Phoronix articles, reviews and news stories covering UVD2. This searches our archive since the launch of Phoronix in 2004.

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UVD2 Articles & Reviews

AMD Radeon HD 4250 880G On Linux   Graphics Cards   06 Aug 2010
AMD's UVD2-based XvBA Finally Does Something On Linux   Display Drivers   03 Nov 2009
AMD's X-Video Bitstream Acceleration   Display Drivers   29 Oct 2008
Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 Toxic Vapor-X   Graphics Cards   14 Oct 2008

UVD2 Linux News

Radeon VCE, OpenMAX Improvements Land In Mesa   Radeon   18 Jun 2014
Using GPU Video Acceleration Under Linux   AMD   22 Jun 2012
Radeon HD 7950 Launches, Linux Support Questionable   Radeon   31 Jan 2012
Adobe Flash 11.2 Beta Brings New Linux Work   Proprietary Software   26 Oct 2011
Mesa Gallium3D Pipe-Video Has Landed   Mesa   13 Jul 2011
Major Open-Source Code Drop For XvBA, PowerVR Coming   Free Software   14 Jun 2011
AMD AES Releases XvBA Reference System   AMD   07 Jun 2011
DirectX Video Acceleration For MPlayer   Free Software   23 Apr 2011
The AMD "Radeon HD 8000" Open-Source...   Radeon   27 Mar 2011
WebM, Theora Acceleration Talked About For Gallium3D   Mesa   26 Mar 2011
Will H.264 VA-API / VDPAU Finally Come To Gallium3D?   Mesa   23 Mar 2011
AMD Opens Up XvBA! Their Catalyst Linux Video API   AMD   25 Feb 2011
There May Finally Be Better ATI Linux Video Playback   AMD   05 Jan 2011
Adobe's Flash Video Acceleration On Linux Uses VDPAU   Proprietary Software   01 Dec 2010
A New Release Of The AMD XvBA Back-End To VA-API   AMD   09 Jul 2010
XBMC Gets Working Intel VA-API Support   Multimedia   06 Apr 2010
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta For Linux   Proprietary Software   17 Nov 2009
Ryan Gordon Is Fed Up, FatELF Is Likely Dead   Free Software   03 Nov 2009
Will AMD's XvBA Beat Out NVIDIA's VDPAU?   AMD   06 Jul 2009
ATI Linux Drivers Gain Support For Unreleased RS880   AMD   22 Mar 2009
CyberLink Announces Linux HD Video Player   X.Org   09 Oct 2008
Looking Forward To UVD On Linux?   AMD   01 Oct 2008
CyberLink DVD Player In Ubuntu Store   Ubuntu   17 Sep 2008
The State Of Gallium3D Video Decoding   Mesa   14 Sep 2008
AMD's UVD2 & XvMC For Linux?   AMD   04 Sep 2008