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Valve Articles & Reviews

It's Official: Valve Releasing Steam, Source Engine...   Linux Gaming   12 May 2010
Valve's Gabe Newell Talks Linux Steam Client, Source...   Linux Gaming   25 Apr 2012
Steam Client For Linux Confirmed   Linux Gaming   28 Nov 2008
Valve's Source Engine Coming To Linux   Linux Gaming   07 May 2008
Dota 2 Vulkan vs. OpenGL Performance Redux   Linux Gaming   26 May 2016
SteamOS vs. Ubuntu 13.10 - Intel HD Graphics...   Linux Gaming   15 Dec 2013
A Special Linux Delivery At Valve Software   Linux Gaming   28 Apr 2012
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive NVIDIA/AMD Benchmarks...   Linux Gaming   23 Sep 2014
Valve Picks Up Another All-Star Linux Developer   Linux Gaming   14 Jul 2012
The Current RADV+ACO Mesa Driver Performance For...   Display Drivers   24 Feb 2020
Updated Portal 2 Vulkan Rendering Code Yielding Great...   Linux Gaming   02 Mar 2021
Valve Finds Value In Open-Source Drivers; L4D2 Running...   Linux Gaming   29 Aug 2012
Ubuntu 12.10: Open-Source Radeon vs. AMD Catalyst...   Display Drivers   30 Oct 2012
NVIDIA vs. AMD OpenGL & Vulkan Benchmarks With...   Linux Gaming   24 May 2016
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Radeon Gaming Performance With...   Operating Systems   02 Aug 2017
How Open-Source Allowed Valve To Implement VULKAN Much...   Linux Gaming   03 Apr 2015
Dota 2 Vulkan Performance Across MacOS, Windows 10...   Linux Gaming   05 Jun 2018
Benchmarking NVIDIA's R310 Linux Driver Improvements   Display Drivers   08 Nov 2012
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan vs. RadeonSI OpenGL Performance...   Display Drivers   22 Jan 2021
Valve's ACO Helps Put New Life Into Radeon GCN 1.0...   Display Drivers   30 Jan 2020
SteamVR On Linux Is Still In Frustratingly Rough Shape   Linux Gaming   18 Dec 2017
CS:GO & TF2 Extensively Tested On The Newest...   Graphics Cards   12 Nov 2014
Radeon RX 6600/6700/6800 XT: RADV vs. PRO Vulkan...   Display Drivers   11 Aug 2021
Left 4 Dead 2 Vulkan Performance With Radeon Graphics...   Linux Gaming   23 Jun 2021
RADV vs. AMDVLK Vulkan Drivers Continue Stiff...   Display Drivers   18 Apr 2018
An Early Look At The AMD P-State CPPC Driver...   Software   22 Sep 2021
Trying The SteamVR Beta On Linux Feels More Like An...   Linux Gaming   26 Feb 2017
NVIDIA Slaughters AMD Catalyst On Linux In OpenGL 4.x...   Display Drivers   15 Jun 2014
A Quick Test Of OpenGL In Mac OS X 10.6.5   Display Drivers   12 Nov 2010
Benchmarking Valve's RADV+ACO Yields Fastest...   Display Drivers   08 Jul 2019
Radeon RADV+ACO Vulkan Performance Is In Great Shape...   Display Drivers   13 Jul 2020
Radeon RADV "ACO" Performance On Mesa 19.3...   Display Drivers   05 Oct 2019
Preview: Radeon Gallium3D Performance For CS:GO On...   Linux Gaming   29 Sep 2014

Valve Linux News

Here's The First Screenshot Of The Linux Steam Client   Valve   01 May 2010
How To Overclock New NVIDIA GPUs On Linux   NVIDIA   08 Apr 2014
Valve Pushes Out Half-Life For Linux   Valve   24 Jan 2013
Valve Rolls Out Wine-based "Proton" For...   Valve   21 Aug 2018
A Message From Valve's Gabe Newell   Valve   30 Mar 2012
GNOME 4.0, GNOME OS Coming In 2014 & Other Crazy...   GNOME   28 Jul 2012
Valve Is Making All Their Games Free To Debian...   Valve   22 Jan 2014
Portal Released For Steam On Linux   Valve   02 May 2013
