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UBports Linux News

Unity 8 Desktop On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Could Take A Year...   Ubuntu   14 Jan 2020
Jolla Making Plans For Sailfish OS In 2020   Operating Systems   31 Dec 2019
Ten Years Past GNOME's 10x10 Goal, The Linux Desktop...   GNOME   14 Dec 2019
Ubuntu's Mir Display Stack Accomplished A Lot In 2019...   Ubuntu   14 Dec 2019
UBports' Ubuntu Touch Porting Now Easier To Newer...   Ubuntu   25 Nov 2019
UBports Begins Offering Ubuntu Touch 64-Bit ARM Images   Arm   06 Nov 2019
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Released   Ubuntu   23 Oct 2019
PinePhone Remains On Track For Shipping In The Months...   Hardware   05 Sep 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Released With Device Fixes,...   Ubuntu   22 Aug 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Is Now Available For Testing   Ubuntu   10 Aug 2019
UBports Is Working On Ubuntu Touch OTA-10   Ubuntu   31 Jul 2019
Ubuntu Touch Nearing Updated Unity 8 + Mir, But Not...   Ubuntu   08 Jun 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Released With Better Stability,...   Ubuntu   08 May 2019
Don't Hold Your Breath On UBports' Ubuntu Touch For...   Ubuntu   07 May 2019
UBports Ubuntu Touch Continues Pursuing Mir/Unity8,...   Ubuntu   26 Mar 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Released With Browser Improvements   Ubuntu   06 Mar 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Won't Move To Mir 1.1 + Unity 8 Due...   Ubuntu   26 Feb 2019
Mir Made Good Progress Over The Holidays With Porting...   Ubuntu   11 Jan 2019
It's Still A Slow Process For Ubuntu Touch Moving To...   Ubuntu   09 Jan 2019
Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 Rolls Out With Keyboard...   Ubuntu   08 Jan 2019
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 Is Being Prepared With...   Ubuntu   02 Jan 2019
Open-Source / Linux Letdowns For 2018   Free Software   31 Dec 2018
Ubuntu Had A Very Busy 2018 But Not Everything Turned...   Ubuntu   30 Dec 2018
Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Officially Released   Ubuntu   07 Dec 2018
Mir 1.1 Is Releasing Soon With Experimental X11...   Ubuntu   30 Nov 2018
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Is On The Way With Browser...   Ubuntu   26 Nov 2018
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Planned For Release In...   Ubuntu   27 Oct 2018
Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Is Being Prepped With New Browser,...   Ubuntu   12 Oct 2018
Ubuntu's Bring-Up Of NVIDIA's Driver With Mir...   Ubuntu   12 Oct 2018
Mir Is Back To Running On Phones, Thanks To UBports   Ubuntu   08 Sep 2018
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Released With Ubuntu 16.04...   Ubuntu   26 Aug 2018
UBports' Ubuntu Touch Unlikely To Move To Ubuntu 18.04...   Ubuntu   02 Aug 2018
Mir 0.32 Released With Much-Improved Wayland Support   Ubuntu   29 Jun 2018
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 RC Released, Upgrades To...   Ubuntu   19 Jun 2018
Mir Is Running On Arch Linux; Mir Also Progressing...   Ubuntu   26 May 2018
UBports To Work On Unity 8 / Mir / Wayland After OTA-4   Ubuntu   24 May 2018
Purism Shows Off Latest GNOME Mobile Shell Mockups For...   GNOME   10 May 2018
Mir Working On X11 Support Via XWayland   Ubuntu   01 May 2018
UBPorts Ubuntu Touch To Be Supported By The Purism...   Ubuntu   24 Apr 2018
UBports Continues Work On Moving From Ubuntu 15.04...   Ubuntu   18 Mar 2018
Mir Devs Are Still Working On An Example Mir Desktop...   Ubuntu   14 Mar 2018
UBPorts Is Working On Unity 8 For Debian   Ubuntu   04 Mar 2018
Raven Ridge, Vulkan & Another Valve Linux...   Phoronix   28 Feb 2018
The Community Has Brought The Unity 8 Desktop To...   Ubuntu   22 Feb 2018
UBPorts' Ubuntu Touch Ported To The Moto G 2014   Ubuntu   22 Feb 2018
UBports Continues Working On Unity 8, Developer ISO...   Ubuntu   18 Feb 2018
UBports Is Making Progress With Unity 8 On The Desktop   Ubuntu   06 Jan 2018
Ubuntu's Reformulated Desktop Was The Talk Of 2017   Ubuntu   30 Dec 2017
Wayland Made More Inroads In 2017   Wayland   29 Dec 2017
UBports Releases Updated Ubuntu Touch (OTA-3)   Ubuntu   21 Dec 2017
Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside...   Ubuntu   17 Dec 2017
Wayland Had An Impressive 2017 With KDE Support...   Wayland   13 Dec 2017
Mir Lands In The Fedora Repository   Fedora   28 Nov 2017
Unity 7 Hoping To Become An Official Flavor For Ubuntu...   Ubuntu   24 Nov 2017
Canonical Is Hiring Graphics Stack Developers To Work...   Ubuntu   15 Nov 2017
Mir 0.28.1 Arrives With Fixes, Fedora Support   Ubuntu   01 Nov 2017
Mir 1.0 Appears Close, But No Wayland Client Support...   Ubuntu   12 Aug 2017
UBports Ships Its Stable OTA-1, Convergence Progress   Ubuntu   14 Jun 2017
UBports Has A Lot Of Work This Summer For Letting...   Ubuntu   01 Jun 2017
UBports Continues Plotting To Keep Ubuntu Touch Alive   Ubuntu   18 May 2017
Unity 8 Abandonment, Windows 10 vs. Linux Tests...   Phoronix   30 Apr 2017
Could A New Linux Base For Tablets/Smartphones Succeed...   Operating Systems   16 Apr 2017
More Details On UBports' Plans For Unity, Mir &...   Ubuntu   15 Apr 2017
Mir Developer: Anyone Interested In Native Wayland...   Ubuntu   11 Apr 2017
UBports' Fork Of Unity 8 Plans To Eventually Get On...   Desktop   09 Apr 2017
Mark Shuttleworth Makes More Comments On Ubuntu GNOME,...   Ubuntu   08 Apr 2017
Some In The Ubuntu Community Want To Fork, Maintain...   Ubuntu   06 Apr 2017
Initial Planning For Ubuntu 16.10 Today At UOS   Ubuntu   03 May 2016