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SecureBoot Linux News

Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 Brings UEFI SecureBoot,...   Oracle   09 Sep 2017
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Is Now Built With PIE   SUSE   17 Jun 2017
Debian 9.0 "Stretch" Might Not Have UEFI...   Debian   27 Apr 2017
Kernel Lockdown: Tightening Up Linux Kernel Access...   Linux Kernel   06 Apr 2017
The Most Viewed Linux Kernel News Stories Of 2016   Linux Kernel   30 Dec 2016
Secure Boot Isn't So Secure After All: The Golden Key...   Microsoft   11 Aug 2016
Vulkan, Raspberry Pi 3, AMDGPU & Other Exciting...   Phoronix   28 Jun 2016
Windows 10 & People Learning I'm Not A Robot Were...   Phoronix   30 Apr 2016
Well Known Linux Kernel Developer Recommends Against...   Linux Kernel   13 Apr 2016
NVIDIA Sends Out Revised Secure Boot Patches For...   NVIDIA   24 Feb 2016
NVIDIA Publishes Nouveau Patches For Secure Boot,...   NVIDIA   18 Jan 2016
Another Longtime Linux Developer Looks To Distance...   Linux Kernel   06 Oct 2015
Debian Wants To Tackle UEFI, But They Need Your Help   Debian   06 Aug 2015
New SecureBoot Concerns Arise With Windows 10   Proprietary Software   21 Mar 2015
New Features Proposed For Fedora 22   Fedora   14 Dec 2014
ACPI On ARM: Good Or Bad For Linux?   Hardware   24 Sep 2014
SystemTap 2.5 Supports UEFI/SecureBoot & Other...   Free Software   30 Apr 2014
Defeating Secure Boot With Linux Kexec   Linux Kernel   04 Dec 2013
The ASUS "Bay Trail" T100 Is Not Linux...   Hardware   27 Oct 2013
How To Boot A UEFI Self-Signed Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   03 Sep 2013
Fedora 20 To Move Towards Journal, GNOME 3.10   Fedora   25 Jul 2013
Fedora 20 Gets A Bunch Of Features Proposed   Fedora   11 Jul 2013
NVIDIA Has Major New Linux Driver: Optimus, RandR 1.4   NVIDIA   09 Apr 2013
Linux Group Files Complaint With EU Over SecureBoot   Free Software   26 Mar 2013
openSUSE 12.3 RC2 Better Supports UEFI, Live Media   SUSE   28 Feb 2013
Linux Foundation Still Prepping Its Secure Boot Loader   Free Software   01 Feb 2013
Three PC Brands Where SecureBoot On Linux Is Botched   Hardware   01 Feb 2013
Gummiboot Is Still Simply Booting EFI Systems   Hardware   22 Jan 2013
ELF Executable Signing/Verification Comes For Linux   Free Software   16 Jan 2013
More Fedora 19 Features Are Proposed   Fedora   10 Jan 2013
Linux On The Microsoft Surface Won't Be Easy   Microsoft   29 Dec 2012
Free Software Foundation Thinks It Can Stop SecureBoot   GNU   29 Dec 2012
The State Of Linux Distributions Handling SecureBoot   Operating Systems   28 Dec 2012
SecureBoot Is Now Easier For Smaller Distributions   Operating Systems   30 Nov 2012
LF: There's Less Concern About ARM UEFI SecureBoot   Linux Kernel   27 Nov 2012
Linux Foundation Struggles With Microsoft UEFI Signing   Microsoft   20 Nov 2012
Lenovo UEFI Only Wants To Boot Windows, RHEL   Hardware   16 Nov 2012
Signed Kernel Modules Support For Linux 3.7   Linux Kernel   16 Oct 2012
Linux Foundation Comes Up With SecureBoot Plan   Hardware   10 Oct 2012
Ubuntu Switches Back To GRUB2 For SecureBoot   Ubuntu   21 Sep 2012
First Attempt At Linux Kernel Secure Boot Support   Hardware   06 Sep 2012
FreeBSD Struggles To Gain UEFI Boot Support   BSD   28 Aug 2012
Fedora 18 Is Hot, Supports Network Teaming, SecureBoot   Fedora   24 Jul 2012
Debian Wants To Work With Its Offspring (Ubuntu)   Debian   13 Jul 2012
Debian Wheezy To Take Up 73 CDs Or 11 DVDs   Debian   10 Jul 2012
Debian Developers Discuss UEFI SecureBoot Plans   Debian   09 Jul 2012
The Most Popular Linux Happenings From Q2'2012   Phoronix   04 Jul 2012
GRUB 2.00 Boot-Loader Officially Released   GNU   27 Jun 2012
UEFI SecureBoot Comes To QEMU-KVM   Operating Systems   27 Jun 2012
Ubuntu's Plans To Implement UEFI SecureBoot: No GRUB2   Ubuntu   22 Jun 2012
The UEFI SecureBoot Saga For Linux Continues   Hardware   31 May 2012
Interesting Discussions For Ubuntu 12.10 Summit   Ubuntu   28 Apr 2012
UEFI On Linux Is Like A Pathogen   Free Software   06 Apr 2012