Tegra K1

The Tegra K1 is a high-performance ARM SoC designed by NVIDIA with Kepler-based graphics.

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Tegra K1 Articles & Reviews

GCC vs. LLVM Clang On NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Quad-Core...   Software   15 May 2014
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Tegra K1 Linux News

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Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Going Through A Big...   Nouveau   24 Aug 2015
Qualcomm Publishes Some A3xx Register Documentation   Hardware   15 Aug 2015
NetBSD Ported To Run On NVIDIA's Jetson TK1   BSD   25 Jul 2015
NVIDIA's Latest Open-Source Tegra Work Focuses On VIC...   Nouveau   20 Jul 2015
NVIDIA Starts Supplying Open-Source Hardware Reference...   NVIDIA   24 Jun 2015
It's Been Three Years Since Linus Torvalds' Huge...   NVIDIA   17 Jun 2015
NVIDIA/Nouveau PerfKit Implemented Over Gallium3D...   Nouveau   02 Jun 2015
The NVIDIA GTX 750 Will Finally Run Easy With...   Nouveau   15 Apr 2015
Vulkan, The New Linux Server Room & BioShock Won...   Phoronix   01 Apr 2015
Open-Source Driver Fans Will Love NVIDIA's New OpenGL...   NVIDIA   27 Mar 2015
The DRM Graphics Changes Submitted For Linux 3.20   Linux Kernel   16 Feb 2015
The BQ Ubuntu Phone Will Be Stocked With Binary Blobs   Hardware   06 Feb 2015
NVIDIA Has A "Great Experience" Working With...   NVIDIA   04 Feb 2015
NVIDIA Tegra DRM Driver Supports Atomic Mode-Setting...   Linux Kernel   27 Jan 2015
Nouveau In Linux 3.20 Will Have A Lot Of Code Cleaning   Nouveau   26 Jan 2015
Chromebook "Rush" With 64-bit Tegra SoC...   Coreboot   26 Jan 2015
Collabora Improves Linux Support For Tegra-Based...   Hardware   15 Jan 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Is Less Than One Month Away   Linux Events   07 Jan 2015
More Than 226k Open-Source Benchmarks Were Collected...   Phoronix   05 Jan 2015
NVIDIA Announces The Tegra X1 SoC With Maxwell...   NVIDIA   05 Jan 2015
The Top AMD, Intel & NVIDIA Linux News For 2014   Hardware   30 Dec 2014
NVIDIA Sends Out 11 Nouveau Patches For Christmas   Nouveau   24 Dec 2014
DRM Pull Request Sent In For Linux 3.19 - Great Stuff...   Linux Kernel   15 Dec 2014
Exciting Graphics Driver Changes Coming In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   07 Dec 2014
Nouveau Changes Queued For Linux 3.19, Adds Initial...   Nouveau   02 Dec 2014
NVIDIA Posts Tegra Gallium3D Patch For K1+ Support   NVIDIA   27 Nov 2014
NVIDIA Adds "Nyan Blaze" To Coreboot   NVIDIA   15 Nov 2014
Android 5.0 Lollipop, Nexus 6 & Nexus 9 Announced   Google   15 Oct 2014
Unigine 2.0 Is In Alpha With Many Changes & OpenGL...   Linux Gaming   09 Oct 2014
NVIDIA Suggests Explicit Synchronization For Nouveau   NVIDIA   29 Sep 2014
The New Features Of Mesa 10.3   Mesa   25 Aug 2014
Fedora 21 Will Support A Lot Of ARM Hardware   Fedora   13 Aug 2014
NVIDIA's 64-bit "Denver" Tegra K1 Should Be...   NVIDIA   11 Aug 2014
Acer's Latest Chromebook Should Be Quite Powerful...   Hardware   11 Aug 2014
Nouveau's Big Batch Of Changes Land In Linux 3.17   Nouveau   10 Aug 2014
The Best Features Of Linux 3.16   Linux Kernel   03 Aug 2014
