Virgil is an effort to provide 3D acceleration using Gallium3D for QEMU+KVM virtual machine guests.

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Virgil Linux News

Google & Collabora Working On OpenGL ES 2.0...   Virtualization   12 Feb 2018
Having Fun With Virgil 3D On Arch Linux With Wayland,...   Virtualization   02 Sep 2016
Early Virgil 3D Results Show This Virtual GPU For QEMU...   Virtualization   19 May 2016
QEMU 2.6 Officially Released   Virtualization   12 May 2016
VirGL VirtIO 3D GPU Driver Added To Gallium3D   Mesa   23 Oct 2015
VirtIO-GPU Gets Patches For 3D Rendering   Virtualization   10 Sep 2015
VMware Lands Its OpenGL 3.3 Support In Its Mesa...   Wayland   02 Sep 2015
VMware's Virtual Gallium3D Driver Will Finally Support...   Mesa   13 Aug 2015
QEMU 2.4 Released With VirtIO GPU Support   Virtualization   11 Aug 2015
QEMU 2.4 Adding Support For TPM2, KVM System...   Virtualization   09 Jul 2015
Linux 4.2 DRM Updates: Lots Of AMD Attention, No...   Linux Kernel   25 Jun 2015
New Features To Look Out For With The Linux 4.2 Kernel   Linux Kernel   14 Jun 2015
The New DRM Graphics Drivers For Linux 4.2: AMDGPU...   Linux Kernel   06 Jun 2015
Red Hat Is Rolling Out A VirtIO DRM/KMS GPU Driver   Red Hat   24 Mar 2015
Virgil3D Is Still Happening, New 3D Test Harness...   Virtualization   16 Mar 2015
Does VirtualBox VM Have Much A Future Left?   Virtualization   30 Jan 2015
VMWare X.Org Driver Updated To v13.1   Virtualization   19 Jan 2015
Intel Releases New Version Of XenGT Graphics...   Virtualization   12 Jan 2015
LinuxCon Is This Week In Chicago   Linux Events   18 Aug 2014
Intel Pushes Their Graphics Virtualization...   Intel   04 May 2014
DisplayPort MST Support Is In The Works For Linux   Hardware   02 Apr 2014
The DRM Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 3.14   Linux Kernel   30 Jan 2014
Linux.Conf.Au 2014 Presentations Worth Watching   Free Software   12 Jan 2014
David Airlie Provides Update On VirtIO GPU Accel   Red Hat   10 Jan 2014
KVM/QEMU 3D Support Still Being Figured Out   Red Hat   10 Dec 2013
The DRM/KMS Drivers In The Linux 3.13 Kernel   Linux Kernel   02 Dec 2013
PRIME Support Comes To VMware's Virtual GPU Driver   Virtualization   14 Nov 2013
QEMU VFIO Support Is Progressing For VGA Pass-Through   Virtualization   10 Nov 2013
The Current State Of VIrtIO-Based Virgil3D   Mesa   10 Nov 2013
QEMU Bochs KMS Driver Might Not Have A Future   Virtualization   06 Nov 2013
The Design Of Virgil3D For OpenGL With KVM/QEMU   Virtualization   26 Jul 2013
Virgil: Experimental Virtual 3D Support For QEMU   Free Software   18 Jul 2013
Dante: Open-Source Doom 3   Linux Gaming   04 Aug 2012