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WireGuard Linux News

Android 12 Appears To Support Using WireGuard   Google   13 Oct 2020
Intel vs. AMD, Systemd-Homed, Kernel Advancements Top...   Phoronix   30 Jun 2020
WireGuard Support Merged Into Upstream OpenBSD   BSD   21 Jun 2020
Another Attack Vector Uncovered For Bypassing Linux...   Linux Security   15 Jun 2020
Ubuntu 18.04's Heavily Patched Kernel Opens Door To...   Ubuntu   14 Jun 2020
Upstream Linux Developers Against "-O3"...   Linux Kernel   13 May 2020
WireGuard Ported To The OpenBSD Kernel - Looking For...   BSD   12 May 2020
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Now Available For Download   Ubuntu   23 Apr 2020
There Is Now A WireGuard Benchmark For Testing Linux...   Linux Networking   20 Apr 2020
/dev/random Seeing Performance Work For Linux 5.7   Linux Kernel   06 Apr 2020
GhostBSD 20.03 Is Out As The Latest Monthly Update To...   BSD   01 Apr 2020
It's Looking Like Android Could Be Embracing WireGuard...   Google   31 Mar 2020
WireGuard 1.0.0 Christened As A Modern Secure VPN...   Linux Networking   30 Mar 2020
Linux 5.6 Kernel Released With WireGuard, USB4, New...   Linux Kernel   29 Mar 2020
The Best Features Of The Linux 5.6 Kernel From...   Linux Kernel   28 Mar 2020
Debian Testing Is Enabling WireGuard Within Their...   Debian   21 Mar 2020
Linux 5.6-rc5 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   08 Mar 2020
Intel ConnMan 1.38 Released With WireGuard Support   Linux Networking   18 Feb 2020
Linux 5.6-rc1 Released For What's Shaping To Be A...   Linux Kernel   09 Feb 2020
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Likely To Ship With Linux 5.4 As...   Ubuntu   06 Feb 2020
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Adds WireGuard Support   Ubuntu   30 Jan 2020
WireGuard + Multi-Path TCP Were Merged Tonight Into...   Linux Networking   29 Jan 2020
Linux 5.5 Released With Many Hardware Support...   Linux Kernel   26 Jan 2020
Linux 5.6 Is Looking Like It Will Be Spectacular With...   Linux Kernel   26 Jan 2020
Linux 5.6 To Bring FQ-PIE Packet Scheduler To Help...   Linux Networking   23 Jan 2020
Intel's ConnMan Is Ready With WireGuard Support   Linux Networking   19 Jan 2020
Linux 5.6 Crypto Getting AVX/AVX2/AVX-512 Optimized...   Linux Kernel   16 Jan 2020
Linux In 2020 Can Finally Provide Sane Monitoring Of...   Hardware   12 Jan 2020
Multipath TCP Support Is Working Its Upstream - First...   Linux Networking   10 Jan 2020
Rockchip PX30 Display Support Coming With Linux 5.6   Hardware   07 Jan 2020
Linux 5.6 Is Going To Be A Prominent Kernel With...   Linux Kernel   06 Jan 2020
WireGuard Issues New Module Release, 1.0 Coming With...   Linux Networking   26 Dec 2019
USB4 Support Being Introduced With Linux 5.6 Kernel   Linux Kernel   22 Dec 2019
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Might Still End Up Shipping With...   Ubuntu   12 Dec 2019
WireGuard Lands In Net-Next While It Waits For...   Linux Networking   09 Dec 2019
WireGuard Sends Out Latest Patch Revision In Preparing...   Linux Networking   09 Dec 2019
WireGuard Could Be Mainlined Before Christmas   Linux Networking   27 Nov 2019
Linux 5.5 Crypto Code Has The Changes To Usher In...   Linux Networking   26 Nov 2019
Latest WireGuard Patch Out For Review With It Looking...   Linux Networking   21 Nov 2019
Linux's Crypto API Is Adopting Some Aspects Of Zinc,...   Linux Kernel   19 Nov 2019
WireGuard Restored In Android's Google Play Store...   Linux Networking   18 Oct 2019
Ubuntu 19.10's Kernel Ships With A DoS / Arbitrary...   Ubuntu   17 Oct 2019
Google Ejects Open-Source WireGuard From Android Play...   Linux Networking   16 Oct 2019
WireGuard 0.0.20191012 Released With Latest Fixes   Linux Networking   13 Oct 2019
WireGuard Will Port To Existing Linux Crypto API In...   Linux Networking   25 Sep 2019
New WireGuard Snapshot Offers Better Compatibility...   Linux Networking   16 Sep 2019
WireGuard Releases New Snapshot While Not Expected For...   Linux Networking   06 Sep 2019
NetworkManager 1.20 Released With WiFi Mesh Network...   Linux Networking   07 Aug 2019
AMD Dominated The Conversation Among Linux/Open-Source...   Phoronix   01 Aug 2019
