietary Software   06 Nov 2015
Intel Core i7 6700K Skylake Linux Benchmarks On Fedora...   Intel   03 Oct 2015
Xonotic 0.8.1 Brings New Maps, New Gameplay Features   Linux Gaming   02 Sep 2015
Trying Out The AMDGPU Kernel Driver's Experimental GPU...   Radeon   31 Aug 2015
Open-Source Performance-Per-Dollar Benchmarking   Hardware   20 Aug 2015
Intel Core i5 6600K Skylake CPU Arrives: What Linux...   Intel   12 Aug 2015
NVIDIA 355 Beta Linux Driver Benchmarks   NVIDIA   06 Aug 2015
Unvanquished Makes Its Open-Source Engine Easy For...   Linux Gaming   03 Aug 2015
More AMD Radeon R9 Fury Linux Benchmarks   Radeon   30 Jul 2015
The Phoronix Test Suite Is Running On Windows 10   Proprietary Software   30 Jul 2015
What Windows 10 vs. Linux Benchmarks Would You Like To...   Proprietary Software   29 Jul 2015
See How Your Linux System Stacks Up To 15 GPUs For...   Hardware   26 Jul 2015
Linux Benchmarks Of Intel's Atom Z3735F On The Compute...   Intel   30 May 2015
Reasons To Make A PTS/OB Test Profile For Your...   Phoronix   28 Apr 2015
More Fedora/Ubuntu Linux vs. OS X OpenGL Benchmarks   Mesa   28 Mar 2015
Freedreno Is Providing Good Adreno A4xx Graphics...   Mesa   22 Feb 2015
A Five Year Old NVIDIA GPU Can Still Beat Broadwell HD...   Intel   03 Feb 2015
Broadwell Linux Ultrabook Running MUCH Cooler Than...   Intel   25 Jan 2015
Xonotic 0.8 Finally Released With SDL2 & Many Game...   Linux Gaming   15 Jan 2015
Linux Stress & Torture Testing, Burning In Systems...   Hardware   07 Jan 2015
Xonotic 0.8 Is Slowly Creeping Closer To Being...   Linux Gaming   24 Dec 2014
Adreno A4xx Rendering With Freedreno Takes Shape   Mesa   21 Dec 2014
Nouveau On Mesa 10.5-devel Doesn't Change Much   Mesa   01 Dec 2014
More AMD GPU LLVM Back-End Improvements For RadeonSI...   Radeon   07 Nov 2014
Preview Numbers For The GeForce GTX 980 On Ubuntu...   NVIDIA   28 Sep 2014
The Dirty List Of GPUs With Open-Source Drivers Gone...   Hardware   31 May 2014
Tesseract Is Looking Okay For A Small, Open-Source...   Linux Gaming   13 May 2014
Newer AMD Radeon GPUs Have Had A Tough Time With Linux...   Radeon   13 May 2014
RadeonSI Starts Beating Catalyst In Some Linux Tests   Radeon   09 May 2014
A Look At Valve's VOGL UI   Valve   22 Mar 2014
Linux Hardware Enthusiasts: Win Some $100 Amazon Gift...   Hardware   17 Mar 2014
Radeon VRAM Optimizations Coming, But Help Is Needed   Radeon   11 Jan 2014
Unvanquished Advanced Open-Source Gaming In 2013   Linux Gaming   23 Dec 2013
A Big Warsow Update Is Still Being Worked On   Linux Gaming   07 Dec 2013
Running Benchmarks On Other New Linux Games   Phoronix   25 Nov 2013
Freedreno Graphics Driver Reaches Version 1.0   X.Org   16 Nov 2013
A Lot Of New NVIDIA Linux Benchmarks Are Coming!   NVIDIA   14 Nov 2013
LunarG Pushes Forward To Advance Open-Source Graphics   Mesa   18 Oct 2013
Why A Popular Open-Source Game Isn't On Steam   Linux Gaming   14 Oct 2013
The State Of Open-Source ARM GPU Drivers   Arm   27 Sep 2013
Haswell GPU Support Comes To Intel Gallium3D   Intel   07 Sep 2013
Min / Max FPS Comes To Test Results   Phoronix   16 Jun 2013
Xonotic 0.7 Has New Compiler, Game Features   Linux Gaming   09 Jun 2013
NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Benchmarks On Linux   NVIDIA   11 Mar 2013
Gallium3D LLVMpipe Driver Shows Progress   Mesa   28 Feb 2013
Intel Ironlake OpenGL Performance On Mesa 9.1   Mesa   26 Feb 2013
AMD R600 Gallium3D Is Mixed On Fedora 18   AMD   22 Jan 2013
Intel Graphics See Some Gains On Fedora 18   Fedora   21 Jan 2013
Intel's Mesa Driver Gets New Performance Patch   Intel   19 Jan 2013
2013 Is Going To Be The Year Of Linux Gaming   Free Software   29 Dec 2012
ioDoom3 - Open-Source id Tech 4 - Is Dormant   Linux Gaming   11 Oct 2012
Unvanquished Pushes Its OpenGL 3 GLSL Renderer   Linux Gaming   08 Oct 2012
Twig: Doing Open-Source Physics In DarkPlaces   Linux Gaming   07 Sep 2012
Retina MacBook Pro Graphics: OS X Is Okay, But Linux...   Hardware   08 Aug 2012
Apple's Retina MacBook Pro Causes Linux Woes   Hardware   30 Jul 2012
A New Linux Game To Try And Benchmark   Linux Gaming   01 Jul 2012
Xonotic Aims To Be The Best Open-Source FPS   Linux Gaming   25 Jun 2012
Valve Picks Up Another Key Linux Developer   Valve   19 Jun 2012
Shooting Towards Xonotic 1.0   Linux Gaming   16 Jun 2012