NVIDIA Releases K1-Powered Shield Tablet &...   NVIDIA   22 Jul 2014
NVIDIA Contributes Re-Clocking Code To Nouveau For The...   Nouveau   11 Jul 2014
Linux 3.16 Is Looking Good For ARM Hardware Support   Fedora   08 Jul 2014
Weston DRM Compositor Support Proposed For NVIDIA's...   Wayland   20 Jun 2014
Baserock System Published With Weston Running On The...   Hardware   17 Jun 2014
The New Features To The Linux 3.16 Kernel   Linux Kernel   15 Jun 2014
Many DRM Graphics Driver Changes Introduced To Linux...   Linux Kernel   12 Jun 2014
KMSCUBE Now Runs On NVIDIA's Jetson TK1   Nouveau   05 Jun 2014
Open-Source NVIDIA Changes Are Exciting For Linux 3.16   Nouveau   04 Jun 2014
Tegra K1, Samsung Multi-Platform, Other ARM'ing For...   Linux Kernel   03 Jun 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 & Linux Gaming Were Popular In...   Phoronix   31 May 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Support Lands In Mainline Mesa   Nouveau   27 May 2014
NVIDIA Posts Mesa Patches For GK20A Gallium3D Support   NVIDIA   27 May 2014
Many Interesting Tests Are Coming For The Phoronix...   Phoronix   26 May 2014
It Looks Unlikely The Improv ARM Mer-Running Board...   Arm   07 May 2014
Recapping All Of Our Linux Coverage Of AMD's AM1 APUs   AMD   06 May 2014
NVIDIA Publishes Revised Open-Source TK1 Graphics Code   NVIDIA   02 May 2014
Some Community Benchmarks Against The NVIDIA Tegra K1   NVIDIA   02 May 2014
Benchmarks Of The NVIDIA Tegra K1 & Its Hotness   NVIDIA   01 May 2014
Running The NVIDIA Binary Blob On The Tegra K1 ARM SoC   NVIDIA   30 Apr 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra TK1 Jetson Board Is Now Shipping   NVIDIA   29 Apr 2014
NVIDIA's Amazing Single-Board ARM Computer Might Be...   NVIDIA   24 Apr 2014
The Improv ARM Board Still Isn't Shipping; Riding A...   Arm   18 Apr 2014
NVIDIA Officially Releases CUDA 6   NVIDIA   15 Apr 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Jetson Will Be A Late April Debut   NVIDIA   03 Apr 2014
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Dominated March   Phoronix   31 Mar 2014
NVIDIA Just Announced A New ARM Board I Really Love   NVIDIA   25 Mar 2014
NVIDIA Posts Working "GK20A" Support For...   NVIDIA   24 Mar 2014
Recapping The Linux News From GDC 2014   Linux Gaming   23 Mar 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Is Wonderfully Powerful, Efficient   NVIDIA   21 Mar 2014
NVIDIA GameWorks Should Be Out For Linux Before The...   Linux Gaming   15 Mar 2014
Unreal Engine 4 Is Running Great In Firefox   Mozilla   12 Mar 2014
Open-Source Patches For NVIDIA's Tegra With Libdrm   NVIDIA   19 Feb 2014
NVIDIA's Open-Source Plans For Maxwell With Nouveau   NVIDIA   18 Feb 2014
NVIDIA Publishes A New Open-Source Nouveau Driver...   Nouveau   10 Feb 2014
NVIDIA 334.16 Beta Supports 64-bit EGL / OpenGL ES   NVIDIA   07 Feb 2014
NVIDIA "Grate" Driver Still Rendering For...   NVIDIA   06 Feb 2014
An Overview Of The Linux 3.14 Kernel Features   Linux Kernel   03 Feb 2014
NVIDIA Provides Open-Source Tegra K1 Support In...   NVIDIA   01 Feb 2014
Linux 3.14 To Have PRIME Support For NVIDIA Tegra   NVIDIA   08 Jan 2014
NVIDIA Announces Super-Fast Tegra K1 ARM SoC   NVIDIA   06 Jan 2014