Valve Developed An Intel Linux Vulkan GPU Driver   Intel   05 Mar 2015
Valve Porting Steam Games To Linux?   Valve   13 Sep 2007
AMD + Valve Working On New Linux CPU Performance...   AMD   02 Aug 2021
Valve's Gabe Says "Yes" To Steam Linux This...   Valve   04 Jun 2012
Why Sony Is Using LLVM/Clang On The PlayStation 4   LLVM   24 Dec 2013
SteamOS Has Its Own Graphics Compositor   Linux Gaming   13 Dec 2013
Running The SteamOS Kernel On Ubuntu Linux   Ubuntu   14 Dec 2013
One Of The New Valve Linux Employees Is...   Valve   31 May 2012
Valve Is Working On Another Extension To Help In...   Valve   10 Nov 2020
Valve Expected To Show Off Linux VR Demo Today   Valve   12 Oct 2016
Former NVIDIA, Microsoft Developers Doing Lots Of The...   Microsoft   14 Dec 2013
NVIDIA's "Open-Source Guy" Has Left The...   NVIDIA   07 Apr 2017
Valve & Intel Work On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Valve   20 Jul 2012
Major Performance Breakthrough Discovered For Intel's...   Intel   05 Nov 2014
SDL 2.0 Is Coming Very Soon With New Features   Linux Gaming   14 Jul 2012
Valve's VOGL OpenGL Debugger Should Be Great   Valve   16 Jan 2014
Valve Hires X11 Veteran Keith Packard To Work On The...   Valve   14 Mar 2017
It's Been 9 Years Since Valve Rolled Out The Steam...   Valve   06 Nov 2021
Valve Publishes Packages For Their Linux Distribution   Valve   02 Apr 2013
It's Easy Getting Intel Graphics To Work On SteamOS   Linux Gaming   15 Dec 2013
Steam Survey Shows Linux Marketshare Hitting 1.0%   Valve   01 Aug 2021
Valve's VOGL Debugger To Be Completely Open-Source   Valve   17 Jan 2014
Valve Has Another Linux Graphics Driver Developer...   Valve   14 Feb 2017
Apple Rejects iOS App For Using MoltenVK Vulkan,...   Apple   08 Jul 2018
X11 Library Sees Lots Of Fixes With libX11 1.7 Release   X.Org   21 Nov 2020
How Valve Made L4D2 Faster On Linux Than Windows   Valve   09 Aug 2012
Initial Vulkan Performance On macOS With Dota 2 Is...   Valve   01 Jun 2018
Linux 4.15 Is A Huge Update For Both AMD CPU &...   AMD   18 Nov 2017
Intel Continues Optimizing Counter-Strike: GO For...   Mesa   26 Jan 2014
Steam UI Finally Has A Scaling Mode For HiDPI Monitors   Valve   26 Jan 2018
A One Line Kernel Patch Appears To Solve The Recent...   Valve   22 Jun 2019
Valve Will Not Be Officially Supporting Ubuntu 19.10+   Valve   22 Jun 2019
Linux Gamers Make Up ~2% Of Valve's Steam Users   Valve   01 Mar 2013
Valve Developer Posts New AMD GPU Debugging Tool, Part...   Valve   11 Jan 2017
Wine 5.0 Released With Big Improvements For Gaming,...   WINE   21 Jan 2020
Wine Developers Appear Quite Apprehensive About...   WINE   20 Jun 2019
Valve Reveals More Steam Linux Distribution Details   Valve   17 Mar 2013
Valve's L4D2 Is Faster On Linux Than Windows   Valve   01 Aug 2012
The Best Looking Open-Source Game?   Linux Gaming   11 Apr 2012
Learning More About The Intel Vulkan Driver, Linux...   Valve   12 Mar 2015
Former Valve Developer: Steam Linux Project Was The...   Valve   31 Dec 2016
AMD Catalyst Graphics Do Work On SteamOS   Linux Gaming   15 Dec 2013
Valve Announces Half-Life 4 For Linux   Valve   31 Mar 2013
Valve Software Finds Bugs With Linux Kernel   Valve   07 Jul 2012
The Source Engine On Postal III Is Still Coming To...   Linux Gaming   13 Feb 2011
Valve's L4D2 Linux Presentation Slides   Valve   12 Aug 2012
