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Unreal Engine 3 Linux News

Valve's Proton 4.2-3 Released With Wine-Mono...   Valve   18 Apr 2019
Spec Ops: The Line Gets Boosted On Mesa With GL...   Mesa   09 Oct 2017
Outlast Gets ~10%+ Performance Boost From Mesa GL...   Mesa   30 Sep 2017
Mesa & AMDGPU-PRO Appear To Run Fine With Rocket...   Mesa   08 Sep 2016
America's Army Is Still Getting Ready For Linux   Linux Gaming   03 Mar 2016
How Interested Are You In XCOM 2 For Linux?   Linux Gaming   04 Feb 2016
Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Canceled For Linux   Linux Gaming   03 Feb 2016
The Highly-Anticipated XCOM 2 Game For Linux Will Be...   Linux Gaming   03 Feb 2016
Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed For Linux Until Next...   Linux Gaming   28 Oct 2015
Confirmed: America's Army Is Coming Back To Linux   Linux Gaming   10 Jul 2015
America's Army Considering SteamOS / Linux Support   Linux Gaming   08 Jul 2015
Spec Ops: The Line Is The Latest Linux Shooter   Linux Gaming   15 May 2015
BioShock Infinite Now Available For Linux, Demands...   Linux Gaming   17 Mar 2015
2K Games Confirms BioShock Infinite On Linux In Early...   Linux Gaming   06 Dec 2014
BioShock Infinite Looks Like It Might Be Coming To...   Linux Gaming   05 Dec 2014
NVIDIA Adds PhysX GPU Acceleration Support Under Linux   NVIDIA   13 Oct 2014
Borderlands 2 Launches On Steam For Linux   Linux Gaming   30 Sep 2014
Goat Simulator Now In Beta On Linux   Linux Gaming   20 Jun 2014
Unreal Engine 4.2 Brings 500+ Updates   Linux Gaming   07 Jun 2014
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Is Coming Out For Linux   Linux Gaming   27 May 2014
Borderlands Is Being Considered For Linux   Linux Gaming   19 Apr 2014
Unreal Engine 4 Is Running Great In Firefox   Mozilla   12 Mar 2014
AMD Press Talks Up Major Open-Source Linux Driver...   AMD   25 Feb 2014
Ryan Gordon's Linux Game Porting Guidance   Linux Gaming   17 Jan 2014
Football Manager Shows More Linux GPU Driver Bugs   Linux Gaming   21 Oct 2013
Painkiller Linux Dev Recommends Non-NVIDIA Open...   Linux Gaming   20 Oct 2013
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Now Out For Linux   Linux Gaming   16 Oct 2013
Epic Games Is Building A New Triple-A Shooter   Linux Gaming   12 Jul 2013
Adobe Open-Sources Flash C/C++ Compiler   Free Software   26 Jun 2013
Epic Citadel Demo Brought To HTML5 Browsers   Linux Gaming   06 May 2013
Is Valve's Steam Client Bad & Damaging For Linux?   Valve   07 Apr 2013
Heavily-Upgraded Postal Hits Steam   Linux Gaming   28 Mar 2013
Mozilla Brings Unreal Engine 3 To Firefox   Mozilla   28 Mar 2013
Another Unreal Engine 3 Game Coming To Linux   Linux Gaming   07 Mar 2013
Red Orchestra 2 Might Be Ported To Linux   Linux Gaming   30 Dec 2012
2013 Is Going To Be The Year Of Linux Gaming   Free Software   29 Dec 2012
Happy Holidays & What's Popular So Far This Month   Phoronix   25 Dec 2012
Humble Bundle 7 Approaching Two Million Dollars   Linux Gaming   24 Dec 2012
The First Unreal Engine 3 Game Ships For Linux   Phoronix   19 Dec 2012
Unigine Continues Improving Engine Quality   Linux Gaming   16 Nov 2012
Unreal Engine 3 Now Sort Of Works On Linux   Linux Gaming   24 Aug 2012
Will Unreal Engine 4 Games Come To Linux?   Linux Gaming   08 Jun 2012
Unigine Engine Looks To Wasteland 2   Linux Gaming   13 Apr 2012
Unigine Pushes Engine Changes; More Mesa Friendly   Linux Gaming   06 Apr 2012
A New MMORPG On The Linux-Friendly Unigine   Linux Gaming   14 Nov 2011
For Those Hoping To See UT3 On Linux This Holiday...   Linux Gaming   16 Dec 2010
Can The Unigine Engine Get Any Better? Yes, And It...   Linux Gaming   04 Nov 2010
Primal Carnage Says Goodbye To Unigine   Linux Gaming   30 Sep 2010
Valve's Linux Play May Lead More Games To Follow Suit   Valve   25 May 2010
NASA's MMO Video Game To Have A Linux Port?   Linux Gaming   23 Feb 2009
America's Army 3.0 "May Return" To Linux   Linux Gaming   06 Jan 2009
UT3 Linux Release To Include Editor   Linux Gaming   14 Sep 2008
America's Army Returning To Linux?   Linux Gaming   07 Sep 2008