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VK_EXT_transform_feedback Linux News

Lavapipe Continues Advancing CPU-Based Vulkan - Now...   Mesa   21 Dec 2020
Intel Adds Vulkan Transform Feedback For Aging Haswell...   Intel   06 Oct 2020
Turnip Vulkan Driver Lands Transform Feedback Support   Mesa   12 Mar 2020
RADV's Navi Support Gets Patches For Vulkan Transform...   Mesa   24 Jul 2019
AMDVLK 2019.Q1.8 Enables Six More Vulkan Extensions,...   Radeon   15 Mar 2019
Mesa 19.0-RC2 Released With Intel Transform Feedback...   Mesa   05 Feb 2019
AMDVLK Driver Updated With Environment Variable To...   Radeon   01 Feb 2019
AMDVLK 2019.Q1.4 Driver Brings Vega 20 & Raven 2...   Radeon   30 Jan 2019
Intel Lands Transform Feedback Support In Their Vulkan...   Intel   22 Jan 2019
VKD3D Tapping Vulkan Transform Feedback For Direct3D...   WINE   14 Jan 2019
Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver Aiming For Transform...   Intel   09 Jan 2019
NVIDIA 415.22 Linux Driver Adds Mainline Support For...   NVIDIA   07 Dec 2018
NVIDIA 415.18.02 Linux Driver Released With Improved...   NVIDIA   28 Nov 2018
LunarG Rolls Out Vulkan Configurator With Updated SDK   Vulkan   27 Nov 2018
RADV Vulkan Driver Lands Transform Feedback For Mesa...   Mesa   29 Oct 2018
Mesa Vulkan Drivers Move Ahead With PCI Bus Info,...   Mesa   15 Oct 2018
NVIDIA 396.54.09 Vulkan Driver Released With Transform...   Vulkan   13 Oct 2018
DXVK Already Lands Vulkan Transform Feedback Support,...   Vulkan   13 Oct 2018
Vulkan 1.1.88 Released With Transform Feedback As A...   Vulkan   13 Oct 2018