Canonical Developer Tries Running GOG Games On...   Ubuntu   21 Jun 2019
Yes, There Are Portal 2 Linux References   Phoronix   20 Apr 2011
SteamOS, Linux Graphics Made An Exciting Holiday   Phoronix   31 Dec 2013
2013 Is Going To Be The Year Of Linux Gaming   Free Software   29 Dec 2012
Epic Games Provides No Hope For UT3 On Linux   Linux Gaming   17 May 2010
Thanks Valve, Another Game Comes To Linux   Valve   16 Jan 2013
Valve Publishes Initial Steam Linux Figures For 2019   Valve   01 Feb 2019
Wine 4.0 Release Preparations Begin For Much Improved...   WINE   25 Nov 2018
Valve's Linux Play May Lead More Games To Follow Suit   Valve   25 May 2010
Valve's Steam License Causes Linux Packaging Concerns   Valve   15 Nov 2012
id Software: Linux Hasn't Produced Positive Results   Linux Gaming   04 Aug 2012
The Steam Linux Beta Begins...   Valve   06 Nov 2012
Here Is Valve's Source Engine Left 4 Dead 2 On Linux   Valve   09 Aug 2012
Oculus Rift Is Easy To Setup On Linux   Hardware   23 Aug 2013
Electronic Arts At Ubuntu Summit; Linux Games Coming?   Ubuntu   03 May 2012
SteamOS Didn't Use Ubuntu Over Legal Issues   Linux Gaming   07 Jan 2014
Counter-Strike: GO Might Soon Be Out On Linux   Linux Gaming   10 Apr 2013
Valve Is Finally Releasing Dota 2 With Vulkan Support...   Linux Gaming   18 May 2016
An Attempt To Push Ubuntu As A Gaming Platform   Linux Gaming   12 Oct 2012
Valve's Gabe Newell Makes New Linux Comments   Valve   04 Mar 2014
Valve-Sponsored Mesa Work Makes Games Load A Lot...   Mesa   04 May 2014
Apple Unveils "Metal 2" Graphics API, Better...   Apple   05 Jun 2017
Valve Has Hired Another Open-Source Linux GPU Driver...   Valve   08 Feb 2018
It Looks Like A Steam 64-Bit Client Could Finally Be...   Valve   08 Aug 2018
Valve Reaffirms Commitment To Linux, SteamOS   Valve   03 Apr 2018
Valve Continues Dominating & Kaveri Excited Linux...   Valve   31 Jan 2014
Valve's Proton Offers Branch With VKD3D For Direct3D...   Valve   23 Aug 2019
Epic Games' Tim Sweeney Is Warning Of Microsoft's...   Microsoft   04 Mar 2016
A New Kernel Patch Is Being Discussed That's Needed...   Linux Kernel   31 May 2020
AMD Ryzen Has Captivated Linux Gamers &...   Free Software   01 Apr 2017
Valve Has Been Developing A New Mesa Vulkan Shader...   Valve   03 Jul 2019
At This Rate, Don't Be Surprised If You See Steam Soon   Valve   08 May 2010
Open-Source / Linux Letdowns For 2018   Free Software   31 Dec 2018
Valve Launches SteamOS Sale, Confirms A Lot Of New...   Linux Gaming   04 Mar 2015
It's Been 3 Years Since Valve Launched The Steam Linux...   Valve   07 Nov 2015
Solus Linux Working On A Flatpak-Based, Optimized...   Operating Systems   21 Jan 2017
Wine Is Approaching Six Million Lines   WINE   22 Jan 2020
Those Digging Into Steam On Linux Make More Progress   Valve   08 May 2010
Valve To Launch Native Linux Game In July?   Valve   18 Jun 2009
Linux-Based Steam Console Reaffirmed For This Year   Valve   01 Jan 2013
Apple Accepts Updated MoltenVK-Using App/Game For...   Vulkan   29 Jul 2018
Next Week Is Looking Phenomenal For Linux   Linux Gaming   20 Apr 2012
The Latest Linux Kernel Appears To Be Causing...   Valve   21 Jun 2019
Gabe Talks More About Valve's Next-Gen Linux Console   Valve   09 Dec 2012
Steam For Linux Beta Finally Fixes Post-Login...   Valve   03 Mar 2020
Proton 5.0-1 Released As Valve's Basis For Steam Play...   Valve   07 Feb 2020