NordLynx: NordVPN Builds New Tech Around WireGuard   Linux Networking   31 Jul 2019
Networking Changes For Linux 5.3 Bring New Google...   Linux Networking   13 Jul 2019
WireGuard 0.0.20190702 Released For This...   Linux Networking   03 Jul 2019
NetworkManager Now Supports Making OVS DPDK...   Linux Networking   17 Jun 2019
KDE Plasma 5.16 Released With A Lot Of Polishing, File...   KDE   11 Jun 2019
Benchmarks Of The Various Kernel Flavors Of Clear...   Clear Linux   06 Jun 2019
WireGuard Sees New Snapshot With Windows, Linux &...   Linux Networking   31 May 2019
KDE Plasma 5.16 Beta Released With Many Features   KDE   16 May 2019
Clear Linux Preparing New Kernel Options   Clear Linux   13 May 2019
WireGuard Didn't Make It Into Linux 5.2 Due To Windows...   Linux Networking   09 May 2019
Networking Changes For Linux 5.2 Bring New Realtek...   Linux Networking   08 May 2019
The Huge Linux 5.2 Kernel Merge Window Kicks Off   Linux Kernel   06 May 2019
NetworkManager 1.18 Released With Policy Routing...   Linux Networking   22 Apr 2019
New WireGuard Snapshot Offers FreeBSD Fixes, Other...   Linux Networking   07 Apr 2019
NetworkManager 1.17.2 Kicks Off The March Towards...   Linux Networking   03 Apr 2019
KDE's Konsole Now Supports Splitting, Plasma Vault...   KDE   31 Mar 2019
CloudFlare Launches "BoringTun" As...   Linux Networking   28 Mar 2019
WinTUN: Windows Finally Gets A Good TUN Driver &...   Microsoft   24 Mar 2019
WireGuard Sent Out Again For Review, Might Make It...   Linux Networking   22 Mar 2019
NetworkManager 1.16 Brings WireGuard Support, WiFi...   Linux Networking   16 Mar 2019
Wireshark 3.0 Released With New Protocol Support, User...   Free Software   05 Mar 2019
Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other...   Phoronix   28 Feb 2019
WireGuard VPN Tunnel Software Publishes New Snapshot...   Linux Networking   28 Feb 2019
NetworkManager 1.16 Approaches With WireGuard VPN...   Linux Networking   23 Feb 2019
WireGuard Released For macOS, WireGuard Windows Coming...   Linux Networking   17 Feb 2019
KDE Plasma 5.15 Released With Wayland Improvements,...   KDE   12 Feb 2019
WireHub Is Building Off WireGuard With Decentralized,...   Linux Networking   03 Feb 2019
OpenVPN 3 Linux Client Moving Closer To Release As A...   Free Software   01 Feb 2019
New WireGuard Snapshot Released With Linux 5.0...   Linux Networking   24 Jan 2019
Devlink Health Reporting & Recovery System Queued...   Linux Networking   21 Jan 2019
KDE Plasma 5.15 Beta Released With Some Grand...   KDE   17 Jan 2019
From The Linux Perspective: What I Am Most Looking...   Linux Kernel   02 Jan 2019
Open-Source / Linux Letdowns For 2018   Free Software   31 Dec 2018
Systemd Hits A High Point For Number Of New Commits...   systemd   28 Dec 2018
WireGuard Is Now Available From Apple's App Store   Linux Networking   26 Dec 2018
Networking In The Next Kernel Yields AQtion USB...   Linux Kernel   23 Dec 2018
WireGuard Issues New Snapshot, But Doesn't Look Like...   Linux Networking   20 Dec 2018
Linux 4.21 Is Sure To Be Another Exciting Kernel...   Linux Kernel   02 Dec 2018
KDE Plasma Now Supports WireGuard, Alt-Tab Switching...   KDE   11 Nov 2018
WireGuard Is Now Available On Apple iOS   Linux Networking   06 Nov 2018
WireGuard Didn't Make it To The Mainline Linux Kernel...   Linux Networking   03 Nov 2018
Intel 2.5G Ethernet On The Horizon With New...   Linux Networking   24 Oct 2018
A Look At The Many Features On The Table For The...   Linux Kernel   20 Oct 2018
WireGuard v7 Published As What's Hopefully Going Into...   Linux Networking   06 Oct 2018
Learn More About The Zinc Crypto API, Which Hopes To...   Linux Security   02 Oct 2018
Collabora's Erik Faye-Lund Outlines The New...   Vulkan   28 Sep 2018
Q3 Was Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts With...   Phoronix   28 Sep 2018
WireGuard v6 Might Be Ready For The Mainline Kernel,...   Linux Networking   25 Sep 2018
WireGuard Picks Up A Simpler Kconfig, Zinc Crypto...   Linux Networking   20 Sep 2018
It's Looking Like WireGuard Could Be Ready In Time For...   Linux Networking   15 Sep 2018
NetworkManager 1.14 Officially Released With A Lot Of...   Linux Networking   14 Sep 2018