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VirtIO-FS Linux News

Linux 5.10 FUSE To Allow Faster Performance With...   Linux Kernel   19 Oct 2020
VirtIO-FS DAX Support Close To Mainline For Offering...   Linux Storage   30 Aug 2020
Intel's Cloud Hypervisor 0.7 Adds More Hotplug...   Intel   01 May 2020
QEMU 5.0 Released For This Important Open-Source...   Virtualization   28 Apr 2020
VirtIO-FS Support Is In QEMU 5.0 For Better...   Virtualization   21 Apr 2020
OverlayFS Can Be Paired With VirtIO-FS On Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   08 Apr 2020
Intel Cloud Hypervisor 0.6 Released With VFIO Device...   Intel   20 Mar 2020
VirtIO-FS Is Looking Quite Good For Shared File-System...   Virtualization   06 Feb 2020
VirtIO-FS Sent In For Linux 5.4 With Better...   Linux Storage   26 Sep 2019
Linux 5.4 Cycle To Begin With exFAT Driver, EPYC...   Linux Kernel   15 Sep 2019
EROFS Is Graduating From Staging In Linux 5.4   Linux Storage   01 Sep 2019
VirtIO-FS File-System Driver Being Added For Linux 5.4   Linux Storage   31 Aug 2019
VirtIO-FS: A Proposed Better Approach For Sharing...   Virtualization   11 Dec 2018