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Trinity Desktop Linux News

Trinity Desktop R14.0.11 Released For Continuing To...   KDE   31 Oct 2021
Trinity Desktop R14.0.10 Released For Those Still...   KDE   03 May 2021
Trinity Desktop 14.0.9 Is The Latest For This...   KDE   01 Nov 2020
Trinity Desktop Turns 10 Years Old As A Fork Of KDE...   KDE   29 Apr 2020
Trinity Desktop R14.0.7 Released For Keeping KDE 3...   KDE   30 Dec 2019
KDE3-Forked Trinity Desktop R14.0.6 Released   KDE   30 Mar 2019
Trinity Desktop R14.0.6 Being Prepared To Let KDE 3...   Desktop   02 Mar 2019
KDE Had A Darn Exciting Year With Better Wayland...   KDE   30 Dec 2018
Trinity Desktop R14.0.5 Lets You Keep Enjoying The KDE...   KDE   18 Aug 2018
Trinity Desktop R14.0.5 Preparing For Release As...   KDE   27 Jul 2018
KDE3-Forked Desktop Updated With Partial FreeBSD...   KDE   09 Nov 2016
KDE3-Forked Trinity Desktop Sees New Release   KDE   06 Sep 2015
Debian-Based Distribution Updated With KDE 3.5 Forked...   Operating Systems   27 Apr 2015
Trinity KDE 3.5 Desktop Fork Sees New Release   KDE   11 Oct 2012
KDE 3.5 Continues To Live Through The Trinity Desktop   KDE   03 Sep 2012
MATE (GNOME 2 Fork) For The Fedora Desktop?   Fedora   09 Dec 2011
Trinity Does New Release To Let KDE 3.5 Live Om   KDE   01 Nov 2011